Meet Anita Briggs

Anita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc, MIMT is a spiritual healer, and founder of the IMTs. She facilitates deep emotional clearing, emancipation from the past, and embodiment of new spiritual faculties that supports the Spiritual Creation that is our future. She is currently training healers in IMT Level I.


Inner Mastery Training!

Move your healing practice to a whole new level of power, and be transformed in the process! Join a growing community of practitioners who want to make a real difference in these challenging times! Read the website for details on the training program.


Second Adam Body Templates

Through tenacious striving to embody the Christ impulse, Anita and Greg were led on a journey to confront the underbelly of evil on our planet, and in the process were initiated into powerful new-Adam templates (DNA codes) that capture a new covenant with God and bring the possibility for a higher order of being and future. All healing programs are now dedicated to helping others embody the new transformational templates. See the website for details.

Welcome to the Inner Mastery Tools

The Evolutionary Impulse of Our Time
The task of humanity is to awaken from the dream of separation, and take up full power and presence in Innocence and Nobility. No longer can we blame the external world, as we experience increasingly inner and outer realities are a seamless whole. Learn to presence life fully from the vastness of your being, and the reality you engage in changes completely.We are transitioning to new principles of living from the Heart. No longer is there a collective reality that shapes our world.
We can truly be sovereign since the dawn of this new reality, because our world emerges from the power of our Heart field.


My work is wholly dedicated to embodying the highest potentials at this time.  We are not improving the old reality…we are not fixing what went wrong…we are transcending completely, and in the process we will be birthed in a new substance of tonal luminosity that is incorruptible.The website is in the process of being redone to reflect all the new material, but it takes time. If you want to jump right into transformation, look at the DNA repair, clearing, and activation program. And/or sign up for the transformational body purification program in January 2014 (see live events, below).


You can also begin with any one of the new audio programs–some are for healing distortion, others for inner mastery. There will be many more posted in the course of 2013-14! You will be absolutely amazed at the powers and treasures held within the body, including the powers of magic manifestation through the higher functioning endocrine system.


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Foundational to awakening is clearing and activating the DNA. My work is focused on High Frequency Embodiment™ , and practical methods of reaching a higher order of being. The meridians must be cleared of all negative emotional memory, new chakras will then evolve,  the spine and pranic tube must merge through living masculine and feminine principles simultaneously, we may move to self-regeneration through resolving all duality and living polarities of life and death simultaneously, the endocrine system will then secrete the higher hormones that lead to greater potency and magic manifestation abilities from a state of emancipation from attachment to externals..All the Tools for profound self-transformation are accessible to us now.


There is a clear path at present to the new reality that may emerge in and around us, which represents the dawning of true Heart-centered creation as self-sovereign beings.  These times are unprecedented, and the most exciting to be incarnated in! Learn to tap into the tremendous spiritual help to support awakening into a whole new paradigm and evolve the body to support highest potentials for conscious co-creation.


Get started with some of the many audio programs that I offer, or sign up for acceleration programs that combine phone sessions with audios to deepen activation and integration.  See offerings on the left hand column navigation bar.

Live and Virtual Events

Maximum Purification
Join the Maximum Purification  program in January (from 1/11 to 2/22, 2014) with detox expert Natalia Rose and Anita, as they lead you though to profound awakening of the powers of evolution in the body. This program is not to be missed by those serious about accelerated awakening and manifesting life consciously! Early sign up bonus of a full DNA clearing session and more! Read about on the program page.


FA + sigil12/06-12/07 2013 The first day is open to those who wish to experience the power of alchemical oil blends to clear the pollution of emotional debris in the meridians. Lots of hands-on clearing processes and protocols to dissolve the past and clear abuse imprints.

The second day is for those who wish to begin training in Emotional Ascension Technology certification. You must have attunement to levels 1 and 2 of Belvaspata, as we will be using sigils and engaging the angels in clearing the endocrine system and restoring it to higher functionality, and more. You can read about Belvaspata training here. And you can also sign up for attunement without the full training. Contact me directly for details about any of this.



***2013 Practitioner Training***

  • Practitioner training in the IMT-Enhanced Healing Tool
  • Practitioner training in Belvaspata, angelic Healing of the Heart
  • Training in Fragrance Alchemy, and Emotional Ascension Technology

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Join revolutionary and evolutionary programs during 2013-14!

Learn to release density to move into a higher order of being.

Tension = density = linear time = gap between cause and effect = illusion

Release the tension and density, and you move into timelessness or exponential time. Where gap between cause and effect narrows, there will you find the magical life!

The body is a symphony of the creative Word, and every joint, muscle, organ, system, bone, and gland sings a pristine tone in harmony to create the Song of the Self. When you intone your pure Song into Creation, the entire universe conspires to fulfill your dreams.

The story of separation has been resolved. We must now embody the higher potentials that are available to us. This happens through taking in the higher DNA template and then learning to express it in life by filling out areas of self-suppression and emphasizing qualities that make our Heart sing.

The first step in flourishing in the new reality is to repair, clear old programs, and evolve the DNA. I offer an extensive 6-session DNA remote healing program to this end, which engages many new angelic orders that have been recently invoked in this realm.

The next steps are to express these new codes in high frequency embodiment in the joints, spine, chakras, endocrine system, etc. and by living the principles and insights of the new reality.  This I am teaching through activation sessions, programs, telephone and teleseminar sessions, training for practitioners, new healing modalities.


The DNA program is foundational to the power and effectiveness of all other programs. Stay tuned for new developments!

Coming soon:


  • Opening up the Gates of Abundance in the body
  • Clearing out of negative emotional states, clearing the meridians of negative memory, and learning the new ‘real’ emotions of the new reality
  • Awakening the Divine Feminine to merge Feminine and Masculine in the Divine Marriage in spine and pranic tube
  • Evolving the new chakra system to reach far more refined feeling states and higher consciousness


Much more…

You can also join practitioner training programs with me–whether you have a healing practice or want to plunge more deeply into self-healing and healing of loved ones. To find out more, click on “Practitioner Training with Anita“, on the left hand column of this page.


Read testimonials from participants of recent programs here.


Integrate healing and awakening energies for a month continuously with the 24/7 activation device, recently upgraded to greater power. You will also get two powerful audio meditations to work with. Click here for more details.Read a beautiful translation from Aramaic of the Lord’s Prayer here.Get other free articles and resources by clicking on the first item on the menu on the left hand side column.

The Inner Mastery Tools are very powerful healing Tools to accelerate transformation and awakening. They have been developed and used over the course of many years, emerging from a search for truly effective energetic clearing for all the ailments of the physical, soul, and spiritual being. Through years of esoteric studies, spiritual investigation, and working as a healer, Anita has delved deeply into the many layers of our being and the adverse influences that we face at this time on the planet. She offers IMT training to healers, and transformational programs to accelerate spiritual awakening.

Anita offers in-person, telephone, and remote healing sessions, privately or on groups. In private practice for twelve years, Anita facilitates powerful healing for all manner of issues: past trauma and abuse, emotional healing, self-worth, phobias, chronic anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, physical issues, addictions, relationship or children issues, spiritual awakening, and more. Expect relief already in the first session, and learn how to deepen the clearing between sessions. “My goal is to teach you how to heal yourself…how to face things and shift them effectively and permanently. My passion is to support your spiritual awakening.” To read about sessions and client testimonials, choose Private and Small Group Healing Sessions from the main menu on the left of this page.


“I don’t know where I would be today without you. Thank you for your healing and dedication to me and my family.”J.PL, NB

“Everyone should know about these remote healing programs. They are so important for our evolution, and the depth and clarity that you impart in your writing is remarkable!”Sue C, USA

“I am speechless with what you wrote in session notes. I feel so blessed to have discovered you one night just by listening to my guides. It would be an honor to work with you in person.” PD, Canada

You have no idea how you have changed my life in that one phone session! I’ve carried this stuff around for years and it’s gone in 2 hours! Lindsay W. USA

These few sessions have been life changing. You and Greg are really good! Not only have I learned so much, but I also feel removed from all the old stuff. Thanks just isn’t enough.” MC, USA


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The Inner Mastery Tools are complex fractals of light codes in the ethers, and when they are run on a person, they act as an ordering power within their minds and fields, bringing beauty and expansion to all that they touch upon… A person will then feel their world opening up, through new perceptions, insights, and impulses of will.

The Inner Mastery Tools help people to clear negative emotional, mental and spiritual patterns and accelerate integration and evolution to greater levels of Love and Light. They work on a vibrational level, as ‘etheric software’ that alters the magnetic flows in a person’s energy bodies, bringing them into alignment with beauty and order and enabling greater currents of spiritual energy that elevates consciousness.

Our beliefs, emotions and behaviors are patterns that either express symmetry and beauty which expands our energy or they are asymmetrical, chaotic patterns lacking in beauty and form which contract or block our energy systems. The Inner Mastery Tools work in many ways on infinite levels of consciousness to clear and reprogram anything that no longer serves a person’s highest good. Since each tool specializes on a certain function and they all work seamlessly together as one unit, the Tools can quickly pluck out energetic blocks and weaknesses and create new ways of perceiving and being in life. Effects are experienced on multiple levels.

They are suitable in psychotherapy, energy psychology, or body centered healing practices. Their effectiveness in healing is unparalleled. To read more about the Tools, follow the various links from the navigation bar to the left of this page, or click here.

Boost the effectiveness of your healing practice!