Meet Anita Briggs

Anita Briggs, MSc, DCEd, DAc is a spiritual healer and visionary. She facilitates deep emotional clearing, emancipation from the past, and embodiment of new faculties that support the new reality emerging--a reality beyond separation. She is currently training healers in Belvaspata, Fragrance Alchemy, and the Enhanced Healing Symbol.


Transcending Duality & Illusion

Many new audio programs have been developed to support embodying highest potentials at this time. So much has changed in what is possible in the last year! Explore the many healing programs, under New Audio Programs.

Welcome to Awakening Inner Mastery

Dedicated to establishing freedom from control and living beyond duality, in the self-sovereign poise of all-sufficiency.

Yogas of Enlightenment…

Saradesi-Satva-Yoga-v3The four Yogas of Enlightenment that have been brought forth by the great mystic and seer, Almine, will be released very soon as full audio and video programs! The first two programs planned for release in October 2014 are Shihat Satva, and Saradesi Satva yoga. The others will follow in early 2015. You may read about these and listen to short audios on each, on this page. These yogas clear the four lower bodies (physical, emotional, lower mental, and higher mental), to prepare us to move to a higher state that is incorruptible matter. While the resurrected state may not be imminent for many, the benefits of releasing memory, trauma, programs, and genetics from the old cosmic dream of separation are endless. These yogas are worth taking up as practice for those who are eager to break out of the matrices of control.

Remote Healing Program ~ Stilling the Mind ~ Ending Linear Time

galaxy_mind (1)Although the program completed in July, you may still join by doing it as a self-study program over a 4-week period. It is most profound program of shifts at all levels. Focus is on dissolving programs and beliefs that keep the mind in noisy thoughts, which is cause of linear time and the illusion of separation.Separation is an old dream that must now be transcended, as it is no longer viable. This program lays the foundation for as next program in September, which will unify the chakra system and establish a field of hope in the heart center out of which our life now emerges.

All support for ending mind control and establishing in self-sovereignty is here and now!  It is time now to direct the mind to a higher truth, and establish the deep peace born of surrendered trust, in  order that we may behold the new reality emerging as potential and embody it within.

To those who establish this, all blessings of gratitude and vitality will flow.This program will work deeply to detox the effects of separation from body and subtle bodies, and will prepare you for the next step of unifying masculine and feminine, the chakra fields of the body, and preparing to open inner space as gateway to the miraculous life.  Toward these goals, you become your own source of sustenance, and live in the poised dignity of self-sovereign being–fully supported in all that you are.

We are accelerating body evolution in 2014, and each step is critical to the graceful unfolding of the next.  Read more about the program that was completed here, and email me to access the self-study program. NEXT LIVE REMOTE PROGRAM starts in September 2014


The Evolutionary Impulse of Our Time  The task of humanity is to awaken from the dream of separation and experience, increasingly, inner and outer realities are a seamless whole. As we presence life fully from the vastness of our being, the reality we engage in changes completely. Take the first steps of profound awakening though the DNA Activation program–a self-paced, 6-session program conducted over 10-12 weeks.To explore this option, click on this link: DNA repair, clearing, and activation program.
Explore from the many audio programs offered, from easily accessible to more esoteric. Choose from many offerings, listed below, and  more to come! If you are not sure what is best for you, feel free to email me at

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Also explore the powerful Fragrance Alchemy to dissolve emotional debris and memory, and move beyond all imprints of the story of separation. When we bring resolution and harmony to all the old, we then transcend beyond, into the new reality of fluid reforming in the ever newness of the moment unfolding.

Virtual Events

Maximum Purification The powerful Maximum Purification  program will soon be available as a self-study program . The 12 main clearing ‘sessions’  clear and dissolve illusion/density. They are profound, and come with pdfs and audio so that you can redo them to deepen the effects. This prepares us to awaken the Miraculous Body, a new program that will be offered in 2014. Email if you wish to be the first to know when the program is available.




FA + sigilThe Fragrance Alchemy exploration continues, and the discoveries are nothing short of amazing.  We hope to be able to demonstrate the effect via Kerlian photography, lab reports, and other methods, but meanwhile, we invite you to experience thee exquisite and potent oils.


  • The 12-ordinary meridian kit clearing of the emotional body, and opening of the Gates of Abundance…
  • The 8- extraordinary meridian kit clearing of the causal body, to transcend all polarity and live a life of no opposites. A unfied meridian system is basis for higher body functioning and secretion of the god hormones of perpetual self-regeneration.
  • The Chakra set, which will be explored as a live program in September. This establishes the chakras as centers of communication with all seven level of existence (natural world, hidden etheric realms, realm of healing, mysticism (outer and inner become one), metaphysics (macrocosm and microcosmic body become one…above and below become reflections of one another), our divinity, and the River of Life that is ever new and regenerative.
  • The Children kit–to support a field of grace and harmony in and around them.
  • Series of teleseminars are underway. One completed in June and another will be offered in November. Meanwhile, you can access the recordings via the audio products. Email me if you need help finding things!

The Fragrance Alchemy pages are loaded with information, and a new website is underway as there is so much more to come with this powerful healing modality.  For those who love working with essential oils, this is beyond aromatherapy!  For those who do EFT or acupuncture, these oils will catapult your work to new levels of potency.  Contact me directly for details about training.


***2013 Practitioner Training***

  • Practitioner training in the Enhanced Healing Tool
  • Practitioner training in Belvaspata, angelic Healing of the Heart
  • Training in Fragrance Alchemy, and Emotional Ascension Technology

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Join evolutionary programs during 2014-15!

Learn to release density to move into a higher order of being. Tension = density = linear time = gap between cause and effect = illusion Release the tension and density, and you move into timelessness or exponential time. Where gap between cause and effect narrows, there will you find the magical life!

The body is a symphony of the creative Word, and every joint, muscle, organ, system, bone, and gland sings a pristine tone in harmony to create the Song of the Self. When you intone your pure Song into Creation, the entire universe conspires to fulfill your dreams.

Coming soon ~ Yoga of Enlightenment Programs

kundalini_energyFrom the angelic realms and received from the great mystic Almine, these yogas clear and evolve the four lower bodies of man. Working with them will

  • Open up the Gates of Abundance in the body ~ clearing the meridian and life force system in the body
  • Awaken the true Feminine (dream body), and merge Feminine and Masculine in the Divine Marriage in spine and pranic tube ~ clearing the emotional body…becoming the lucid dreamer of life
  • Establish pathways of self-rejuvenation and perpetual self-regeneration
  • Transcend all levels of spirit, soul, and body by dissolving all stories of the past cosmic cycles ~ awakening to the eternal self

Join practitioner training programs with me–whether you have a healing practice or want to plunge more deeply into self-healing and healing of loved ones. To find out more, click on “Practitioner Training with Anita“, on the left hand column of this page.   Read testimonials from participants of recent programs here.

Through years of esoteric studies, spiritual investigation, and working as a healer, Anita has delved deeply into the many layers of our being and the adverse influences that we face at this time on the planet. She offers practitioner training, and transformational programs to accelerate spiritual awakening through practical methods. If you need help choosing how to start, email at, and a starter package will be put together to best suit.
“I don’t know where I would be today without you. Thank you for your healing and dedication to me and my family.”J.PL, NB

“Everyone should know about these remote healing programs. They are so important for our evolution, and the depth and clarity that you impart in your writing is remarkable!”Sue C, USA

“I am speechless with what you wrote in session notes. I feel so blessed to have discovered you one night just by listening to my guides. It would be an honor to work with you in person.” PD, Canada

You have no idea how you have changed my life in that one phone session! I’ve carried this stuff around for years and it’s gone in 2 hours! Lindsay W. USA “

These few sessions have been life changing. Not only have I learned so much, but I also feel removed from all the old stuff. Thanks just isn’t enough.” MC, USA
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