Meet Anita Briggs

Anita Briggs, MSc, DCEd, DAc is a spiritual healer and visionary. She facilitates deep emotional clearing, emancipation from the past, and embodiment of new faculties that support the new reality emerging--a reality beyond separation. She is currently training healers in Belvaspata, Fragrance Alchemy, and the Enhanced Healing Symbol.


Transcending Duality & Illusion

Many new audio programs have been developed to support embodying highest potentials at this time. So much has changed in what is possible in the last year! Explore the many healing programs, under New Audio Programs.


Rune Mastery

In September 2014, Anita was initiated by Almine as placeholder for Canada, of the Runes of power of the Infinite. She is now offering training and initiations to master these most potent alchemical tools. Read the Rune Mastery post for details.


Vertical Awaring

Mastering the reality of form to manifest a miraculous life. Life-changing revelations and processes that give you the keys to heaven on earth. Starts May. Stay tuned for announcements...

Manifesting Beyond the Not-Enough World: A Deep Dive to Finally Resolving the Manifestation Paradox

Ancient Bright by Phoebe Surana
Join us for a Direct, Personal Experience of True Self Alchemy

We each respond primarily to the pull of one of four distinct sub-personality orientations.

When we are blind to this pull, we operate unconsciously from one of four primal fears.

Your distinctive fear underlies everything for you. It ….
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Free Rune Mastery App ~ Limited Time Offer


The Runes of  the Infinite Mother were received by Almine over several years.  There are seven sets of 96 runes–one set per field of perception or chakra–that together, hold the full evolutionary potential of our being.

These Runes hold the power of leveraged body evolution, and impact on your environment simultaneously.  As you use them, they ignite capacities within ….
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Amazing New Rune Mastery App ~ Spreads at your Fingertips on any Device!


The Rune Mastery App is designed to provide the capability of doing spreads with the Runes of the Infinite Mother, with great ease. These runes of power from the Infinite were received by Almine over several years. They hold the power of leveraged body evolution, and impact on your environment simultaneously. They are tools of ….
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Powerful Rune Readings with Anita

Mirror spread

I am offering private sessions where we explore deeply a life issue or theme you are working through, using the runes to cut through the illusion and create new paths across the fields, to interpret and express anew, or activate the powers of the subpersonalities, dissolve the mirrors of the meridians, and more. Sessions ….
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A Phenomenal Tool of Daily Manifestation & Guidance

BC wt Bird

Join me for a journey of not turning back–to uncover secrets of Incorruptible White Magic. The Bird Clock of Infinite Intent is the most magical tool that we have from Almine. For those how have time maps, it blends the power of the time maps, and brings the power into the hours of the day.

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New Activation Sessions and Audio/Video Meditation Packages

Potent and Simple Exercises with Angel Elixirs that Work directly in the DNA

Clearing the 12 Ordinary Meridians of Emotional Debris that locks you into Endless Drama and Karma

The 12 Ordinary Meridians are the rivers of our life, that define the landscape of our experience through life.  When polluted by emotional patterns of reactivity, memory of limitation, pain and trauma, we keep recycling through the old ….
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Clearing the 12 Ordinary and 8 Extraordinary Meridians ~ Merging Body and Soul

We are leaving polarity behind and entering into a new state of integrated oneness–where awake and dream, life and death are lived as one.

The 12 ordinary meridians have been described as rivers of pollution from false emotions and old memories of trauma, which  have kept repetitive cycles of karma in place.

So long as they are blocked, ….
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The Four Yogas of Illumination


We are very pleased to present the Devi Satva Yogas, brought forth by the great mystic Almine , in supportive programs with yoga audios,  video of poses, meditation audios, and deeper context so that they can be easily learned and taught by yoga instructors.

Yogas from the Angels ~  These yogas were received from the Infinite, by Almine, through ….
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Rune Mastery Training & Initiations

Rune image - owl & star

I am very pleased to now be offering training in Rune Mastery and Grand Mastery, for those who feel compelled to study this most sacred tool of incorruptible white magic.

The Foundation to the Miraculous Life programs 1 and 2 have prepared many to take the next step to wielding powers to engage in ….
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