Introduction to the Tools

From 2009:

“The Inner Mastery Tools are complex fractals of light codes in the ethers, and when they are run on a person, they act as an ordering power within their minds and fields, bringing beauty and expansion to all that they touch upon… A person will then feel their world opening up, through new perceptions, insights, and impulses of will.” 

The Inner Mastery Tools help people to clear negative emotional, mental and spiritual patterns and accelerate integration and evolution to greater levels of Love and Light. They work on a vibrational level, as ‘etheric software’ that alters the magnetic flows in a person’s energy bodies, bringing them into alignment with beauty and order and enabling greater currents of spiritual energy that elevates consciousness.

Our beliefs, emotions and behaviors are patterns that either express symmetry and beauty which expands our energy or they are asymmetrical, chaotic patterns lacking in beauty and form which contract or block our energy systems. The Inner Mastery Tools work in many ways on infinite levels of consciousness to clear and reprogram anything that no longer serves a person’s highest good. Since each tool specializes on a certain function and they all work seamlessly together as one unit, the Tools can quickly pluck out energetic blocks and weaknesses and create new ways of perceiving and being in life. Effects are experienced on multiple levels.

What makes these tools so effective is that they are a joint collaboration between gifted healers who have brought this technology from the deeper past and many spiritual Beings on the inner planes. The Tools represent years and lifetimes of a dedicated quest to support greatest transformation and embodiment of evolutionary impulses in support of the Divine Plan for human beings.

Because of the complete coverage and depth achieved by the IMTs, they are suitable in psychotherapy, energy psychology, or body centered healing practices. Their effectiveness in healing is unparalleled.


So much has transpired in creation, and the IMTs have completely transformed as of late 2013, where they underwent a complete transformation by the grace of the Mother.  This was captured in a new Enhanced Healing Symbol, which is a most potent and unparalleled healing tool.