The Various IMTs

The Inner Mastery Tools may be regarded as “etheric software”, each one being a unique sentient consciousness that will work within your energy fields, dynamically working with you…‘inspiring’ you to understandings and responding to your intentions. These Tools have been co-created by many spiritual Councils working with us to accelerate evolution, and they tap into the most advanced healing energies available on Earth presently. Each Tool, as consciousness, has a unique focus and functionality in support of anchoring specific divine principles and capacities. These Tools are so powerful that the Higher Hierarchies are using them in humanity at their discretion.

The more a specific Tool is used, the more you will feel it as a supportive presence, and all who come into contact with you will sense the aura emanating from the Tool. The Tools are all coded to self-propagate the basic truths and principles they embody, so that all who come into contact with you will themselves feel a new sense of empowerment and inner freedom. These Inner Mastery Tools are a gift to humanity and those who choose to consciously work with them are ushering in a new reality on Earth.

The Inner Mastery Tools include:

Affirmation Enhancer Tool
Trinity Love Transformer Tool
Mind Purification & Expansion Tool
Divine Essences Wash Tool
Joy Signature Tool
Joyful Clarity & Veil Removal Tool
Belief Clearing & Rescripting Tool
Emotions Clearing & Rescripting Tool
Selt-Talk Cleanser & Negativity Purge Tool
Creational Energies and Excitement Amplifier Tool
Adamantine Cosmic Love Tool
Parallel Track Integrator Tool
Trauma Clearing Tool
Past Resolution and Re-membering Tool
DNA Repair and Crystalline Activations Tool
Trigger Healing Codes
Divine Rights Restorer
Multi-Body Balancing Tool
IMT-Enhanced Clearing, Healing & Manifestation Symbol Tool
Cancer Support Tool

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