About Anita


Anita Lucia, DCEd, MSc, DAc, MIMT is a spiritual counselor, healer, and creator of the Inner Mastery Tools and a new body of work: Practical Ascension™, Mastering High Frequency Embodiment. Anita is passionate about bringing liberation and freedom to people, leading them to emancipate from the painful illusion and into a life of boundlessness….beyond limiting conditions and belief structures.

Now more than ever, there is tremendous spiritual support for accelerated healing and profound awakening. Anita’s work is devoted to bringing this higher support into very practical methods and clear understandings and insights to master body transformation and evolution, and learn the maps out of old negative emotions to the higher emotions of the new creation. In the new creation, fear, guilt, regret, shame, anger, despair, etc. do not exist. When you have the maps to get to the new states, you will find it far easier to let go of the archaic emotional patterns of separation.

This information is cutting edge technology to embark on the path of ascension in embodiment. Ascension is not about leaving this world, but rather it is about manifestation the new Heart-centered creation on earth.

A long time student of the occult with a background in esoteric studies of anthroposophy and training in many healing modalities, including Rapid Eye Therapy, Biological Decoding (German New Medicine), Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart, and more, Anita has been on a tireless search for faster and more effective healing methods. In her earnest quest over years that involved countless hours in meditation and inner work, she learned a way to develop etheric Tools in partnership with many angelic powers.

Through intense planetary and cosmic healing work (2009-2012), she learned more and more about the travesties to mind and body, and has been dedicated to finding solutions .  In 2012, many things changed, and she abandoned much of what she had been doing, seeing it as very limited in depth of effect. After months of very intense inner work, she had new clarity on what was needed, and dedicated herself to attaining to inner mastery of thought and emotions as a means to transcend these influences.  She then came across the work of the great mystic Almine in 2013, and recognized much of what she’d experienced and uncovered in the work of this incredible being. She then soaked into all the material and has been using it ever since.

She offers regular healing programs on large groups, in which she shares insights into the current climate on the earth and the evolutionary impulses of our time. She also trains healers and those seeking accelerated awakening in use of the powerful Enhanced Healing Tool, and more recently, in High Frequency Embodiment™ , Fragrance Alchemy, and Belvaspata. She is presently creating and delivering a powerful DNA clearing and activation program to many who have been in prior programs. Check it out from the home page.

In private practice for twelve years, Anita facilitates all manner of healing: past trauma and abuse, emotional healing, relationships issues, self-worth, phobias, chronic anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, physical issues, addictions, children issues, spiritual awakening, and more. She is happy to work with clients who are committed to their healing. And she will mentor healers who are eager to move their work in alignment with the new creation. If this latter offering is of interest, please email to discuss. (anita@AcademyofFragranceAlchemy.com)