New Monthly Healing Support Program Through 2017!

Anita Briggs


Join our  monthly healing support, with Anita and colleague Jodie Carter. Jodie is a gifted healer and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to work with her through this initiative!

As participant, you will be included in a healing session each week, and in daily maintenance–held in a field of clearing and activation powers that will bring more graceful unfolding into your life. Sessions include Belvaspata, an angelic healing modality, and other alchemical activation processes, brought forth by the great mystic and seer Almine (

You can join for a month, or as a recurring monthly process. When you sign up, you can then send us an email to give us some background on what you wish us to focus on. While the program will go through clearing layers of distortion on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), we can also focus on specific areas as prompted by participants.

After each session, you will receive an email along with suggestions and Runes to support and deepen what what was done. You can also sign up loved ones, provided you have their permission. They do not have to interact with us, but we do require that they be willing to receive the transmissions.

One Month Only Option is $99 USD ~ Includes four healing sessions, daily support, and weekly emails with support tools.

Recurring monthly is $79 USD monthly ~ With the continued support, you will notice shifts in time: less density, pain, struggle, stress…more peace, grace, optimism, ease in moving forward, and vitality.

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