This is a very busy time to meet the needs of these momentous times!


Live Workshop

Images for photo shoot 1(Hampton, NB, Canada): Participants will learn the secrets of perpetual regeneration and true abundance that establishes the Divine Kingdom on earth. In this workshop I will teach processes, attitudes and perspectives, along with breathing and meditative practices to accelerate awakening and body evolution. I will begin the teaching of the maps out of old emotions and into the new emotions that open up the body for powerful manifestation. Manifestation in the new reality will also be taught and powerful practices given. Dates: August 16 and 17. Please note that completion of at least one of the two programs listed under Remote Healing Programs, below, are a prerequisite to the workshop.


Remote Healing Programs

Remote Healing Session Program ~ Embodying God Within ~ Igniting the Trinity Powers and Vertical Awaring

light body infinityThis RHS Program was given as a live online program twice in 2012 and early 2013, and is now packaged as a smaller self-study program, that includes one private session with me!  The program is foundational to exciting new programs that will be offered in 2013/14! You will learn to wield the power of the Trinity within centers of Intelligence that will become increasingly palpable and potent in your life.   The only way forward into the new reality is through transcending the old, and understanding these faculties and how to engage them to navigate the present times in critical.

Read about and sign up for this powerful program by clicking here. For client testimonials, click on the relevant link on the information page given above.

DNA Repair, Activation and Evolution Remote Healing Program

dna heart planetThis 6-session program is a must for anyone on an accelerated path of evolution. There is tremendous support for humanity at present, for DNA repair, healing, and reprogramming and evolution to higher strand capacity. This support has just been invoked since the end of 2012, so these activations are the most potent and relevant for our times! We stand on the brink of the most momentous transformation in the history of human and cosmic evolution, and all are called and invited to participate in the new creation unfolding in and around us. As you embody the new principles in your body (through DNA activation), you will ride the biggest wave of transformation and move beyond all sense of duality, stories, karma, negative emotions, and unwanted life events. This program is delivered as a series of remote healing sessions, along with audios and some written material to support deeper integration. The program culminates in a ceremony to awaken the god within, that engages mighty angel gods that have never before worked in humanity until now. You can read a bit about the program by clicking on this link. For client testimonials, click on the relevant link on the information page given above.

Training Programs

IMT-Enhanced Healing Symbol Training is Underway

Join a group of bold and powerful healing practitioners who are undergoing deep inner change in preparation to spread healing to their clients. Learn very powerful methods unlike any others around!

lightworker-activation-love-and-light1I have begun a next training group in the IMT-Enhanced Healing Symbol Tool. The training combines private telephone training with me, written material, group chat sessions, group practice sessions, audio talks, and audio meditations. Focus is on deepening within to access the power of the IMT-EHS that unleashes the magic of mighty angelic powers. In the training, you will master key Inner Mastery Tools to work with clients and groups of participants, and will have the ability to attune clients to the EHS as well. The EHS allows you to effectively support deep clearing at levels of causation on individual clients or large groups–whether you know their issues or not! Join a growing group of practitioners who are eager to take their coaching and healing practices to a next level. Email me if interested at (Please note, the cost of the program will be going up in the near future, as the Tools and DNA program keep expanding through ongoing focused work.)

Click here to sign up or read more about it.

Angelic Healing of the Heart (Belvaspata) Training

angels in light templeThis modality was gifted to humanity by the Great Mother, to support the transition into the new reality of Heart-centered creation. Training has just begun. You can still sign up to be in the first group. Read about it at this link.