The Enhanced Healing Symbol Tool

The Enhanced Healing Symbol has undergone many transformations over years, and the way it is taught is completely new. The EHS–now the Embodied Harmonics Symbol, is a tool for clearing, healing, and awakening. It is simple to use, and will soon become your daily companion that supports you to continual deeper engagement and transformation through the process of life.

heart energyThe Enhanced Healing Symbol Process & Tool provides a simple and powerful means for a person to utilize and access powerful healing energies in a manner that is convenient and very effective.  In its third generation, the EHS comprises a process and techniques to support awakening beyond duality.


How the EHS came to be…

The EHS was originally developed as an energy-based healing tool and had many upgrades from 2007 to 2012. The process and techniques became increasingly effective over time, and practitioners asked me to train them in it, which I did for several years.
The processes operates to align the 3 centers of Head, Heart, and Gut, and that is how it is now being taught.   Combining brainwave entrainment technology,  insights on the 3 centers and how to bring them into alignment, the program supports healing and harmony.

Due to other commitments and focus, I am not teaching the EHS as a standalone program at this time.  If you are interested in training with me, my suggestion is to join the current True Self Alchemy programs, and email me and we can work out a mentoring/self-study program.

If you are interested in the EHS activation and training materials, you can do this signing up for the self-study product, as detailed below.


“When using the Enhanced Healing Symbol, when old feelings come up, I feel I am “rising above” the situation. I don’t get drawn into feeling sorry for myself as before, but rather there is a voice telling me to “rise above”, because these old stories are getting boring! I feel a definite shift from victimhood to empowerment.  I will keep using the EHS things come up!”  G.S. Illinois, USA

The Enhanced Healing Symbol Tool and processes support higher insight and clearing of emotions  in various ways, through the many techniques taught. 

EHS clears cravings and helps to quit drinking
I used my EHS all week to quit drinking, and the shifts it gave me were startling. I went from despair, to feeling quite ‘normal’ and ready to be in life in a matter of moments. I used it on anxiety waking up at night and on cravings, and each time I felt an almost instant shift and was able to move on!  Quitting is really not the big struggle I thought it would be. I am now tackling what seemed like huge obstacles in my life, and it feels like only a matter of time before I get through each one of them. I find it a remarkable tool, actually. A.P, NB.


Fear of Panic in public relieved with the EHS
I used the Enhanced Healing Tool on anxiety in public and it really took the fear of panicking away. I feel in control and able to work through things as they happen. I often don’t even think of the old anxiety anymore! Hard to believe that it can work so quickly.  Andrea, NS


So the last couple of days I’ve felt the nudge to revisit the EHS attunements. This morning I listened to one of the audios and WOW! For the first time I could see the light filling me and expanding way outside the boundaries of my skin! My EHS has expanded greatly and deeply…even visually.  I could literally do this all day! Olivia


EHS works on ANYTHING!
I LOVE my Healing Symbol. I use it everyday whenever I want to get out of unwanted feelings, which are happening less and less.  I always feel a calm come over me…a sense of “it’s all good”… and I’m able to look at things differently.  I noticed that my symbol got bigger over time too—sometimes it fills my entire inner vision. Thanks Anita—I love your work!  Wendy N, NB.


I want to say thank you for the EHS – it is amazing. I didn’t think much of the EHS and wasn’t drawn to purchase it initially until you recommended it. So i have been playing around with the EHS non-stop since the attunement and it made my healing work easier. I chose a really easy symbol, the circle, and it changes to become a small circle and also it moves through the dimensions and stretches and sometimes it grows large and at one time it was a circle of flames when i used it to ease difficult drama with a family member. It is so easy to use on anything! I have received a lot more ease and joy – and a lot of lack energies have left me also. N. Shepheard, Sweden.


“It is exquisite–I can sit in the ‘EHS Temple’ all day long and feel embraced by the Mother.” JC, Canada


“My whole family has been altered by having my EHS ensoul our home and every interaction that occurs. The negativity is gone, and there is love and mutual respect.”


“I’ve changed so much in the last 6 months of using my EHS (which has morphed over that time) that I barely remember what life used to feel like! Thank you just isn’t enough…JM, USA”


The EHS is invaluable. As far as I’m concerned, everyone on the planet should have it! I can’t explain it, but it really has been a strong hold in increasing my belief…not wish or hope…but belief and faith that I’m literally creating the life I desire. There is a surety that has come over me that I’ve never experienced before… I feel through every fiber of my being if that makes sense. The anxiety and worry I had are non existent. What is so amazing is that I know I have the power to bring things about and the support from the EHS has altered so much in the little time I’ve owned it, it’s hard to believe..and with no medicines etc. I’m so grateful that you’ve provided. I don’t know of any other program (believe me I’ve tried them all over the past 13 years) that offers anything remotely close.
O.S. Seattle


What you get in the IMT-EHS package

The product comes with written and audio meditations.

  • Short Manual describing the Tool , how to set up and use your EHS
  • Manual on the three dantien energy centers and brainwave states.


  • Healing the needy heart
  • Stilling the Mind
  • Activating the smiling heart energy
  • Activating the Gut center
  • activation/alignment of all 3 centers
  • and more

This product is no longer available to purchase as standalone. Please explore the live programs being offered, or email me for details.

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