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During 2013-2014, I will be coming out with two new branches of healing technology during 2013 and 2014. Stay tuned, as this work represents the new face of healing!

light body infinityWe are moving into new potentials that are not a linear progression of where we have been, but rather a whole leap into New Being. The  new creation has new emotions, and the way that we do emotions presently will keep us stuck to a false reality. Emotional Ascension Technology supports you to break out of the enmeshment with old emotional patterns–you will see the past, memory, love attachment, identity, external effects, etc. in a whole new way. There is no anger, fear, loss/regret, guilt, shame, despair, hopelessness, pain, etc. in the new creation. There is no threat in the new creation, which is entered into on surrendered being from the Heart’s zero-point. In the High Frequency Embodiment system, you will learn to master body, soul, and spirit, release density/illusion, master emotions, and live beyond duality, judgment, belief systems, where you increasingly experience the Oneness of being All and no-thing–complete fluidity and intense presence. In this state, the body harmonizes with divine intent and enters into powerful and effortless co-creation.

  • Learn the powerful method of vertical-awaring engaging the three power centers to accelerate healing, awakening, and inner mastery. Click here to learn more.
  • A live workshop is coming up in August ~ Practical Ascension Mastery: Releasing Density in the Body for Fluid Being in the New Creation
  • Several Virtual one-day intensives will be announced for September-October. Dates will be announced, so sign up to the newsletter email list if you want to be kept up to date.
  • October is when the long-awaited Purification on All Levels program will be offered. This program is given jointly with detox expert, Natalia Rose (www.detoxtheworld.com)
  • A new Practical Ascension Mastery program will begin in September for those who would like to work with these new systems in greater depth and eventually become certified practitioners. The body of work is very large, and so programs are tailored to meet your needs and best suit your work and interest. These are leading-edge technologies that pave the way to radically accelerated healing for the new creation. If you are eager to take your healing practice to a whole other level of power and effectiveness, you will want to inquire soon, as I can only working with a handful of practitioners at any time. It is also open to anyone wanting to transform their life and embark on conscious ascension. Email me at anita.lucia.briggs@gmail.com

Planned Virtual One-Day Intensives:

  • Powerful processes of rejuvenation
  • Clearing the Past ~ Moving beyond stories, identities, and beliefs / Radical inner child transformation
  • Intro to Emotional Ascension Technology ~ Learn maps out of old into the new emotions of ascension
  • Releasing density from the joints and muscles and restoring the pure tones of the body
  • Fine tuning the Body as Manifestation Chamber for Higher Creation
  • Opening the Gates of Abundance in the Body

Planned Virtual Weekend Intensives ~ Details subject to change (general potential topics below)

Intensive weekends will be launched through the Practical Ascension Mastery training, and from that, weekends open to all will be given. Groups of about 3-4 participants maximum, as this work require a degree of intimate interaction.

  • High Frequency Embodiment Introduction: Understanding the New Creation and what it means. How the body is to evolve–understand all systems and how they are to heal and move to higher harmonies. How spirit soul and body must harmonize through inner mastery. Understanding changes in the DNA and what needs to happen to activate the new potentials that have just come in at the end of 2012. Understanding aspects of masculine feminine, of expression (cause) and expressed (effect) and the changes to past and future in the new creation. How this affects manifestation (law of attraction teachings are no longer valid). Many processes will be taught so you can continue the accelerated momentum. Audios to support mastering the methods will also be provided.
  • High Frequency Embodiment Advanced: Understanding the directions, the inner personalities and how all must be transcended and used as tools of consciousness rather than be under their tyranny and lower laws. Methods to harmonizing Masculine and Feminine Poles to merge soul and body in the body of resurrection (nervous system, spine, pranic tube, releasing more body density).
  • The God Hormones: clearing chakras to allow new frequencies and awareness.  Understanding the purpose of the senses and how to embrace fluid formlessness and interpretation through the senses without losing the larger perspective of Oneness. The insights of the endocrine glands that will impact on state of awareness, perspective, and being to allow secretion of the god hormones that will accelerate evolution of the light body.
  • Much more….

Recommendation: Strongly recommended that you do the full or shortened vertical-awaring program, as a first order of understanding of the three centers of Head, Heart, and Gut is essential. Also highly recommended is the DNA activation program, as you will grasp the teachings more easily and to much greater depth as your magnetic pain body is cleared and new potentials activated in you (through the DNA program). Follow the links, above, for details.

High Frequency Embodiment (HFE) Ascension yogas

Most programs and teachings will come with High Frequency Embodiment (HFE) Ascension yogas to support integration of what is being taught so that it translates into body evolution to support higher consciousness.  All ascension yogas come with postures, activating sound elixirs, contemplations, and activating affirmations to open up the dimmed and shut down parts of the body. There will be training in the HFE Ascension Yogas (HFEAY) in months ahead. These are suitable for yoga teachers as well as healing practitioners, as you can give them to clients to do as homework between sessions to fully integrate and transcend illness-aging-causing density.

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