Addiction Healing Support

There is such high stress and anxiety in the world today with the current economic climate and unrelenting planetary shifts, that many people are seeking distraction or temporary reprieve through addictive behaviors. This is more damaging now than ever before, as the planetary impulse is toward ascension, and a starker separation between ascending and descending streams is occurring as a result. Not only is it more important now than ever before to align with the path of greatest evolution and release patterns of fear and destruction, but also there is tremendous help available if you know how to ask for it!

We created several healing modules for addictions in 2009 from working on groups of people. These modules will be upgraded to capture the increased power of the Tools and the many new processes that we have tapped into since. So the modules are no longer being sold presently, and will be upgraded in the course of 2013. For now, we encourage you to look at the IMT-Enhanced Healing Symbol Process and Tool. Alternatively, you might consider doing a few private sessions with Anita, and you will receive the IMT-EHS and many other support techniques and tools to help you transform addiction (at no extra cost).

You may read the general information about addiction provided for the older modules on the links below, but please note that they are no longer being sold.

Clearing Addictive Tendencies

Clearing Addiction to Alcohol

Clearing Addiction to Cigarette Smoking

Clearing Addiction to Marijuana

A module for Weight Release and Addiction to Toxic Food is underway, and will be available in early 2013.

In the individual modules for addictive substances, we go into detail working with the specific physical and emotional issues of each addiction. The particular addiction reveals specific imbalances, so addictions can’t all be treated in the same way, though there are common things related to all.

With all addiction, we encourage you to seek general spiritual awakening as well–the Remote Healing Program offered starting end of August/2012 will also impact on addictive tendencies.

Below are several vibrationally encoded images with specific frequencies to support healing of the addictive personality.

Healing Addictive Personality

Addictive Personality Healing Image

Addictive Personality Healing Image

Ever Expanding Self-Fulfilment and Contentment within

Gratification Here and Now