Integration of the Second Adam Templates ~ Intensive

The spiritual creation that is forming presently as the future incarnational realm represents a far higher order reality than was ever imagined. The entire creational realm is undergoing a revolution out of necessity, because the present state of affairs is unsustainable. Out of potential disaster comes greatest opportunity for awakening to much greater power and presence.

So much is being re-engineered and altered at a fundamental ‘vibratory’ level, in response to the infiltration and travesties perpetrated on the human bodies as well as the planet and solar system by the forces of chaos since about 2009. The portal of 2012 has caused an outpouring of new DNA coding from the Central Sun of creation, and all of humanity is being called to integrate these new potentials.

The planet has moved into the Heart chakra and the karmic grid that was a dense astral layer holding us to infinite scenarios of pain is dissolving. We are being called to break through this karmic grid in our personal live as well, by moving out of the consciousness of the lower three chakras and moving into the Heart. The Second Coming is underway, the the Being of Living Love is present to support all who strive to release the old egoic and karmic structures. We are moving to finer crystalline bodies that will be able to hold far higher level of our god self. Ascension is about embodying our higher dimensional selves in a body.

In the course of intense planetary work in 2010-0212, my colleague and I were given new Adam templates–each representing a new covenant with the Creator. We were told many things, but we doubted much of it. However, after living through the transformations, much has clarified and I am prepared to support others through this process.

There are 13 levels of the new Adam Templates, and about midway is where macrocosm and microcosm become one, and we are truly able to embody our higher dimensional selves. Understand that this is process that will take years to fully integrate for some. You can accelerate on the path through the intensive programs being offered through the year.

While the whole of humanity is receiving these new Adam Templates, working consciously to evolve the body, access higher consciousness, and release all limitations of the past will fast-track you to inner freedom. The future is radically different from the past, and learning about the new potential will help you to establish yourself firmly within this future as a agent of healing and conscious evolution.

In this program you will be supported to accelerated awakening through powerful DNA and other clearing in order to move beyond the lower astral grid (matrix/illusion) that we have lived within up to now. It is possible to live beyond it now that the portal opening has taken place (during 2012) and the dream of separation has been resolved on the inner planes.

You will learn about the new creational laws that are wielded by the power of the Heart that is cultivated by many specific frequencies (understandings, attitudes, qualities), and how to live in a manner whereby you are in regenerative energies rather than under the forces of mortality.

In this program you will get the following:

  • Two private telephone sessions with me (2 hrs each, followed by 30-45mins of remote activation work), where we work to move beyond the stories, and connecting to what is possible at present. (Value: $500)
  • The full DNA clearing program sessions, where the magnetic distortions around the DNA are cleared and new patterns activated. (Value: $450)
  • Vertical-Awaringself-study program (Value: $333)
  • Select audios and other materials to support you from where you are. (Approx value: $150)
  • The 2nd Adam Template activations and etheric devices (not currently available on their own) This is done via private call and audio attunements (approx value $300)
  • Daily maintenance healing for 6 months~ value $360

The work is geared to support you to accelerated integration of the new DNA codes. It will be spread out over about a 6-month period. The cost of this intensive program is $950. (you may pay it in three monthly installments of $325).

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