The Energy Flows Balancing Module for Higher Dimensional Body Activation

The Energy Flows Balancing Module is an advanced healing program designed to reconnect a person to their higher dimensional bodies and provide full support for clearing and balancing the energy flows on all dimensions of being through specific body codings and activations of Inner Mastery Tools. In particular, the Multi-Body Balancing Tool and the
DNA Illumination Tool have been created to support this module.

Our overall health and wholeness reflects the whole of our being on all levels of dimensionality. The higher dimensional bodies (HDBs) vibrate at higher frequencies of consciousness that can be intensely joyful, inspiring, and uplifting, and if we cannot access these in our physical body, we will feel empty, without direction or purpose, depleted and despairing, and eventually will develop chronic physical conditions.

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“I feel more grounded and aware of my limits. I feel wiser somehow… Much less of my time is spent in fear, worry and negative patterns and when I go back to my old familiar haunts, I don’t stay there long. I can even laugh at it. I don’t have all the answers, but I think it’s trust I’m building – I’m trusting the process of life.” JP Love, NB, Canada

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When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? A physical body that you don’t give much thought to it, or perhaps you give too much thought to the bits and pieces you don’t like… either way, it feels commonplace and ordinary…

In reality, however, the physical body is the tip of an extraordinary iceberg, and what you don’t see are the interweaving of multidimensional energies forming layered bodies of light, color, ever changing form, and tone that provide sustenance to the intricate physical vehicle that is your body. We are all vast multidimensional beings and our life force energy and inspiration for what we may be originates from the spiritual energetic bodies.

“Other people’s drama energy does not affect me physically, emotionally or mentally as it used to. I no longer need to people-please and allow others their misconceptions without having to explain or defend myself if that is the case. No longer am I tired or drained from the illusion going on around me! I am shielded from it all.” TH, Quispamsis, NB, Canada

In normal cases, these pure spiritual energies are filtered down through the mental/causal realms, then through the emotional/astral realms and then to the etheric realm, before they reach the physical to nourish and animate it.

In an ideal world, our thoughts and feelings are very fluid and flow in and out fairly quickly. Unfortunately, often mental and emotional energy gets trapped or stuck energetically because of the judgments our ego mind and personality selves hold about reality. As soon as a thought or feeling gets judged, sorted and classified, it stops moving through the energetic bodies and systems and stops dead in the tracks. Eventually stuck mental and emotional energies combine together to create blockages and clots. As these blockages and clots expand, then the amount of energy down-pouring from our souls all the time can no longer enter into and renew the mental, emotional, etheric, and physical aspects of our consciousness. And ultimately this means our sense of well-being and health deteriorates and we wonder what went wrong?

The etheric body surrounds and permeates every cell and atom of the physical body, and has as job to infuse it with vital life force energies through the chakras, meridians and extraordinary meridians or strangeflows that make up its interface. But with blocks in the emotional and mental bodies, the etheric layer is itself undernourished by the higher dimensions, and its depleted energies flow through blocked channels, greatly impeding its ability to sustain the physical in health and well being. The result is that the cells of the body become deprived and exhibit symptoms of depletion. Chemical deficiencies in the brain, for example, which is what is observed in cases of depression, is the result among other things of the higher frequencies of the astral or emotional body not being able to reach the body to sustain and nourish it.

“Well, Anita, I think the MBBT has taken me to a whole new dimension. I don’t know to what else I could attribute all the positive changes in my life. Nothing has changed in one way, yet everything has changed. It’s really quite incredible how much my life has transformed. I am much more at peace in all my relationships. I have moments of upset, but compared to the days and even weeks of inner turmoil I used to experience, these are minimal. And overall, I have so little fear compared to before.” JP Love, NB

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In abnormal cases, which unfortunately are very common, the connection to the higher dimensional bodies has either been completely blocked or is tenuous at best. In these cases, the etheric body becomes severely depleted, and is completely unable to sustain the physical body in health and well being. Depression, chronic fatigue, chronic negativity, addictions, and a host of other syndromes are often the result of a person having lost their connection to the higher dimensions of their being. When a person is cut off from their emotional or astral body, the body of light and joy, for example, they will succumb to varying degrees of despair, hopelessness, a sense of loss and being lost, and overwhelm and feel unable to cope with the simplest of tasks in life. Cut off from the higher dimensions and there is no sense of future or meaning to life, which is then filled with activities or substances to produce numbing effects.

The Energy Flows Balancing Module is an advanced healing program designed to reconnect a person to their higher dimensional bodies and provide full support for clearing and balancing the energy flows on all dimensions of being through specific body codings and activations of Inner Mastery Tools. In particular, the Multi-Body Balancing Tool and the DNA Illumination Tool have been created to support this module.

Our overall health and wholeness reflects the whole of our being on all levels of dimensionality. The higher dimensional bodies (HDBs) vibrate at higher frequencies of consciousness that can be intensely joyful, inspiring, and uplifting, and if we cannot access these in our physical body, we will feel empty, without direction or purpose, depleted and despairing, and eventually will develop chronic physical conditions.

“I find that I understand myself much more and am actually wanting to get involved in life again. No vision yet, but at least I’m open to life now.” AP, Quispamsis, NB, Canada

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These higher dimensional energies will give you renewed energy and enthusiasm for life. The HDBs are like blazing suns that shine down on the flower of your physical body. Your brain is like the flower blossom that receives the light of these blazing suns. It then changes its brain wave patterns according to these higher frequencies, and emits new frequencies of magnetism into your body via the nervous system.

Heal Chronic Fatigue

As these new frequencies vibrate through your nervous system, they electrify your body and give you increased energy levels. As you gain these new levels of energy, you will have so much more power pouring through your body that you will feel well energized for life. If you already have good energy, then activating the HDBs will cause you to have even greater levels.

Heal Depression

As your brain absorbs more and more from the higher dimensions, its chemistry will rebalance and your mood will heal so that you are joyful and happy as a usual state of being. Depression is an absence or sense of lack, due to the lack of power pouring through the brain and nervous system. As you restore the brain and nervous system and your connection to the higher dimensions, you will feel more and more joy and depression will eventually disappear.

Beautify Your Body

As you re-empower the brain and nervous system and reactivate your higher dimensional bodies, your cells will have tremendous interdimensional “food” to eat in the form of light and magnetism. They will become vibrant and happy, vibrating at levels of joy and harmony that you might not know are possible. And this process has no bounds, as we have infinite potential for evolution. As the cells vibrate highly with light pouring through them, your body will become more and more physically beautiful, as will your auric field.

Improve any Physical or Emotional Condition

The EFBM is designed to correct deficiencies and blocks that occur under normal and abnormal cases, and to activate the higher dimensional bodies to higher frequency levels, so the physical body and mind can be supported to ever greater levels of health, vitality, and evolution. There is not a physical disease or emotional state that cannot be ameliorated by these higher dimensional frequencies!

Break out of Negative Emotional/Mental States

The EFBM also supports clearing of negative emotional and mental states on the spot, so that new energies can be engaged and life may be redirected towards more positive ways of being. Through the use of specifically encoded tapping routines, you can clear and balance your meridians and extraordinary meridians all at once. The more you use the routines, the more powerful they are at restoring emotional and mental harmony on the spot. This is useful when you find yourself in unwanted emotional and mental states. When you break or cut the energy from those states, they will no longer perpetuate dysfunction in your life.

Accelerated Evolution: Greater Awareness and Computing Power = Faster Learning

As the Higher Dimensional Bodies begin to work more powerfully into the physical, you will have much greater computing/processing power at your disposal and will find that you learn your lessons very quickly. What might have taken years to work through can take days or even hours. You will notice greater awareness of the impact of your thoughts and deeds, and will have access to the capacities and insights to make adjustments quickly, so that you do not have to deal with consequences coming at you in life later. In addition, you will also enjoy greater insight overall, so that you will sense the path of right action more easily

Support Accelerated Evolution For Your Family

Regular use of the MBBT will impact on people around you. This is especially so with your own children, who are most receptive to absorbing a parent’s energy patterns. Your child will eventually anchor in their higher dimensional frequencies from having it modelled by you—their connection to their Higher Power will strengthen. So you can impact on the health of your family quite considerably through regular use of the MBBT

Navigate Major Shifts Occurring on the Planet With Greater Ease

As many people are becoming aware, we are experiencing massive shifts on the planet, and this process is accelerating continually. How this translates for many is in an underlying sense of fear of the unknown and of the chaotic energies that are precursor to major change. Old priorities may lose importance, and what once seemed really pleasurable or desirable may no longer hold our interest. Many who don’t have a strong inward focus will find their hold on reality dwindling and experience a certain amount of panic. For most, the lies can no longer be conveniently overlooked, as their effects become exaggerated. An occurrence of the acceleration is that we must all undergo a transfiguration to varying degrees, and integration of our multidimensionality—this can be very uncomfortable if we are not ready for it. Therefore working with the Tools in this program is more critical now than ever before, as they will support and help you ease into the new energies pouring into the planet and its inhabitants.

The EFBM will:

  • Balance and evolve the HDBs so they are flowing ever purer vibrations;
  • Re-establish connection to your HDBs so you are receiving their healing frequencies;
  • Increase insight, awareness, computing power, learning, and overall evolution;
  • Balance and harmonize all the energy flows that interweave into the physical;
  • Clear and resolve all distortion patterns and blocks in the strangeflows, meridians and the physical body.
  • Support you through the major planetary shifts that are taking place.

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“You three have realized and anchored quite a wonderful set of tools. It’s astonishing from an energetic level what is happening when doing the meditation in the Energy Flows Balancing Module! The physical body is starting to glow and to lighten on all levels. That’s the feeling I get.” Lorenz Keller, Germany

The result is accelerated evolution, as well as increased vitality and health—mentally, emotionally and physically.

In the EFBM, you will learn tapping routines or simple meditation techniques for:

  • Changing an unwanted emotional/mental state on the spot;
  • As a daily constitutional treatment, to continually clear disharmonies from the mental, emotional, and physical bodies
  • Accelerated evolution to higher sustainable frequencies

“I could scream from the rooftops! Things are just falling into place in my life like a master planner is orchestrating all my desires.” JP Love, NB, Canada

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The energy flows that are most commonly known are the meridians, which are related to the emotional or astral body. Balancing the meridians is known to improve health conditions and release limiting emotional patterns, as evidenced by the success of therapies such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and acupuncture. In the case of both therapies, points on the physical body are used to stimulate the meridians, which impacts on emotional and physical health. The EFBM utilizes an Inner Mastery Tool, the Multi-body Balancing Tool (MBBT), which provides a more direct route as it stimulates the meridians of the emotional body directly, clearing emotional blocks and blocks to vital energies, which then stimulates healing in the physical body via increased flows of vital life force energy to the organs and body systems.

But there are other deeper energy flows that feed the meridians and absorb their overflow, keeping them in balance and harmony. These are the eight extraordinary vessels or strangeflows of the causal or mental body. When the strange flows are balanced and healthy, the meridians are also supported toward balance and healthy flow, impacting further on health and vitality of the physical body.

The strangeflows…

  • Define and affect the deeper aspects of self and the causative factors of life.
  • Provide the infrastructure for our being.
  • Are the deep reservoirs that circulate our essence—the allotted power or potential energy for this lifetime. This essence includes our genetic make-up as well as the possibilities for our life encoded in our DNA, which determine what we may become.

Working with these vessels can affect the more fundamental challenges we face in life, the karmic patterns, the family of origin patterns, etc., whereas the twelve ordinary meridians relate to the changeable day-to-day energy of the personality responding to life.

“People have noticed the shift in attitude, the physical and emotional changes, my sense of inner strength, and they want to know what I am doing! I feel comfortable in sharing.” TH, Quispamsis, NB, Canada

The causal level is the last place where error can exist—it is the body of karmic patterns, which are pattern of past error that must be corrected. Changing patterns at the level of the eight vessels, can resolve fundamental life challenges for an individual—time can be collapsed and karma transcended.

All disease and dysfunction originate at the levels of the causal or emotional bodies, as they are expression of error. The bulk of error is in the causal body, wherein reside our beliefs, which are foundational to what we manifest. All that we think takes form in the causal body. Our habitual thought patterns are the strongest formations and these typically have associated emotional patterns. Repeated over time, these distorted formations create disharmony at the lower dimensions until they appear as blockages with symptoms of physical pain and other discomfort.

Resolving issues in the causal body will resolve them for the rest of system. With this understanding of physical disease, the MBBT has additional functionality by way of tapping routines to enable focused clearing of both the causal and emotional bodies.

The strangeflows are becoming increasingly important as the earth is clearing her causal body presently and the time from thought to manifestation is accelerating. It is imperative, now more than ever, that we clear suppressive thought programs affecting our DNA, and cultivate a strong sense of self.

Beyond the strangeflows are more rarefied energies, but these are not so easily described as flows. However these higher dimensional energies also interweave with the other energy flows and impact all that is in their vicinity. Each vibrational level or dimension has a function and intelligence that is unique to it—therefore having any level blocked diminishes the experience of the whole.

The EFBM activates clearing and harmonizing of all the energy flows, greatly accelerating a person toward vibrant health and a state of wholeness, wherein full dimensional consciousness may be realized.

The EFBM provides the following support:

  • Full on-the-spot balancing of meridians, strangeflows and the higher energy flows;
  • Clears genetic predispositions to disease and dysfunction which first appear at the level of the strangeflows;
  • Clears and activates the DNA;
  • Evolves your higher dimensional bodies;
  • Supports a return to wholeness, the natural state of joy, vibrant health and well being.

The EFBM is activated by specific tapping routines as well as by simple meditation. It comes with an audio to guide you through the activation of the major HDBs, tapping routines to activate the meridians, strangeflows, and the energies of all the HDBs, and vibrationally encoded images to support activation and integration of these vital higher dimensional energies. The exercises are intended to be done daily, as well as in times of need, to shift unwanted physical and emotional states.

“I’ve done a lot of tapping with Anita, and I can notice the difference with MBBT, especially with the routine that includes the strangeflows. I can be in a deep rage and get myself out of it fairly quickly—and it’s always when I do that 2nd routine that something just clears from my eyes, and then I’m okay..” AP, Quispamsis, NB, Canada

To read more testimonials and observations about the EFBM click here.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Anyone suffering from depression, low energy including chronic fatigue, addictions, lack of joy, numbness or stagnation, or any other chronic health conditions;
  • Anyone with destructive emotional patterns or negative thinking;
  • Anyone wishing to accelerate their evolution, increase intuition and sense of inner guidance, and connect to deeper meaning and purposeful engagement in life.

What You Get with the Energy Flows Balancing Module

  • Attunement To Two Inner Mastery Tools
    • The Multi-Body Balancing Tool and
    • The DNA Illumination Tool
  • Two Audio Activation Meditations that activate the Tools to support clearing and activation of all the higher dimensional bodies (HDBs)
    • A long version (50 minutes) describes the HDBs while you meditate on them to activate the MBBT
    • Short version (14 minutes) for daily use – guides you quickly through the powerful activation process
  • The Energy Flows Balancing Module Manual: a 100-page manual with descriptions of the HDBs, and meridian tapping routines to quickly clear and balance the energy flows of the mental and emotional bodies. In addition, the manual contains sets of trigger affirmations to support clearing and activation of all energy flows.
  • Vibrationally Encoded Images For The Following:
    • The Multi-Body Balancing Tool
    • The DNA Illumination Tool
    • Awakening and Activating the Cosmic Spine
    • The Higher Dimensional Cosmic Bodies (8 images)
    • The Meridians (6 image for the yin/yang pairs)
    • The Strangeflows (6 images—4 for yin/yang pairs—Conception and Governing vessels have separate images)
  • Audio transmissions of image frequencies:
    • For the meridians and strangeflows
    • For all the higher dimensional bodies

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