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Rune Mastery Intensive Program

This is a most powerful, life-changing program for those who are committed to be wayshowers of a new reality of peace and heaven on earth.  As tools of leveraged body evolution, the Runes of the Infinite Mother are unparalleled.  In September 2014, I was initiated by the great mystic Almine, as placeholder of the Runes for Canada. Read more on this link:  Rune Mastery Training and Initiation

Practitioner Training with the Enhanced Healing Symbol

SoP-EHS smallThe new Enhanced Healing Symbol training for practitioners emerged in the course of 2013, as many new potentials opened up.  The EHS underwent a major transformation, and is now under the agency of higher angelic orders.

The EHS adds a deeper dimension to any healing practice.  Click here to find out more.


Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart

belvaspata with sigilBelvaspata Healing of the Heart, was given by the Infinite,  to the great mystic and seer, Almine. Belvaspata establishes a most sacred alliance with angelic orders of great power for our time. You may read about this most powerful modality at this link. I offer training  and mentoring for initiation into Levels 1, 2, Master, and Grand Master.  We also explore the Merkaba, the Field of Hope and Fragrance Alchemy to clear the meridian system. All these elements come from the work of Almine too.  Go to this link to read about the training program offered.


Comments From Current Trainees

See programs for more testimonials…


In working with Anita over the past five years, observing her impeccable dedication to generously sharing the most deeply transformative information and processes accessible, is consistently heartening and inspiring. The comprehensive nature of her multi-faceted approach, and her capacity to convey with such clarity and passion the potentials that are ongoingly expanding through consciously embracing expansion, facilitated for me, through this recent workshop, as through the years of working together, a depth of transformation that truly inspires to boundlessness… a shower of blessings beyond what I have known to ask for. It is an honour and tremendous blessing to experience her gifts, rooted in love, for simultaneous synthesis of so many streams of teachings and levels of healing, as it is to be in relationship with Anita as a teacher and friend. – JC, IMT-Practitioner and Belvaspata Grand Master, Canada



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