What is an RHS Program

How Remote Healing Programs Work

Anita Briggs and Greg LeMoine combine their powerful healing abilities and work in partnership with many Archangels and Ascended Masters to deliver remote healing to all participants signed up in the program. A group connection is established, which provides a powerful ‘funnel’ for all the transmissions to reach each individual in the group. Great power and support comes through with groups of individuals connecting with a common intention for healing.

Remote healing is done via magnetism in the brain, with focused intention using the Inner Mastery Tools and other body activations. The process causes the magnetic flows in the energy fields of participants to alter according to the healing intentions, clearing blocked or stagnant energies and establishing new patterns that bring harmony to thought, emotions, the physical body, etc.

To read more about vibrational healing and the Inner Mastery Tools, we encourage you to explore the sections under About IMTs.

Remote Healing Programs are conducted over a 10- 14- or 21-day period, with daily sessions lasting about 4-5 hours. There is generally a two-day follow up some time after the program, to ensure that all participants are integrating the coding well. The programs involves anywhere from 60 to 120 hours of joint remote healing work, which results in major changes to consciousness.

While we always have a general plan or outline of what we will focus on in the program, the RHS is always a dynamic process and is full of surprises from Spirit. Every program has surpassed our expectations.


You do not have to be meditating or on the phone with us while we do the remote work; you can be at work, play, or sleeping and you will still get all the healing energies. So this format is ideal for those who are busy and find it hard to commit to specific times to do healing work. All the transmissions are offered to your Higher Self, and integrate at a pace that ensure maximum ease and grace for you. We suggest that you eat and rest well during the program so that your body is strong and best able to work with all the transmissions more quickly.

We welcome an email from you, telling us about your healing goals for the program: what you hope to achieve, your major challenges around the program’s themes, etc. We also welcome emails during the program. And while we cannot answer all the emails, we do read them and address all the issues in the course of the program.

Each day you will receive an email with details on what was accomplished that day, along with trigger affirmations (that activate Inner Mastery Tools) and vibrationally encoded images that support the themes worked on during that day. You will get a Tool that will help you to magnify all that we do at any time. All the vibrational tools and activations that you receive are then yours for life, to deepen and further integrate the shifts. The healing codes are infinite and will work with you for the rest of your life, no matter what your level of awakening!

They [daily emails] lift me up so much. I feel they are like music to the soul… My life is transforming before my eyes! Jane Perkins Love, NB

I look forward to the daily emails with great anticipation. Your words resonate with wisdom and truth. I reread them often! Thanks for taking all the time you do for us. Claire, Oregon

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We offer a full money back guarantee at any time in the program if you are not finding it transformative. We will simply ‘undo’ all the activations to that point. We are fully committed to our clients satisfaction!