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The meditation on the inner states of nature was given by Almine at the recent Shamanic retreat (recording is done with hand-held device).  I added a short clip at the start to enter into a meditative state (you can skip that if you like).

I am trying to locate the outer states clip that was edited–we did a video on the outer states, so I may have gotten things mixed up. Sent Willy an email to double check. But there is one from Sergey with the Russian if we did not create one.

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Video Meditation on Dispelling the Illusions of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians

it is an hour in length–video has Almine’s meridian art on the 8EMs, and a sound elixir that I asked Almine to do as portal to the Mother’s Garden (repeats during certain parts). Also has the alchemical equations for the 8 EMs on the screen, so pple can take them in through the meditation.

I also have it split up into 4 pairs too..each about 15 mins. So can send you that too, but doing it all at once I think is more effective. Best to watch in full screen. If you need to download and upload elsewhere, let me know and I’ll find a  downloadable version. 

Tones of Harmlessness

12 Video Clips when Almine first introduced the Insights of Harmlessness of the 12 ordinary meridians  IoH Videos from Genk  password = IoH

The videos are spread over 3 pages, just to not have load time too long for each.  Again, if you need downloadable version, let me know.


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