Seeding of the Spiritual Creation

The seeding of the spiritual creation was completed on March 18 2012. After over a year of exploration and ever deeper connection with the Christ, the first major milestone of several more to come was finally completed. We worked all weekend around the clock, and met with the most intense opposition. But through a series of steps that strengthened the Light all through creation, greater sacrifice was enacted to safeguard a future vibrational realm that could support souls to evolve their divine nature.

Just to give some brief context, since end of 2009 the forces of chaos and evil have been bold and unrelenting in their infiltration and control over humanity. A false veneer of ‘light’ was created and everyone was being ‘enchanted’ into dim consciousness so that the Christ event that was to take place around the turn of the millennium would go by unnoticed and without impact. Rudolf Steiner warned that at this time many oppositional forces would be hard at work to make the Christ’s appearance in the etheric go unnoticed, and we found this to be true as we attempted to embody the Christ impulse more deeply in consciousness. The methods of infiltration and control were numerous, and every pathway imaginable was taken advantage of. Our bodies were becoming too dense for our soul evolution, and many were becoming trapped in the lower astral realm, and this would only increase in the years to come. The only resolution was that the 2nd coming of the Christ be strongly supported–the Christ, as the living Will of God, is the only power that could circumscribe and transmute the forces that were working to shut down human evolution. Many in the light mission who were to support the Christ mission at this time were shut down…and so we were working largely in isolation. However, with a tremendous spiritual team supporting this work, the Christ power has been anchored into the planet, and further Christ sacrifices are underway which will have the requisite impact to secure a safe future for all who strive to know God.

As I’ve mentioned in the Adam Template page, the process to embodying greater power to meet the opposition that we faced came through a series of new body templates that we took in over the course of 2011. And these new Adam Templates correspond to the new DNA. They are now inscribed in the DNA of all sentient beings in creation. This will lead to the great reunification, as all realms can evolve an intimate relationship with the Godhead, and all beings now share a common evolution (although it will look differently for different beings).

Note: We recognize that there are many different understandings of the significance of 2012. Our work presents our experience in embodying the Christ impulse at this time, and is deeply steeped in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. We are not here to impose our views on others, but to share our understandings that have emerged from years of dedicated study and inner work. We encourage everyone to feel things deeply within themselves and find their inner power when doing spiritual work. Just know that all beings are being supported to higher consciousness at this momentous time.

The twelve initial Adam Templates that we tapped into represent a higher potential and new covenant that is possible for all of humanity to achieve. And so each Template corresponds to a new DNA strand, and the first twelve comprise the ‘basic steps’ of evolution for humanity to enter the 10th Hierarchy as the Beings of Love and Freedom. These Adam Templates are the pathways of at-One-ment with God.

From one of the most intense battles fought against all realms that opposed reunification and refused to subscribe to a Higher Will, there emerged the most wondrous diamond that was multilayered and alive with color and vibrations and surrounded by a beautiful flaming substance. This represented the covenant among realms in the spiritual creation, to support evolution for All as per the mighty Christ Impulse. And this diamond was replicated and placed in the core of every planetary body in creation. The original is also now held in an etheric Temple on the inner planes , and will be testament to as well as power to hold the new agreement made among realms on the new divine order and laws.

Please understand that all this has transpired on the inner planes–at the astral, causal, and higher levels primarily–and may take some time to play out in 3D. We really have not had time to fully explore how things may roll out, other than there will be upheaval and several other major transitional steps this year. But we do not yet know the full implications… As the Mayan prophecies have stated, it appears that we are moving to another dimension in the course of 2012, but this will require inner reorientation toward spirit. We are entering into the spiritual creation, afterall, and any attachment to illusion will interfere with one’s ability to integrate and express the new DNA.

It appears that everyone who could handle the higher vibration was moved into the new Adam-2 body of the spiritual creation today–and we suspect that the greater the leap that move represents for a person, the more upheaval a person can expect in their lives. If you think of a musical octave, we went up one note back in July/11 at the time of the first portal, and March 18th is the 2nd note that was a more significant milestone. From July to now, people were moving in and out of the spiritual creation as dictated by their alignment to or away from God. Last week there was a ‘phase shift’ that moved the planet to a higher vibration, and that was completed today, and another level of the great transition to reunification was locked in (and today was the most significant of all the steps in this process…so may represent several notes of an octave). From what we know, there will be another important date in July, which will mark another phase shift (another note in the octave). In November there will be another one, and then the major one at the Winter Solstice, which will move us decidedly into the higher dimension. The reason for the staged approach is because everyone needs adjustment time between the phase shifts. We do not yet have further characteristics of the transition steps in July, Nov, and Dec of this year, but I am confident that we will as we keep exploring and working to support everyone in this transitional year.

If ever you were serious about spiritual awakening, now is the time. And please understand that it does not matter how evolved you are as a soul, what matters is your earnest striving and willingness to surrender and reorient your life to Truth, devotion, and selflessness. This is the year that we will pay heavily for serving two masters, and will be rewarded greatly for serving the One.

At 2:40pm on March 18th, a great vortex opened up on the astral plane and the fires from heaven poured down onto everything that was outside of the spiritual creation. Following this, a magnificent Christ Grid of Light appeared around the planet and in the cosmos, and a big process of purification and reorientation took place in the etheric, astral, and causal levels of the planet. Collective memory that erased the great travesties through the ages took place, as well, thoughtforms of lies in religion and wisdom streams were destroyed. Decrees resounded all around and there was a tremendous realignment and reordering of the Hierarchies on the inner planes. The path of true dharma was established for all, and much more. It was an incredible process that marked the first major milestone in establishing a whole new future for the creational realm. We were told, “The Heavens are resounding with Joy“.

And while this is a major milestone, it represents the first in what may turn out to be several more to come. We have much work ahead, given where things are and the support needed to maintain forward momentum through 2012. And we were reminded that there will be many challenges in the next six years….

If you feel a yearning to reach greater freedom from attachment, to allow your soul full reign in life, and to know God more intimately, we invite you to join one or more of the following this year:

Activation Blast into the Adam Templates: this will be done weekly on all who are signed up for that week. The activation work will be done remotely, and will ensure that each person is integrating the Adam Templates. It will remove individual blocks to being able to express from the new body template. Comes with a manual and vibrational tools to work with to deepen integration.

Activation Module on Embodying the Christ Impulse – Self-study program, with 2 live days of remote healing activations. This is a prerequisite to the more advanced training. Details will be posted shortly.

Remote Healing Session Program (tentatively for end of April through to June 2012) for those who are working to embody the Christ Impulse and the Adam Templates – This program is for all who have done prior RHS programs and are seeking to deepen/accelerate their spiritual awakening. Remote sessions are done one day per week, with written material and activations to work with.

Live one-week intensive for deep emancipation from attachment to externals and inner spiritual revolution to freedom and greater soul presence and power. Groups will be no more than 5 participants. Email us if you are interested. Live sessions may be held every two months, starting April (so April, June, August, October, December). Likely location is in Hampton, NB.

Links to these programs may be found on the home page.

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