Lightworker Remote Healing Session Program

Align with Your Soul Mission on the Path of Ascension

Are you ready to WAKE UP and take your rightful place in Creation? The world is on the brink of total transformation, as the wave of Cosmic Love is approaching. All will be forever changed. Whether or not you can hold this vibration as it moves through our planetary system determines the future pathway of your soul. It is time to align deeply with the truth of being, that is wholly emancipated from the world of effects and the collective consciousness of fear. If you wish to count among the souls who are opening up new pathways of light and anchoring in these ascension energies, this program is a must. All are called, but few will respond!

We cannot be more emphatic than this:

This is the most powerful, deeply transformative, life-altering, soul-aligning program for awakening and ascension that you will come across on the planet at this time!!!

Are you ready to experience a new level of depth within, a new level of power, and deeper conviction, devotion, and commitment to the path of ascension for your soul?


Do you want to..

** Break through limitation to become solidly established in a higher order reality?

** Understand planetary changes and what needs to be awakened now in order to move forward effectively?

** Align at all levels of being with Ascension Consciousness?

** Have greater discernment and impeccability so you are not affected or attacked by the forces of chaos that abound in the world?

** Become immune to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pollution on the planet, and become an agent of healing for the great Earth being that is reeling from humanity’s abuses?

** Have clarity in body and mind in order to hold ever higher frequencies and reach greater expansion in consciousness?

** Embody true miracle consciousness and depth of unconditional love that is the source of all healing?

** Move to radical self-love and alignment to Truth such that you become a powerful force of evolution toward establishing Heaven on Earth?

** Disengage from mass consciousness tendencies toward chaos and free yourself at all dimensions to establish strong evolutionary impulses?

** Connect to your spiritual support team and other Beings of Light who are eager to assist your soul to highest pathways of evolution?

** Be able to connect to and embody the highest vibration of Cosmic Love, the true Rei-ki that is untainted by lineage?

** Make peace with all the realms out of which your physical/etheric/astral bodies are maintained so that you can restore the ‘ocean of love’ in your energetic space?


And on a more mundane level, are you looking for…

** Healing of the past that keeps you in patterns of struggle and limitation?

** Healing of patterns of enmeshment with others?

** Devotion to your work, compassion and empathy without loss of self or feeling depleted?

** Support to not take on others’ stuff and be immune to the negativity that abounds?

** Realizing true abundance consciousness?

** Experiencing cooperation and support amongst colleagues?

** True discernment so that you can weed through all the ‘spiritual’ material coming from so many sources?

** Greater vibrancy and passion for life in all areas?

Read testimonials from current participants here..

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The Remote Healing Session Series Program

Anita Briggs and Greg LeMoine are very pleased to announce a Remote Healing Session Series for the Lightworker community, Align with Your Soul Mission on the Path of Ascension. This program, which runs for twelve weeks from May 16 to August 1st , will initiate deepest internal change within each participant that will support new insights, capacities, connection to soul, new future pathways, clarity and sense of your mission, aliveness, purpose, and inner gifts.

* * * * *

This healing program will cover main themes relevant to lightworkers (described in Program Segments and Themes Covered, below), as well as many that focus on activating the body into the spiritual organism into which Divine Ideas and Impulses may be downloaded.

The first part of the program (first 6-7 weeks) will focus on clearing limitation and enmeshment in fear/control structures and achieving sovereignty in body and mind through all time in order to promote a strong return to the Self at all levels (including DNA). Clearing and healing personal current, deeper past, and the collective consciousness patterns of which you partake will then be undertaken. The body will be cleared and patterns seeded toward embodying Truth (Masculine pole of consciousness) and Love (Feminine pole of consciousness) in such a manner as to activate the organ centers and clear the body systems so that the cells are prepared for greater illumination. You will receive coding to embody the Christ impulse and awaken to the deeper Consciousness of the Higher Self. We will present and transmit activations to deeply embody principles of success that harmonize with the New Creation structure toward which humanity is moving and support you to becoming an active force in support of ascension. You will be activated toward the energetic body of the ascended self with the endocrine system activating as a spiritual gateway to etheric/soul consciousness. And you will learn true prosperity consciousness and be supported to realize your God-given Prosperity/Abundance Blueprint. The first part of the program is open to everyone. This part is prerequisite to part II, which contains deeper ascension coding.

The second part of the program (next 6 weeks) expands on what was done with the first, and establishes deeper ascension codes, the Sun DNA Codes and the Ascension Initiations. It also focuses on some themes that pertain more to healers/lightworkers, but are still of relevance to all. Many healers have come into lifetimes to support with the major transition of consciousness that mankind is undergoing and they have intended to clear the karmic and shadow energies of our collective past. In these sessions, we will work to reorient each participant with their mission and support clearing of interference patterns so that the process of giving the substance of reality to one’s soul plans is made easier. In addition, we will cover cleanup of healing modalities and their negative effects, negative effects of healing treatments received from others, attunement to the true Rei energy (we refer to as Adamantine Cosmic Love), clearing all allowances for interference from forces of chaos, methods to ensure sovereignty and protection from psychic attack, awakening greater discernment and impeccability, working with clients to support accelerated awakening, and much more.

This program is both informative and transformative at the level of psyche, body, soul, and higher dimensional bodies. With each theme covered, we do exploration on the group and activation/IMT work to clear and reprogram to deepest levels that will ensure transformation. All the work is done with the support of our spiritual Councils of Light, the Archangelic and Angelic realms, and many Ascended Masters who have come forth for us over the years of working as healers. More details are given in the section How Remote Healing Programs Work.

While the healing work is done remotely, the program is interactive through email, and we encourage participants to write to us about their issues and goals within the scope of the program.

We do one full day of work on the group per week (about 7 hours), and this is followed by an email report of what was accomplished, along with suggested exercises and vibrational support Tools and materials to deepen the clearing and integration work. This constitutes the weekly lessons that you can work with.

To read about weekly sessions, click here.

We also support daily magnification of the coding throughout the week. And in addition to weekly lessons and vibrational support tools, you will receive several modules/tools and important exercises to work with over the twelve weeks, as listed below.


IMT Modules, Tools, and Exercises in the RHS

  • The Ascension Initiations
  • The Prosperity Codes II Module
  • The IMT-Enhanced Healing Process and Tool
  • Activations for Creating Heaven on Earth (never released audio and manual)
  • The Endocrine System Activation Module ~ Gateway to Spiritual Evolution and Unleashing Spiritual Power of Regeneration in the Body
  • Achieving Body Sovereignty through all time
  • Achieving Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Will Sovereignty of Being
  • Encoded Meditative processes / Encoded Affirmation processes
  • Vibrationally-encoded Images to integrate higher dimensional frequencies and activations


The Inner Mastery Tools are incredible and your work never ceases to amaze me. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience them! – O.S. USA


I want to tell you how blessed I am to have found you and the tools you’ve shared with me. The EHS is as sacred to me as the air I breathe! Buffy M, NB


Can I do the program if I am not a healer?

We will deliver the program in a manner whereby the more general themes and support for personal evolution and advanced spiritual principles are covered in the the first half of the program, and then the healer-specific themes will be concentrated in the last half. So if you are looking for deep personal evolution and greater alignment with ascension energies, then you are welcome to join the first half. (Be sure to choose the correct payment plan option, provided below). But we have many non-healers who do the second half and have found it equally relevant. Personally, for anyone serious about realizing soul alignment and awakening, we recommend both halves.

Email support is provided during and after the programs.

To read details of both halves of the program, click here.


Program Segments and Themes Covered

Clearing Past Wounds and Trauma

Clearing trauma, wounds, and limiting beliefs from childhood, that prevent the true Self from emerging. These limiting patterns can keep you being triggered or projecting your own stuff on clients, prevent you from seeing the deeper issues in clients, and keeping you in various forms of neediness with your clients. The focus is on the womb and first 7 years of life, as the womb imprints affect all of life…they affect one’s ability to meet and clear karmic patterns and awaken soul gifts planned for this lifetime. The first 7 years directly affects our level of self-love and acceptance as well as our ability to enter the Consciousness Soul phase of life. The Consciousness Soul corresponds to the Thyroid Center and is the the current stage of development for mankind as a whole. The Thyroid Center (not the gland) is the master of the endocrine system, and the rise in conditions related to endocrine system imbalances underscores the current state of dysfunction in most of humanity. As healers/lightworkers, we need to be leading the way into wholeness by example, and so it is imperative that we embody and evolve the aspects that are key for humanity’s evolution.

This first segment is on clearing the past and enabling you to enter into deeper freedom–free from enmeshment or needing validation through your work–and deeper commitment to the evolution of humanity.


Common Healer Distortions and Imprints from the Deeper Past

The second segment relates to common healer distortions and limitations around the themes of God, power (fear of, past misuse), psychic gifts, poverty vows, sacrifice, subservience versus service, fear of causing harm, fear of persecution, fear of sovereignty, etc. …common themes that create blocks and limitations…

We will work in the deeper past (past lives) to clear all imprints (cellular and etheric fragments) that are creating distortions in these areas…creating separation from the divine source… and preventing you from expressing greater power and bringing forth gifts from the past as they are meaningful to your work in this lifetime.

We will also work to reprogram understandings based in highest divine truth in all these areas.


Changing Paradigm of Healing/Miracle Consciousness/Aligning to New Creation and 5th dimensional Consciousness

Disengage from beliefs in suffering, disease and unconscious dying…no longer seeing victims..understanding the power of perception in leading others to the New Creation Paradigm…Understanding the power of love to heal, what it means to BE LOVE and how to get there, and what the Christ Mind is …Innocent Perception, Divine Rights, healing ‘others’ in yourself, etc. All principles that make a person a powerful agent of change. Belief in victims and desire to rescue others (e.g. clients) only adds to disempowerment, keeping people stuck in the 3rd dimension…

Most people are all influenced by mass consciousness limitation from the medical model….that illness is a reality, that aging means becoming decrepit…that conditions only heal in certain ways…but the truth is that healing is a change of consciousness and that anything is possible. Embodying miracle consciousness is a journey of becoming inwardly free to stand in ever greater truth.

This segment will also cover the earth changes, recent changes to the workings of karma, the new Akasha, the new yoga for our time, changes to our future, etc. so that everyone understands the earth experience and what humanity needs to awaken to presently.


Understanding Free Will, Empowerment, Humility, Non-Attachment to Outcomes, Sovereignty & Discernment, and the Power of Alignment to Love/Light

We will clear distortions and reprogram around important principles that must be upheld when taking a position of leadership or guidance to others. This is even more important now than ever, as ego weaknesses invite infiltration by less-than-love forces operating everywhere in the world.

Understanding the importance of honoring free will, empowering others, achieving true humility as basis to allow ever greater power to unfold. In addition, understanding the importance of not trying to change others while still being a support, the power and freedom of not being attached to outcomes and not feeling ‘needed’ by others, of aligning with personal evolution and fulfillment in all that you do, how to have true discernment among all the ‘false prophets’, ‘spiritual’ information, and distortions in healing modalities, etc.


Understanding the Christ Impulse and the Need to Embody It at Present

Understand the path of Ascension as one of embodying the Christ Intelligences. You will learn get a set of Ascensions Initiations supported by activations and DNA codes to support this process.


Achieving Deeper Soul Connection in the Body

This segment will go deeply into reorienting yourself and igniting you to who you truly are–a powerful spirit/soul seeking to experience self in this wondrous 3-D experience at this most interesting of times! What does it mean in practical terms to be the soul…to have soul driving your be in this world but not of it…to create the everlasting…create for eternity…?

We will work deeply in the body to heal broken states that prevent the soul from incarnating fully. You will learn to ignite your body systems through awakening spiritual principles of being. As you do this, your endocrine glands will remember their role as spiritual organs of truth perception and cognition and the quality of the hormones produced will start a regeneration process in the body. Your organs will reorient to love, allowing subconscious programs to unravel. As the soul faculties thus awakened take hold, the merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine poles of consciousness will become possible, and understanding and will can unite as one force, making way for the spiritual Child or Christ consciousness to take birth within. (You may read more about the tri-fold nature of being as introduction to the body activations here.)

You will learn the new ways of being that are necessary presently, where we must be self/soul-propelled and hold ideals and vision in order to connect to a strong future stream.

We will transmit powerful and comprehensive sovereignty codes activations at the level of the physical and mental/emotional/will bodies that will restore your programs and your DNA to self-codes only.

The body is meant to be immortal…our soul power, engaged deeply in life, unleashes spiritual power within the body to regenerate and evolve it so that it can house greater levels of soul power! So we will do deep coding that lays this all out as blueprint…that clears the blocks and starts this process…to the level that each person allows. We will transmit DNA crystalline activations that will initiate an on-going process of continual DNA evolution, and get increasingly more strands ‘on-line’ and active within your cells.

We will also work on healing soul fragments from the current lifetime and past lives, so that there is full integration and thus greater soul presence in the indwelling consciousness.


Heart Centered Being, Surrender, Non-Judgment Equanimity/Acceptance

Continuing with the theme of soul connection….
Being heart centered is an active practice that requires continual transmutation of the subconscious material that you have generated from 3rd dimensional lifetimes. Many people kid themselves about being loving as they repress judgment, jealousy, dissatisfaction, and other unwanted emotions. Many also fall into the trap of thinking they are manifesting their highest good, when really they are manifesting the desires of the lower self disguised in lofty terms. The key is to learn to work with your humanness from a higher perspective of soul, and surrendering to spirit in that process through giving up all preference for anything! Imagine the freedom of having no preference or attachment to anything! When you achieve this state, you achieve equanimity, are in constant contact with the deep abiding wisdom of creation and the love that you are in truth. In this state of being all things are possible.

Most people are stuck in the human self trying to have a spiritual experience, but are unable to transcend the human density from density consciousness. The ‘trick’ is learning to become the soul self that has chosen the human experience, and through embracing the humanness is able to transmute the density and embody itself in the process. And this process is accelerated when the soul surrenders to a Higher Will, unleashing great spiritual energy into the body.

In this segment we will transmit activations and give you a simple exercise that will support you to reaching this inner state of freedom. And of course, the more you embrace your humanness and transmute it, the more effective you become as a healer/lightworker.


Practical Concerns when Working with Clients

This segment will cover practical concerns of being a healer. Not only will we ensure that you have maximum protection from the culture, but you will also receive processes to clear yourself and your space before and after clients. We will work to clear allowances within you that open you to attachment and entities. and ensure non-replication of client imbalances in your system. We will transmit coding to help you automatically radiate the healing energies to support your clients to heal, as well as to clear karmic energy between you and clients. We will also cover activation of brain centers so that you become increasingly effective in your work.


Understanding the State of Most of Humanity at Present

This is not a separate segment, but in the course of the program you will get new understandings on the current state of most of humanity. From the years that I have spent developing the Inner Mastery Tool and working as a healer, I have been led more and more deeply into seeing the dysfunction. Greg and I are continually uncovering deeper aspects of dysfunction as we work with large groups of people.

You will understand the hindering impact of mass consciousness on healing, the many ways that mankind is interfered with and held down (through mind viruses, weakening DNA, etc.), the state of the ‘broken body’ and how this undermines soul power, the importance of the body centers in achieving health and evolution, the changes to karma, the need to embody the Christ impulse, and much more.

To read details of the program by the week, click here.

Please note that these long healing sessions are organic and seem to take on a life of their own, so it’s guaranteed to be more than we plan for!

The planned duration of the program is 12 weeks, but an extra week may be required as it was in the first program.

* * * * *


I feel like I have healed lifetimes since the 21 day remote healing commenced. Really, I am feeling the shifts very strongly, even stronger than during the 21 day sessions. Lorraine S, NB


The amount of peace I feel is unbelievable! I am not experiencing extremes in my moods. I am more settled within myself. I feel more authentic. I’m filled with energy. Fantastic… Being able to express my needs without fear of rejection is a blessing. What a gift the Universe has given! Linda M, NB


Thank you so much Anita for all of your help and support and this wonderful program. Things have been shifting very rapidly in my life. I have started releasing weight and my intuition has kicked in very powerfully. I know that it has helped me break through so many things that were holding me back in life. I can feel that i am moving to a totally different “level” of life (if that makes sense). It feels wonderful. A.V., USA


Read testimonials from current participants here..

* * * * *

How Remote Healing Programs Work

Anita Briggs and Greg LeMoine combine their powerful healing abilities and work in partnership with many Archangels and Ascended Masters to deliver remote healing to all participants in the group. Remote healing is done via magnetism in the brain, with focused intention using the Inner Mastery Tools and other body activations. The process causes the magnetic flows in the energy fields of participants to alter according to the healing intentions, clearing blocked or stagnant energies and establishing new patterns that bring harmony to thought, emotions, the physical body, etc. You can read more about vibrational healing in the section, About IMTs (menu to the left).

This Remote Healing Program is conducted over a 12-week period, with exploration/coding/activations done one 8-hour-day per week, followed by daily magnification of coding and tuning in to the group (to ensure that all participants are integrating the coding). The program involves about 90-100 hours of remote healing work, which will result in major changes to your being. We have spread the program over weeks in order to give you more time to integrate the healing work and to experience the changes and possible resistances in your life.

You do not have to be meditating or on the phone with us while we do the remote work; you can be at work, play, or sleeping and you will still get all the healing energies.

Each week you will receive a comprehensive email report with details on what was accomplished that day, along with trigger affirmations (that activate Inner Mastery Tools), body activations, and vibrationally encoded images that support the themes for the week. You will get a Tool that will help you to magnify all that we do at any time. All the vibrational tools and activations that you receive are then yours for life, to deepen and further integrate the shifts. The healing codes are infinite and will work with you for the rest of your life, no matter what your level of awakening!


They [daily emails] lift me up so much. I feel they are like music to the soul… My life is transforming before my eyes! Jane Perkins Love, NB



$690 per person, $1200 per couple for over 100 hours of remote healing work, along with weekly vibrational Tools and over $250 worth of IMT products. Prices do not include HST (for Canadians only).
We issue tax receipts upon request.

Receive a $35 discount for full payment up front. You may also do the monthly option, at $230 per month, plus HST.

Please note that payment options below are in Canadian funds. If you want to pay in USD, please email me for details (

To purchase in one payment of $655 + HST, click below.

To purchase in 3 monthly payments of $230 + HST each, click below.

To purchase the first or the second half of the program only ($345) (Note: a prerequisite to taking the 2nd half is having taken the first half)

To purchase the full program for two people ($1200)


WE GUARANTEE RESULTS: If you do not feel healing shifts within the first month, please contact us and we will look into your energy system to figure out what may be blocking the receipt and integration of these energies. We are very confident in our ability to facilitate great change, but should you be dissatisfied, we will then undo all the activations and give you a full refund. We are very committed to cultivating a delighted clientele!


We recommend that you do not delay in signing up if you are considering this program, as we anticipate many participants and space is limited.

Please forward the email to friends and colleagues who may benefit from the program! We offer a $50 off referral fee (to a maximum of $100 off). Email us to receive the discount.

Make sure you sign up to the Inner Mastery Tools email list in order to be kept up to date on upcoming programs! You may do so from the box on the upper right hand corner of the Home page.