12 Ordinary Meridian Clearing Info Page

Almine (www.spiritualjourneys.com) has expressed that the master uses the knowledge of the planetary influences to strengthen his or her manifestation skills. The known and hidden planetary systems represent the cosmic equivalent of the proactive and receptive qualities of the meridian system in our bodies. AT 264 emo & 24 chakrasThrough activating their qualities we get alchemical leveraging, and can achieve androgynous expression in the meridian system. This in turn causes the opening of the 24 chakras of sexual magic.

And so we also activate the Tones of Purity and Tones of Clarity for the each of the meridians. Purity is that which originates from beyond the matrix of separation and duality. It creates a song in the meridians that directly supports the 24 inner chakras to open (this is explored in a separate product).

The Lemurian angels state that the 144 Tones of Purity (feminine) open up 144 cardinal acupuncture points in the etheric body (also referred to as the gates of abundance), which then sing parts of the Song of Self, much like an orchestra interacts with the soloist that comprises the 24 chakras.   When we also begin to sing the 144 Tones of Clarity (masculine), which extract the essence from the experience of separation into a ‘knowingness’, we then merge purity (innocence) with clarity, and both the 24 inner and 24 outer chakras enter into a fluid alchemy with one another. This chakra system is important in order to operate from the new energy source that is based on alchemical leveraging.

In the matrix of duality, the only choice we had was to make the matrix larger and keep negotiating with it. At this stage, the matrix  is no longer viable, as its energy source has dried up–“the womb has become a tomb”. The new reality is one beyond all emotions that will reveal itself to us increasingly as -we still the mind, become self-fulfilled, self-determined and free of enmeshment in relationship, and follow inspiration.

With a cleared meridian system, you live free of anxiety, in a powerful field of hope that creates a life of graceful unfoldment.



Wheel on this page received by Almine (LLC Spiritual Journeys). Lemurian angel messages appear in the course on Almine’s store at www.spiritualjourneys.com


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