12-week LIVE DNA Activation Support Program with Elyse Hope Kiloran

Exciting new developments!

Many have found my work esoteric and at times challenging to take in. I have added audio to address this, one-on-one session days to go deeper with you, and am now adding live workshops and wonderful collaborations! The next phase of this work is focused on EMBODIMENT. So much is in the works, and all is geared toward practical high frequency/light embodiment for radical transfiguration.

To this end, I am thrilled to announce a collaboration and introduce Elyse Killoran to you!

Elyse picElyse Killoran, who has been training as IMT-EHS practitioner and doing work with me, is going to lead her group through the DNA clearing and activation program in mid-September. While I deliver the remote healing and they work through the audio program, she will conduct teleseminar calls to support each of the sessions, and will support a lively interactive discussion in a closed FB forum, where there will also be weekly contemplations.

Elyse has a wonderful way of bridging my teachings so that they are more understandable in very concrete ways. She can help with ‘living’ what the DNA program teaches and seeds as templates.

Elyse had been on a spiritual journey when, in 1999, all aspects of her practical life (marriage, money, work and family) all collapsed at once. Surprisingly, Elyse had a very unusual reaction to her life “falling apart.” Instead of going into fear and despair, Elyse found herself popping out of her “deprivation” mindset and feeling free of beliefs in separation, lack and limitation.

The months following her “breakdown/ breakthrough” were replete with so many tangible miracles that people in her life began asking her to teach them the secrets to her remarkableturn-around. So Elyse began offering classes on the theme of “Choosing Prosperity” which became very popular and she attracted over 40,000 people to play her online “Choosing Prosperity Game.”

In 2011 Elyse stepped out of the public eye and went “offline” with her business.
The truth of her experience was that, although she had created a significant business and following, despite her best intentions and true devotion she was not successful in supporting clients to reach the level of freedom and spaciousness that she herself was experiencing.
When Elyse discovered the Inner Mastery Tools in 2013 she knew she had found the tools she was looking for that would finally enable her clients to “recalibrate” their physical, mental and emotional systems so that they may truly embody the emanation that is at the heart of creating a “prosperous” life…from the inside out.

Elyse led her first program where she acted as a bridge to Anita’s work in the spring of 2013. Participants in that program described it this way:

“Amazing, life changing, peace-giving, centering. It gave ME to ME.”

“It’s an outstanding program you really need to experience.”

“This program will take you to an entirely new level of insight and expansion.”

“I loved Anita’s and your audios and the entrainments and the PDF’s and the sessions with you Elyse. I think you bring down to earth and to practical life, what Anita is speaking about. When you express it, it makes it clear to me and the combination of both of you works very well.”

“Grateful, incredibly blessed to have received this. Beyond beyond. Over the moon.”

And this group is very excited about doing the same “bridging” with the DNA:

“The program sounds fantastic and just what I would love. It feels like the natural next step and also like a real evolutionary upgrade of our systems…I’m all for more light and ascension. Bring it on.”

“Elyse, you hold a unique perspective that has provided me with such easy access to my inner knowing, growth and grace…YES I want to move forward with you on this next adventure, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

I encourage all to join, as this will give you the opportunity to redo the activations in a structured manner, where you will have the company of others to share experiences with.


Program Format

The program will be offered as daily 10-min audios that will help you to understand the power and magnitude of what you are opening to with the DNA activations. The audios will consist of talks, short meditations, contemplations, exercises, and so on, as Elyse feels inspired and based on feedback from the group.

There may be a live Q&A during this time, or other live calls that support the word. Details will be posted as things are firmed up.

All materials will be recorded and made available to you for download.


One Time Opportunity

This live event will most likely not be repeated again, as there is so much new material that we will be bringing out in the next 12 months that there is little possibility to repeat anything at this time. If you are interested, now is the time to jump in, as the DNA program is foundational to all other programs. You will absorb all other material and activations far more easily with the DNA templates activating new understandings and faculties in you. To go back to the program page where you can sign up, click here.


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