Want to start with Stuart weitzman 5050, now very entangled with a size of the problem...
36 domestic I usually buy shoes at ordinary times, sports shoes sneakers I would buy 37 (36 can also wear, but 37 loose wear comfortable).
Internet down like a 5050 sizes of SW slants big, and shoes are wide and narrow, medium, and wide...
I buy in with US 5.5 (36 yards), 5 (35.5 yards) or US, there is any difference boots tube, wide shoes big difference?
For experienced JMS help myself ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Stuart Weitzman. "5050
The low heel knee-high boots, sw's home is classic, the choice of countless stars.
This one is also foreign websites discount to buy shoes, the price is very good, 2850 yuan, this is said to be a perennial don't discount classic, this year will have the discount, feel a little when the meaning of the economic crisis, shin kong heaven and earth to sell more than 7900, celebrate their discount is 7200, then 700 volumes, is not cheap in shoes, feeling foreign generation buy discount the value of the more expensive
Girl buy discount good dongdong, shopping Stuart Weitzman happy feeling can double, of course, I also often buy more expensive than others, also will be a little depressed, but you don't tangle in there, don't let the bad mood expansion
I think the reason so many people love, good-looking, good collocation, wearing comfortable, set with a suit is the characteristic of her, shoes itself is very light, with lower, in front of the whole sheepskin, followed by elasticStuart Weitzman 5050 shoes? Like many sisters wear the shoes
Show feet feel the shoes are very thin, whether that is the reason we all like the boot, how about the quality?
Core clew: New York in the fall of 2013, accompanied by the United States a line of top shoe brands Stuart Weitzman, entering the 20th anniversary of the classic 5050 boots brand fashion milestone.
Alibaba for you to find the article 14 pepper Stuart Weitzman potts Stuart weitzman 5050 product detail parameters, real-time quotes, prices, high quality wholesale/supply information. You can also find pepper potts Stuart Weitzman 5050 knee-high boots boots, choking hot pepper mouth... Stuart Weitzman boots since 5050 by the European and American actress street snap in red, the momentum will never fade, sell like hot cakes this year, as usual, was welcomed by consumers. nylon, wearing comfortable, walk not tired, is a combination of beautiful and comfortable.
Also in box, beautiful shoes, let received shoes mood more happy ~ ~ ~
Has just launched a $5050 short Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots tube, the sisters feel about? I have never been through SW shoes, 5050 every discount not small size of the classmate, good sad ~ ~ ~ want to take this charge. Excuse me bought 5050 sisters Stuart Weitzman shoes size is accurate? The appearance of the site says this, partial much,. Want to Stuart Weitzman 5050 ask next experienced MM, I usually wear a size 5.5 or 6, should choose 5 or 6? (no 5.5 this choice) and you like light leather or suede?