New York in the fall of 2013, accompanied by the Stuart weitzman sale United States a line of top shoe brands Stuart Weitzman, entering the 20th anniversary of the classic 5050 boots brand fashion milestone. Exclusive Hollywood superstar classical collocation, the legendary knee-high boots has become one of the necessary collection of global frenzy fashionistas, 2012 autumn/winter season reached millions more sales.

Soaring high popularity and stable fashion status from the unique stylish design, half 5050 name from calf leather fusion partner of elastic fiber of craftsmanship. Series 5050 boots suede, leopard, crocodile grain Stuart weitzman boots 5050 black leather and small nail decoration. Extreme fashion and perfect functions, is the most popular series of knee-high boots, elegant and foil a woman long shapely legs, due to the absence of any defect of heel combining technology.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the Stuart weitzman 5050 series of boots will launch black patent leather, navy suede, shallow gray suede and black suede, etc., as usual the original classic design, can choose to cooperate with different foot type extension of the scope of more than three kinds of width and size.

Hollywood stars in real life, often in the streets of New York, Los Angeles, is captured by the paparazzi and airports around the world wear 5050 photos, from the present at the international film festival, film spider-man shooting scene, the red carpet, or a concert hall, etc., can reflect the functional design of 5050 boots of comprehensiveness and suit to attend to any occasion, 2013 autumn/winter fashion, STUART WEITZMAN invitation you experience the superstar 5050 boots style together.
A delicate leather boots can help you through a boring qiu dong, create a style of fashion and personality. Cixin Stuart Weitzman star 5050 knee-high boots, joining together the elastic fabrics increase wearing comfort, perfect fit and leg ministry line, on the vision more slender, suitable for any shape legs.
Positive skin splicing elastic fabric on the back
Tube high knee
Low with design
Rubber soles
The Spanish manufacturing
Stuart Weitzman has said that he designed Stuart weitzman sale shoes have only one purpose, that is to make women happy. In 1986, he successfully fulfilled his promise has launched the first product line. Stuart Weitzman design by noble elegant evening to comfortable and practical everyday shoe style, and by the Spanish el shoe at cinese craftsmen dedicated his life to complete the craft, the tireless pursuit of the details, let make each pair of shoes to shine.

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