Remote Healing Program Testimonials from Participants

21-Day Accelerated Clearing and Awakening to Your God Self RHS Program

I really enjoyed the 21 day program, and have noticed a huge shift in myself…I want to thank you both for doing such great work to elevate others. J.F. – Halifax, Nova Scotia

* * *

I am singing a lot more these days, and the intensity in my desire to sing, to bless, and heal seems to have accelerated. ..Thank you for all of this. Sue King

* * *

I would say the first few days I felt more peace, this would be the only way to describe the shift… I love the material and understand all of it completely…I am enjoying the whole process, I am re- connecting deeply again to my spirituality. J,G. Moncton, NB

* * *

A random memory came through that normally I would feel guilt and beat myself up about, but last night it was different. The thought came in, I looked at it and thought “that was something I did, not who I am” and it melted away! I could actually feel it leave my body. I felt peace and joy and wonder! I could feel my spirit so strong. It was one of the most wonderful feelings… it was truly …. freeing and uplifting would be how it felt. April Dares, NS

* * *

Think of your best journey ever and then think of Anita’s adventurous journey to Oneness, Love and God! – – She tops the best ever journey by “light-years”!

Susanne R., Hamburg, Germany

* * *

Iam no longer afraid to speak my truth, protect my health… So, from my personal perspective from the first eight days I have FELT things, my hearing in my heart intelligence has improved, and my third eye is “seeing miracles in things I took for granted – which is opening me to miracle healing and transformation”.

Ardeth Holmes

* * *

I feel like I have healed lifetimes since the 21 day remote healing commenced. Really, I am feeling the shifts very strongly, even stronger than during the 21 day sessions. Lorraine S

* * *

I feel grounded in me more than I ever have felt. My focus is not so external….it has shifted to be more internal. I have a quietness in me, a calmness that has not been there. It feels wonderful. And, feel that I am on a path of learning and discovery that not only can’t be stopped……I don’t want it to stop.

Lynne Smith, Dartmouth, NS

* * *

The amount of peace I feel is unbelievable! I not experiencing extremes in my moods. I’m less irritated by others as well and find myself more settled within myself. SI think I’ve developed an “enlightened addiction”…I was so happy all day long – not stressed, not rushed, and speaking my mind expressing my wishes. I feel more authentic. I’m filled with energy. Fantastic…The clearing of sugar and cravings is working very well…Being able to express my needs without fear of rejection is a blessing.

Linda Morehouse, NB

* * *

I feel very fortunate to have participated in the 21-day remote healing program. From the very first day, I felt strongly that a weight had been lifted from me. Throughout the program there were numerous coincidences that had me smiling. Something would come up in the course of the day and a day or so later, it would show up in your emails. (The pearl, a pyramid, a ring…) I feel more at peace now and I am learning to accept and to “Let it be.” I also noticed that the eczema on my hands has cleared up which is unusual for this time of year, with the cold and dryness. Thank you Anita and Greg. Your work is beautiful.

Carmen, Ontario

* * *

Another Thank You is definitely in order for all of the work you have so patiently and lovingly done with and for us. It all feels so RIGHT ON and I am truly amazed at how appropriate it all has been and how it has all been answers to prayers to my Higher Self / God/ angels and Guides/ Body elemental to help me with moving through to get me to the next level where I could actually FEEL like a loving, caring being.

It is so wonderful how all of the things I have prayed for and asked Spirit for assistance with is truly being addresses in these sessions and more that I felt was there but could never quite put a name to… I actually behaved like a normal person. This is happening for the first time in about 14 years!!!!! and tons of clearings, energy work, classes, programs, violet flaming, tapping, affirming, picture looking and tone of attunements, counseling, etc. It truly is a Blessed Christ-mas present.

Gayle in Maryland

* * *

But have to let you know that changes have been happening all along and big shifts are being enjoyed. This is beautiful – I am in awe of this – and you have my deepest gratitude.

MEB, New Brunswick

* * *

Wow….things have been changing quite fast. Each time i woke up, i felt a little different !!!! hour by hour it was changing…wow

Alicia Baillie, Australia

* * *

They [daily emails of sessions] lift me up so much. I feel they are like music to the soul… My life is transforming before my eyes!

Jane Perkins Love, NB

* * *

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I have been feeling much more centered recently and far less phobic. Most of all I have not been fogging out and fragmenting in my brain, which would occur when I endured too much stress or panic attacks. Most importantly, this is the busiest time of the year for me….

Terry Downey, Auckland, New Zealand

* * *

Again I’m so thrilled and joyful, to have been part of our wonderful spiritual group. It’s like Joy has taken hold of me and I have wanted this my whole life. Thank – you for being an instrument in my receiving such a powerful, blessed program. Words are hardly necessary. Rita Steele

* * *

I feel so much more aware of myself, seeing everything and everyone in my life as significant for me that I created it, so that I may shift that much faster. I no longer take things personally. To be aware of creating my life and stay in God’s reality is so much easier after the program. Theresa Higgins

* * *

Regardless of what I feel, I read your email and there you are, explaining …. Like you knew. And so you did. Paulette Armitage

* * *

I can hardly express my gratitude for this wonderful experience! The shifts are continuing as I use the ACLB daily. I feel far more peace and joy than I have ever felt before! Thank you, Grace L, USA

* * *

I incorporate the AET and the All Codes Light Beam (from the Remote Healing Session Program) into my daily life. I realize that ultimate responsibility for my wellbeing lies with me and my willingness to receive, and that is an ongoing process. I am so grateful to have these invaluable etheric tools to support me on my life path and healing journey.

Thank you for your compassion, your support and invaluable insights and for these wonderful tools.

God bless you all, Terence Downey Auckland New Zealand

* * *

I am feeling great. Thank you so much. I am amazed at my feeling of confidence and the depth of my conviction as a healer. I know that the 21-day program in December has had an amazing effect and it feels like I am a new person. I feel so calm and so sure of my life and my purpose. I have never felt this free in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Carole MacLean, Moncton, NB

* * *

RHS on Healing and Igniting Relationships

Dear Anita,

I wanted to thank you for the work you have done today for the group, I am becoming more and more detached from my emotions I am feeling more and more a natural inclination to be spontaneously devotional to go with in and just love God more and more in the moments of my life…I feel an abiding feeling of being free and an intuition of Something much greater than my-self …a whole new way of being beyond the body-mind experience of simply living in this world of appearances without any intimations of the Truth.

I love God more and more and I feel myself going deeper and deeper into life in to the pure sensation and then beyond this body and into something fathomless formless and yet so so Real.

In love and Gratitude Susan S, NZ

* * *

I am loving this program. Yesterday I felt peace and a huge love in my body. In my meditation group we read out loud the activation statements that were given and I felt the power of each one vibrating in my body. (Awesome!!)

Peace, Therese, NB

* * * * *

Hi Anita

Congratulations on your exciting achievements today and yesterday.

Thank you so much for taking the effort to write your informative summaries after a long day of work. Bless you.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Day 2 letter this evening. Your truths resonated quite strongly with me.

Today I noticed immense and huge relief early in the day, followed by an amazing relaxation. It was as if someone popped the false bubble all around me, and I was left to breathe easy for the first time.

I felt that I could start over and become comfortable in my own skin. In short, I feel that I was much more true to myself.

Thank you Anita and your team.

Best regards, David Howe, Alberta

* * * * *

I wanted to let you know that today for the first time ever I was able to address my daughters doubt and fear of the future with presence I was speaking from a deeper place than I normally would and although it felt strange speaking in a new way I wouldn’t normally do, it felt somewhat liberating and there was a new level of communication that I had never experienced with my daughter before.

In love and gratitude Susan NZ

* * *

Thank you Anita, Greg, Bill, the angels and AM’s for doing this. It has been awesome and it isn’t even half over yet! Within an hour of signing up, I was feeling energy. When I’m sleeping, I’m even feeling a lot of great energy shifts. I feel like I’m able to deal with life much better and my clients are reporting even deeper healings. More present in my body. I sincerely hope that you continue to do these group series. I vote for doing one on enlightenment. Soon I hope.

Thanks also for being sooo good about typing up the “daily report”. That is time consuming but it is a great tool to have too.

Blessings, B.P. USA

* * * * *

I actually woke up feeling joyful today!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much another prayer answered!!!!! love gayle, USA

* * * * *

The information and knowledge you provide is superb for me.

I am realizing more and more how knotted up I became over some time. All I can say now is that it brings me to tears, good tears. I am overwhelmed, in a good necessary way. Time for me to reconnect and move out of my zombie state.

Thank you, to all of you, for your love and devotion, Jackie

* * * * *

Dear Anita,

I just wanted to briefly tell you that today on a couple of occasions I felt complete oneness with the power of nature or the natural world I felt no separation whatsoever, I felt the beauty and the vitality and the brightness of the natural world as and with the cat today I felt as though I could reach right in I felt in total harmony and undifferentiated.

I experienced my Being as endlessly deep completely Peaceful and part of the life force of the natural world. Susan,

* * *

Dearest Anita

I am thoroughly enjoying your course. I find the integration most exhilarating to understand the bigger picture and especially daily practice of the visualizations. (a side note- when going to sleep I find the 3rd eye to be breathing again and as I fall off to sleep, the epicentre of the 3rd eye seems to shift up and down as I physically breathe)

I now welcome any daily event with enthusiasm to transform the stored energies into new pathways of success. I do so much enjoy the discussions of Consciousness, I always have, and now realize how rich it is, and find it to be growing.

Many many thanks for the clarity of your writing, you’re today’s Shakespeare.

And again thanks to Greg and Bill for your perseverance on this challenging course.

Bless you all in everyway.

D.H. Edmonton, Alberta

* * *

Just a note of thanks to you both. I have had some repeating thoughts around my first husband and these came to me in clarity today. Wonderful lessons and forgiveness followed.

My biggest discovery is that even though I felt I had forgiven that situation and moved on, there were things down deep that presented themselves from a different perspective. I had not thought that I held back choice in the situation. I had waited to make a decision, based on his actions, never bringing up my thoughts and feelings in a discussion, and therefore, took away his right to a decision to change or even talk about it. So feeling that he was the one to ‘control’, actually I had control that was not utilized in the best way. This also has proven to be the same in another situation. The remnants of that emotional break-up has always been in me. Now I have such a better understanding and realize that I needed to go through that to learn and grow. The one I needed to really forgive, was myself.

Thank you for that wonderful lesson.

L.Smith, Nova Scotia

* * *

There just are not enough words to express the fantastic awesomeness of the work you all have done here and the deep gratitude i feel for your service. I am so blessed to have been guided to find you!! THANK YOU AGAIN GAYLE

* * *

Today was explosive and fabulous. Felt like I belonged and was a woman in a way I never have. It was thrilling and exuberant and all that and more.

Priceless gift. Thank you. Dana

* * *

Dear Greg and Anita.

I must say things have been getting better “energy” wise in my life after doing regular meditation and quit smoking. It feels like the love vibration can run through me more freely now. Starting to just feel that little bit power that actually have been buried in fear and self loathing for some time.

I have started to realize how it all came to be, the pain, the suffering and mind chatter. And most importantly, how to release it. One sentence made a great impression when it came to me, “The pain you carry, is the love you withhold”…that sentence gave me such an ah ha moment. That love actually is everything, and if I don’t accept and let love flow its natural course onto anything and everything, I hold onto it for a while through my free will, and that opens a space that is perceived as pain, an illusion of reality until the light and love is released and can flow freely again.

I don’t experience the same degree of pain and mind chatter anymore. And I feel your program has helped me more than I have realized. It’s helping me help myself. And stop smoking is a must. I have come to believe that the chemicals in cigarettes are designed for your body to tune in on low vibrations. Spiritual growth gets that much harder with smoke addiction.

Thought I would give you an update on how I was doing and send words of gratitude to you both.

Thanks again Greg and Anita! Bless you both! Bjørnar, Finland

* * *

Thanks Anita,

I am feeling much better! Working through the program again at my own pace. I feel much better and have a better sense of balance and harmony. I also think my intuition has cleared up some more. Expect much more progress so keep you posted! Again thanks very much,

kindest regards, Renee from Holland

* * *

Hi Greg and Anita,

I have been thinking about writing to you for some time now.

I want to tell you my impressions from the relationship workshop.

I felt almost immediately a lifting of my spirit.

I looked forward to the daily e-mails and took the time to practice the affirmations and request the various activations as suggested.

As I have said to you the “theory” is similar to my own beliefs so while my rational mind

I am really glad I took this program.

The RHS was helpful for working on less-than-love relationships at the office. Some tension I was experiencing lifted immediately.

Life is going quite well for me. I am experiencing more joy and I am living the dream…co-creating. Thank you both for your time, energy, love and light! Joann D.

I want to thank you very much for all the work you’ve done. The experience was (and still is) incredible. Also the images and the soundtrack; I find them really amazing and use them regularly.

Please keep up the good work. Blessings, Sergej Steblovnik

* * *

Since I began with the first RHS series in December, I feel so much better about myself and the world. I find the courses really invaluable and I have so much more perspective and inner peace than before. J.F. Nova Scotia

* * *

I have had some amazing shifts going back over the two Remote Healing programs I took and now using the AET). At times I see images and sometimes I have these when I am working with clients. My last client, I had a strong sense of tightness in my chest, and relayed that to him. It was like a sheet of metal with all his emotions knotted inside. It turned out to be right on. I have been told by a reiki master and healer that my vibration has changed, my voice pitch has dropped and I am a lot calmer, and more grounded. I have had incredible new understandings and have wept with gratitude and forgiveness, and have had a profound Holy experience . My life has changed in a wonderful ways and I know will continue to change as I work with the IMT tools. L.R.S. Nova Scotia


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