About Anita

Anita Lucia, DCEd, MSc, DAc, MIMT– spiritual counselor, teacher, and creator of the Inner Mastery Tools, Anita is passionate about supporting clients to liberation from a programmed existence into a life of boundlesness.

A long time student of the occult with a background in esoteric studies of anthroposophy and training in many healing modalities, including Rapid Eye Therapy, Biological Decoding (German New Medicine),  Acupuncture, and many popular energy healing modalities, Anita had been on a tireless search for faster and more effective healing methods. In her earnest quest over years, she learned a way to develop her own etheric Tools in partnership with angelic beings.

Through intense planetary and cosmic exploration (2009-2012), she learned more and more about the travesties to mind and body, and has been dedicated to finding solutions .  In 2012, many things changed, and she abandoned much of what she had been doing, seeing it as very limited in depth of effect. After months of very intense inner work, she had new clarity on what was needed, and dedicated herself to attaining to inner mastery of thought and emotions as a means to transcend these influences.  She then came across the work of the great mystic Almine in 2013,  and she stopped searching elsewhere and has steeped in Almine’s teachings ever since.

In 2014, Anita was initiated by Almine as placeholder of the Runes of the Infinite Mother for Canada, and is Grand Master of the Runes and Grand Master of Belvaspata. Her main work now is doing teaching/training programs to bring the esoteric teachings to practical application. She teaches healing practitioners as well as those who feel the call to a life beyond the dream of separation.  Many in her programs experience profound awakening.

She also is founder of the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy–a website devoted to a supportive modality received by Almine, to clear the meridians of past stories and stuck emotions through Egyptian oils. This modality is boundless in its power, and has been revealed to be the highest alchemical healing to-date.

Current training programs include: True Self Alchemy, Rune Mastery and Grand Mastery Intensives, The Bird Clock of Infinite Intent. She plans to offer a program on Manifestation through the 8 sub-personalities and Perpetual Regeneration in 2017.

Other Initiatives:

Co-developer of the amazing and powerful Rune Mastery App. Explore its power by visiting the Runes Website, and you can sign up for the Free Rune Mastery App.

She is part of the new initiative Engaging Hope, with colleague Elyse Killoran, which is a FB group offering daily inspiration and tools and to shed old belief systems accumulated in the old reality under the laws of karma and compensation.

Partnering  with mystic Ciara Young, a new initiative offers monthly membership to a blog and podcast of the cutting edge journey as catalysts of change for a new reality. Sign up now so you don’t miss this great new offering!  Living A Love Affair with Life

Email anita.lucia.briggs@gmail.com for more details.

To read about the great mystic Almine, follow this link.


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