TLC Free Product: Access Deeper Brainwave States Like a Master in 20 mins/day ~ For Profound Healing and Awakening

Welcome TLC members! I am excited to be part of co-creating a resource and support community for those seeking to move into the new paradigm and explore what is possible in building on-line community and networking!

I am a spiritual healer, psychotherapist, student and teacher of the occult, and founder of the Inner Mastery Tools for accelerated healing. I teach healing practitioners how to get their practices to a next level of effectiveness. As well, I am offering many self-study and live programs to align to the higher order reality that is now possible and enter into radical new being–free of old limitation.

Brainwave Entrainment Program for Healing, Regeneration, and Accessing Deeper Mind

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This program was developed for the TLC community, as introduction to my work, and will be helpful no matter where you are on your journey of healing and awakening.

Learn about the power of accessing alpha, theta, and delta brainwave states and download entrainment audios that will help you to reach those states quickly, in about 20 mins. Our brainwave patterns are an incredible healing and awakening technology that is barely tapped into by most people! Practice daily and master the mind for profound healing and awakening to inner genius.


  • Alpha is the ideal state to reprogram at the emotional body level (affirmations, EFT-type of work).
  • Theta is the level to change habit, character, release trauma, regenerate the cells, and impact on the unfoldment of life and possibilities.
  • In awake Delta we access the mind of the Infinite and bring forth genius, allow miracle healing and transformation.

The program describes the effects of cultivating each more consciously on healing, emotional equanimity, mental acuity and clarity, and deeper intuition, and provides you with state-of-the-art technology based on rhythms that uphold the golden mean ratio which holds the creative impulse of the universe and upon which our bodies are created.

With a practice from 16-25 minutes of meditation per day, you will be able to reach deep meditative states that will reorder your being and your life. (Value and cost to non-members $50) Please note that for best effect, use a good pair of earphones.

 I hope you enjoy them!

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Program Manual (Right-click to download)


Audio Meditations

(Right-click to download; left-click to play.)

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1. Alpha Healing Bliss  (16:46)

2. Entrainment to Theta (20:00)

3. Outer Space to Delta (25:02)

For quick entrainment into a deep meditative state when you just don’t have much time, here is a track that is under 7 minutes! Once you do the daily routine, you will be a pro and able to tap into deep states in no time.

4. Deep & Quick Entrainment Track  6:48 minutes!



These are the three audio entrainment tracks for deep meditation WITHOUT the guided imagery to activate the center of Intelligence corresponding to each brainwave state. You may wish to plunge into depth right away after awhile, without my guidance.


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