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Are YOU Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

The Affirmation Enhancer Tool is a very powerful Tool of transformation, healing, manifestation and awakening that will support you as a healing practitioner, no matter what modality you practice. You can use the AET to great effect no matter what your current healing modality. It is suitable for the naturopath, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, reiki practitioner, counsellor, psychotherapist, life coach, NAET practitioner, energy psychologist, EFT practitioner, motivational speaker, etc. There is not a healing practice for which the AET would not provide effective support and help your clients to make the shifts they desire!

Lately I incorporated AET in my healing practice as it is a great tool to work on the consciousness and supports all the work I do. The practitioner manual was great to get an idea how to work with the AET with clients. I work best following my intuition without holding too much to a structural procedure and the AET is easily incorporated. It’s really wondrous to see how changes happen immediately.

Although the AET is called affirmation enhancer I perceive it more as a gateway to all what is needed. The affirmation in AET is really only a starting point and gives the client something to hold on 🙂 I had some very interesting sessions with clients where I used channelled information, and sometimes the clients are barely able to speak the affirmation I get. Then we work on the resistance. It’s just a wonderful Tool to expand consciousness 🙂

And most people are very open to using affirmations 🙂 Sometimes I also use it while playing sounds in a magnetic resonance way as described by Rama. I have used the AET for clients giving them an encoded affirmation to embrace the whole session and energies of a session. The feedback from my clients has been great.

Lorenz Keller, Healing Practitioner, Switzerland

While the Tool was formulated and coded to implement specific functions, the Tool has the unlimited and infinite capability to support these functions in a person. As with all the Inner Mastery Tools, the Angelic Councils are continually enhancing the coding and activations, and the Tool has grown in complexity and beauty as a living etheric ‘fractal’ of light. The Angelic Councils utilize these Inner Mastery Tools to assist humanity in many ways which far exceed the specific intentions we set out to meet with each Tool and they are constantly being tweaked and upgraded as we learn more about their exciting capabilities. So while the Affirmation Enhancer Tool manual describes the functionality of the Tool, it really is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and far greater things are being executed that we do not yet know about.

As a healing practitioner using the AET, you are in effect aligning your work with the goals of the Angelic Councils and are entering into partnership with them. While they work with individuals, their goals encompass humanity as a whole.

What I have noticed from using the Inner Mastery Tools in practice is that every healing intention, which I set at the beginning of a session, is satisfied by the end of the session, even if I did not focus on each and every intention in a deliberate manner.  I have come to the understanding that these Tools are living intelligent consciousness, drawing from infinite power to support healing and clearing at very deep levels so long as all that we ask for is aligned to our highest good.  And while I still marvel at the speed of healing and transformation, it does not surprise me anymore.  I have come to expect miracles in my healing practice.

The AET becomes your personal gateway to infinite power and wisdom to draw upon as a resource for your healing work.

Practitioner Version of the AET

You get:

v      Powerful support tools for your clients

v      Additional commands for greater flexibility and functionality

v      Access to additional Inner Mastery Tools

v      Additional functionality to empower sets of affirmations

v      Powerful activations and clearings for you as a practitioner

v      80-page manual of instructions and ideas for use with clients

The practitioner version of the AET temporarily attunes your clients to the Tool, with you acting as bridge for this attunement, enabling you to direct all the clearing, rescripting, and healing activation and codes of the Tool on clients.  However, the process is not linear as the AET flows spiritual energy.  Spirit is very efficient and will effectuate the greatest possible change. So while the AET is operating on your client, the energies will also operate on you if they are relevant to your being and for your highest good. And so you will be evolving your being each time you work with another with the AET.

In addition, all the work done is session can be captured via trigger-affirmations as well as within a vibrationally encoded master image, so that a client can deepen the integration and accelerate the shifts between sessions. Your clients can re-activate and further what was done in the session with you via these trigger statements and the master image, without needing to purchase the Tool.  Through this powerful capability, you will find that your work with clients accelerates, as a client will return with the issue or condition largely resolved or new behaviors and beliefs firmly in place, thus making the therapeutic process more effective and fulfilling for both you and your client.

You will spend far less time revisiting issues and clients will tell you how noticeably different they feel!  You will be surprised at the added effectiveness from this phenomenal Tool!

The AET practitioner version has additional commands available to you, over and above the command-set of the AET. With the practitioner version, you can isolate each of the body coding steps of the basic creation cycle of the AET. And at times where you really don’t have the answers on how to help your client, you can use an incredible feature that allows you to tap into the infinite power of the AET to produce magnetic resonance healing patterns for your clients based on your intentions, which can then be encoded into simple affirmations. This feature can be used to augment any set of healing affirmations, for greatly accelerated healing, over and above the power already coded into the Tool.

In addition to this, you have access to commands from the Divine Essences Wash Tool, and the Creational Energies and Excitement Amplifier Tool. Both these Tools operate within the AET so your clients can benefit from these two tools in addition to the AET.

The practitioner version of the AET also comes with support for you as a practitioner. There is a vibrationally encoded image specifically created to support you with clearing and alignment to becoming a purer channel of healing energies before a session, and an audio of many transmissions to help you to deeply align with all the intentions coded into the AET, and accelerate your evolution as a healing practitioner.

What to expect:

v      Your effectiveness as a practitioner increases noticeably

v      Power and effect of your healing techniques are optimized

v      Ability to help a larger clientele, and at much deeper levels

v      Accelerated transformation in clients toward freedom from limitation

v      Reduced frequency of sessions needed

v      Increased efficiency in your time

v      Accelerated personal evolution as you benefit directly from all the work you do on clients

v      Accelerated evolution as a healing practitioner

v      Greater alignment of your work with your Higher Self and world evolution

The AET Practitioner Upgrade Package

(NOTE: Price for the practitioner upgrade only is $247 (for those who already have the AET).  Price to purchase the full package, including the AET + the Practitioner upgrade is $394. Hitting the ORDER button will present you with these two options.)

What YOU Receive:

AET Practitioner Attunement:

Upon purchase of the AET Practitioner Upgrade, you will automatically receive an upgraded attunement to the Tool, which will allow you to have the Tool work on others through you and give you access to many additional features. This attunement links you etherically with the AET consciousness in a different way than the basic AET attunement did.  The etheric connection is yours for life, and you will automatically receive all upgrades to the practitioner and non-practitioner versions of the Tool via this connection.

Other Material:

  • The Practitioner Manual for the AET: describes how to use the AET with clients, healing by magnetic resonance, the many additional features of the practitioner version of the AET, and provides examples on how to customize and automate use of AET features for various healing practices to support greatest effect from the Tool.
  • A vibrationally encoded Master Image that gets further encoded with all that is done in a session for your client to use between sessions to further and deepen the AET healing work.
  • An audio, Advanced Perspectives on the AET and Acceleration of AET Codes, providing deeper insights into the AET to better understand and utilize the power of the Tool, as well as activations for accelerated integration of all the AET codes, and activations for the energy and higher level bodies to support evolution and greater alignment with the Higher Self. (1 hour 20 minutes).

We are SO SURE about the great value of our product and the impact it will have on your life, that if at any time you change your mind about it, you can ask for a full refund within the first sixty days of purchase. Simply email us at with “Refund” in the subject line and they will refund the Purchase and this action will automatically deactivate the  Affirmation Enhancer Tool from working.

Support for All Healing Modalities

The AET Practitioner Manual gives several examples of how to use the Tool in almost any healing practice; as well, it gives detailed examples of how to automate activation of certain AET commands within other clearing techniques. Examples from my practice with Rapid Eye Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique are given. Automating Tool activation within your current modality is one way to easily, instantly, and greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of what you do. You can then augment AET use as you please, but automation ensures a strong baseline of functionality that will empower all your current techniques automatically.

In future, we will have available additional short manuals on custom-automating Tool activation for Rapid Eye Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Akashic Field Therapy, as all are modalities that I use in my own healing practice. The ideas in these manuals can be implemented as they are, or modified to better suit your individual approach or preference, and the overall result will be noticeable increases in power and effect of your work.

If you practice Rapid Eye Therapy or EFT currently, and would like some ideas right away, please feel free to send me an email and I will gladly share my techniques informally until the manuals become available.

For AFT practitioners, I am in the process of working with CJ Martes on material to augment the AFT clearing process with AET, in a manner that will provide tremendous support to quickly transform life programs for your clients. You will be hearing news on developments in the near future.

TO Get the Practitioner Version of the AET

(NOTE: Price for the practitioner upgrade only is $247 (for those who already have the AET).  Price to purchase the full package, including the AET + the Practitioner upgrade is $394. Hitting the ORDER button will present you with these two options.)

What YOU Receive:

  • The AET Practitioner Attunement
  • The Practitioner Manual for the AET
  • A vibrationally encoded Master Image to help your clients further and deepen the AET healing work.
  • An audio, Advanced Perspectives on the AET and Acceleration of AET Codes, providing deeper insights into the AET (1 hour 20 minutes).

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to work with the most advanced healing technology available that can be put to effective use immediately. Although the AET performs a wide range of functions within a rich set of commands, you can begin using it with simple affirmations on your clients right away, while you learn more about the Tool and work with the ideas given in the manuals for its use.  And remember, you can use it to augment your healing practice no matter what you do. Your clients will be thrilled with the quick shifts they make that will postively affect all areas of life!


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