AET Testimonials

Severe agoraphobia cleared overnight with the AET

“I want to share with you a dramatic healing I received using the Affirmation Enhancer Tool the day after I purchased it and admit to you I am still trying to convince myself it was just a coincidence. But I know in my heart I experienced a miraculous healing as a result of using the AET. I will try to make a long story short.  I have been on a medical leave from work for almost ten months because of severe depression and anxiety (which I have had for over 20 years). In the past I have experienced mild cases of agoraphobia but for some unknown reason I developed a severe case of agoraphobia along with other irrational fears during this depressive episode. I have only left my home several times in the past six months because of my fear AND I only left the safety of my home when it was absolutely necessary. I cannot put into words how difficult it was to overcome my terror and panic when I was preparing to leave and I did not always succeed.

I found your web sites by accident (but now believe I was led to it) several months ago and was so impressed with your healing modalities and the knowledge I could gain because of the detailed content. I tried to spend time learning from you on a daily basis and sometimes would spend hours on the different web sites. Last Saturday, I finally decided to purchase the AET because I thought MAYBE it could help me with my irrational fears especially the fear of leaving the house. Saturday evening I reviewed some of the materials and used the AET with affirmations for my agoraphobia.
I woke up Sunday morning and no longer had the fear nor did I feel the panic or have the severe anxiety when I impulsively decided I was going to surprise my boyfriend (who had stuck by me with patience for these six months) and meet him and our friends to watch a baseball game. I told no one of my intention because I didn’t know if I would really go. I did not have one moment of panic or fear while getting ready and only felt peaceful and excitement. I will never forget the look of pure happiness and surprise on my boyfriend’s face when I walked in the door. I had struggled every day for six months and spent hours and weeks learning different therapeutic techniques in an attempt to overcome my agoraphobia but NOTHING worked or even came close except an addictive medication (which I decided was not worth taking).

I can hardly believe I was able to overcome my agoraphobia so quickly. My only intention Saturday evening was to spend several hours reading the AET materials and using my agoraphobia as an example while I was trying to learn. Thank you for giving me my life back!!!!”   Ann C, Illinois.
Cravings for alcohol cleared instantly with the AET
“I’m doing sessions with Anita to quit drinking. I just gave it up and Anita gave me a set of trigger-affirmations for the Affirmation Enhancer Tool, to eliminate cravings. It’s been a full two weeks and I haven’t had a craving yet. It’s unbelievable to me! I’ve quit before, but not having cravings changes things quite a bit!  Now when I feel empty or down about my life, I don’t get pulled into obsessing about a drink.  This time around I know it’s for real.” Anonymous, NB.


Gluten allergy cleared in 3 days with 3 affirmations using AET

“My allergy to gluten just cleared by using 3 trigger-affirmations that Anita gave me. I did them twice/day for 14 days. Within about 3 days I was able to eat pizza without the usual bloating, cramps, and tiredness.  I can now eat any gluten product without having any discomfort or energy drain at all!  This tool has accelerated so many things for me, this is just a bonus!”  Theresa Higgins, NB

15-year case of Seasonal Affective Disorder cleared within days of using AET

I used the Affirmation Enhancer Tool to clear SAD (seasonal affective disorder) with a set of affirmations that Anita suggested I use.  I felt the shift in one session with her, and it strengthened with the daily affirmations.  I enjoyed winter last year for the first time in over 15 years of severe depression, and look forward to it this year! SK, NB
“Love the AET. Doing great work with self–family— and clients. Thanks for so much imfo. that is soooo clear and healing. Love the art work from Bill. Refer all my clients. I have a 7 yr. old girl client that puts Bill art work on her refrigerator and does affirmations with her family. ha.ha. Boy is she going to be one powerful healer as she grows up.!!!!!!” Angela Bales

No longer doing it alone—AET amplifies healing exponentially in her clients

I just want to thank you for the AET and all the articles and images etc.  This really integrates everything needed for fulfillment and desired expectation. The one thing I want to stress is that perhaps most Lightworkers and people on a quest for spiritual enlightenment usually feel that they have all that they need inside to get results. That statement is true with everyone  on a certain level, since all answers are inside, but the difference is that most don’t know what lingers within their energetic systems or  various fields that impede their progress. Most advanced beings have a sense that they can do it alone because they sense that somewhere within their awareness or perception there is a resolution or ability or mastery skill to accomplish their desired reality’s, whatever they may be . I match that description and I want to emphasize to all others in the same boat that perhaps surrender to all that is available will amplify and greatly accelerate changes much faster and more completely and accurately through the AET.  I have experienced so many shifts quickly and effortlessly with the AET and it has enhanced everything that I already use mentally, emotionally , physically and spiritually through other techniques as well. What is so unique is that integration with all known abilities and general perceptions about healing are amplified exponentially  for myself and others.  I highly recommend it to all healing practitioners because it is a win-win situation and well worth the expense. Healing is really a universal accomplishment and not something  that is isolated and the AET integrates that to the highest degree.” (Sandra Floyd LMP Reiki Master Intuitive Healer)

Manifested an all expenses paid trip to Machu Picchu getting my healing work out to the world..

“I’ve worked with the Affirmation Enhancer Tool extensively almost daily for at least a month after first receiving it on May 1st. I continue to use the Tool now most every day in my personal life and in my professional healing practice with my clients. The results have been quite wonderful, to say the least. To give you an example of a personal manifestation of mine using the tool, one of my main areas of personal work and intention is “Expansion of my healing practice and getting my work out there much more into the world”. Many of my daily affirmations were focused on this intention, in addition to other intentions around prosperity and abundance, and connecting much more with Spirituality. I had been working with the AE Tool for several weeks when I got a totally unexpected phone call from a client and friend asking me if I would be willing to assist her in leading a healing trip later this year to Machu Picchu. So now I am going to Peru for ten days in October, all expenses paid, and will be doing healing and integration work for the participants. Of course, I see this trip as very pivotal in my own expansion and a direct result of daily work with the Affirmation Enhancer Tool!”   (Richard Ross,


Neediness in manifestation cleared in 3 minutes. Now having fun with creation work!

In just the past week of having the Affirmation Enhancer tool so much has shifted energetically for me. I am having so much fun with this energy. I keep saying “my life is fun” and it is really starting to reflect that. I decided to do some fun affirmations as well. Nothing that comes from ego or need. Just some fun things and it is really working. Also I had a HUGE shift this week in my thinking and feeling about my dream life. Before I kept thinking I wanted everything to be a certain way-the house on my vision board etc. If I did not get those things then I would be a failure and felt that taking something else would be settling for less. I was thinking about it the other day and I decided to do an affirmation “I can be happy no matter what” and about two or three minutes later I felt totally different. I got a message of “what if you get something different?” and I felt totally ok with that. So I still want what I want but I don’t have that needy energy around it. I am so happy that I can’t wait to see what happens next.” (Dawn, FL)

“Your work is wonderful.  I am very impressed.  I studied the AET manual when I went away and I spend time “browsing” it and the Spirituality of Wealth manual almost every day.  I really feel some MAJOR shifts.  I have had some challenges but have moved through them quite quickly.  I use the AET every day, mostly on general affirmations from “The Happy Pocket” like I am wealth, abundance, joy, & health and thin.  I am visualizing the specifics.  I can feel my “deserve level” rising – that the dreams that I have really could possibly come true for me.  I am expressing gratitude much more easily and for things I would not have been grateful for in the past.  Mentally, I am feeling very good, and my husband is encouraging and supportive. Things are definitely changing in me!” J.P.L. NB.
Pain gone on the spot with AET.

The other day I felt I’d pulled my back, decided I was not going to be in pain and used the AET to support that, and it disappeared on the spot! I’d done a lot of clearing with AET around illness and pain in my body and have much less of it, so I guess I was really ready to make new choices.” JPL, NB

“Oh, the Affirmation Enhancer tool is very kool. One thing I feel being wired into more everyday is the creator aspect. The tool allowed me to see my future financial potential at a deeper level and bring forth the tools I needed as well as bring that experience even faster than the time frame I expected. I feel now, it’s any day now. I’m now able to sense energetic shifts like never before within myself and around me. When I mediate, only some times, I can see and feel the swirling of the energy in terms of speed and density. For instance a new affirmation feels extremely different from one I’ve been working with longer.

I’m living more and more from the heart as well. 99% of the time, I feel so peaceful and secure, it doesn’t even feel like I’m on earth at times. Also, as my energy and love-light quotients expanded, I shied away from people who were too low for me to be around, but now since working with the tool, I feel more okay to be around anyone and I have attracted a few of those people back in my life…ironically it sort of lifted my morale and overall acceptance of anyone. So I created affirmations around this as well, for appreciating everyone in my life and loving everyone in every way. These affirmations alone feel very powerful and I feel are helping me evolve even faster because I’m opening myself to everyone no matter who they are.

Things I’ve manifested: I manifested my drivers license – Funny thing, when I took my license, ironically I got the toughest instructor to pass on, but it didn’t bother me and I aced the road test. Next it feels like a ton of money is headed my way, I can feel the Reconstruction of events to be even more heart aligned. The car feels very close as well. I say within a month or two, I will have both! I’m not putting time frames though, they could pop up tomorrow, LOL. Overall, personally I say this is one of the best things you’ve created because anyone can use this tool and not really have to understand much about it at all and won’t psyche themselves out and end up creating things other than what they intend. I love all your work however, so anything you create benefits me,”  Roshawn Hall, Buffalo NY

Difficult relationship with sister transformed in 10 days with the AET. “I now have her respect after over 40 years of scorn.”

“I did several affirmations to heal my relationship with my sister so that I would no longer get triggered into feeling judged and hurt–basically they were about being at peace with my sister and her behaviors towards me, and that she cannot harm or diminish me in any way. I did these for about 10 days before she appeared unexpectedly at my door.  She came in and did all her usual behaviors but it was amazing…I didn’t feel resentful or triggered into anything. Normally I’d feel sick to my stomach and tense; there was nothing of that. I didn’t feel I had to please her, convince her, defend myself or any of the old patterns. She stayed for about an hour and so much happened that would have had me in a depression, and I felt none of the old things. I saw with clarity and detachment, and I felt strong the whole time.  It was the most amazing experience and confirmed to me how the Affirmation Enhancer is so incredible. I can feel respect from my sister now (rather than scorn and judgment), something that was missing for over 40 years. I love doing my affirmations and always feel clearer doing them, but seeing the dramatic changes makes it even more exciting to work on them.”  T.H. NB

Comparing affirmations with and without AET is like comparing a Mazeratti to a VW bug!

“When Anita gave me affirmations to go with an issue I was working on at the time, I could actually feel the power and strength they had!  I added a few of my own to Anita’s list and when I would say them I could actually feel the difference between the generated affirmations she gave me using the Affirmation Enhancer Tool and mine which had not been enhanced.  It felt like the difference between a Mazeratti and a VW bug!  Unbelievable!  So needless to say, now I use the Affirmation Enhancer every time I say affirmations. And I can feel the shifts almost every time I say them in a meditative state! Thanks for this wonderful tool!”  Pat M. St Andrews NB.

Low self-worth and insecurity transformed to confidence and sense of value in 2 weeks with the AET


Gifts of the Spirit reawakened with the AET, after being shut down for over 20 years

“The affirmations I received in a healing session with Anita a few weeks ago have had such a liberating impact. When I say them, I’m aware of internal energy shifts and often feel heaviness lifting from me. The affirmations feel so freeing because they don’t have a mandate to change me, but rather allow me to be myself. The sheer release of saying them has been such a gift. Since doing them, I feel more “in my skin”, less afraid, and definitely less cluttered in my thoughts. I am able to discern and listen to others, rather than feel bombarded and tormented by what they say. I have more confidence and I now believe I am valuable and belong in the world. I feel LIBERATED!  Coincident with using the Affirmation Enhancer Tool, I’ve experienced a renewal of gifts of the Spirit that had been repressed for over 20 years.* This happened in the space of under 3 weeks of using it.  S.K. Quispamsis , NB.

AET changes bad habit of being chronically late and unprepared to always being on time, calm and prepared

“Using the Affirmation Enhancer has changed my thinking and my self-talk within a few weeks. I’ve become more patient and calm. I am happier and less attached to outcome, which is big for me. One of my favourite affirmations is about being in tune with the universe and not the clock – the clock has been my master for many years. Now I find myself not paying so much attention to time and surprise to me we are never late for anything anymore and are prepared without the stress and hassles it used to cause. Thanks Anita for helping me change so much so quickly.” C. Grant
Longstanding block to intimacy cleared in 1 day using the AET

Backache cleared within minutes with the AET

“I used the Affirmation Enhancer Tool on a longstanding intimacy issue and things changed immediately, the first day. Hard to say how, but it was a new feeling of openness and acceptance. A lot of old rigid feelings in my body that I didn’t even know I was carrying seemed to dissipate. My husband has noticed and all our usual tension is like it never was. All this happened within a week… I also used it to change a recurring dull ache in my back that I sometimes wake up with. Within minutes, the pain was gone!” L.A. Saint John, NB.

After years of unhealthy relationships, man of her dreams shows up within 4 weeks of using the AET

“Anita used the AET on me to open up to attracting the man of my dreams, I’ve had only unhealthy relationships and have been alone for many years. Within 4 weeks of this work, the guy showed up! I then had to work on allowing it and trusting that it was for real.  Life feels so different without the drama, hurt, and anxiety over love that I was used to.  I am respected and cherished and it’s feeling more wonderful every day.” Anonymous, NB.

From deep insecurity to self-confidence and respect within days of using the AET

“I’ve been using the Affirmation Enhancer twice a day on a set of affirmations, morning and night. This Affirmation Tool has allowed me to identify and clear my weaknesses easily.  I’m finding new strength in myself I thought I would never be able to harness. I’m gaining a deeper awareness of who I really am. Furthermore, since using it and making changes, I’ve seen many changes in my family too.  Now that I am more confident and self-accepting, my family responds to me differently, with greater respect, and the mood has changed for the better.  Using this tool has really changed my life!”  Shaun C, Sussex NB.
” WOW, I finally understand the process of creation. I thought it was wishful thinking and it felt false to me; but now I really get it!” Marilyn.M., NB.

From being stuck in fear to pursuing her passion of writing children’s stories within a few months of using AET

“The Affirmation Enhancer tool has sped up my healing–ten times faster at least. It’s accelerated the process of clearing and healing so much, to the point that for the first time in my life I feel I’m on my true path and excited about the possibilities open to me. I can’t get enough of it! I was stuck for years, but with the help of the AET to clear my fears, I started writing, have several stories done, and am looking for a publisher now!” Theresa Higgins, NB.

Business growth within 2 days of using the AET

“I have been using the Affirmation Enhancer Tool, for a couple of months and noticed changes within days. I do my affirmations twice daily.  My business started to grow and the people I needed to work for me appeared. There has also been a positive change in my relationships and I don’t seem to be as stressed or anxious.  This has been a valuable tool in shifting my energy and improving the quality of my life.” Wendy Horsler, NB


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