Angelic Healing of the Heart ~ Low Cost Sessions

Below is a list of practitioners that have been training with me and soaking up principles of the new reality and the “new fave of healing”. You may read about how reality has changed by looking at the EHS, DNA, and Fragrance Alchemy pages… To find out about training in this very powerful modality along with the wonderful Fragrance Alchemy, visit the Belvaspata training information page.


All sessions are kept at the low cost of $50, and entail about an hour of remote healing work. You will receive an angel elixir with each one ! These elixirs are priceless as they activate chambers of the DNA directly! You may read about them on the Q & A page for the DNA program. To book the single session, meet the practitioners, below, and contact one directly through the email address provided.

Another option is to purchase a block to 3 sessions, and you will be worked on by 2 or more practitioners at set times for 3 weeks. Sessions will last at least 30 mins each; however practitioners may spend more time as they choose to.  You may purchase this option from this site, by using the button below.  You will receive a bonus package of healing meditations, exercises, and elixirs.

Three sessions of Belvaspata by 2 or more practitioners, plus a bonus package of healing meditations and elixirs, for $175.


Meet Lynne…

lynne s Lynne Gower Smith has been involved in programs with Inner Master Tools since late 2009 and enrolled in the practitioner’s program in 2011. Up until then Lynne had been a Master Certified Life Coach and felt that although she was helping people to release limitations that were holding them back, she was searching for something that could go deeper within and release these patterns and emotions. She was seeing and feeling deeper changes with herself using the EHS, and in 2010 she asked if she could bring the EHS to her clients. When she added the EHS to her programs, the results were amazing….her clients were surprised at the results that were both profound and very quick. In 2011 she enrolled to become a full IMT practitioner and has joined every remote healing session program offered. She has never looked back, and continues to go deeper. With this training Lynne has found the power she wanted for her clients. And the work just gets better and better! Lynne works with individuals and groups and provides workshops, especially for entrepreneurs. In her group work for large gatherings, no one shares what they would like to release, that is kept private even from Lynne. And all come away with significant and profound changes. You can read some of her client testimonials using the IMT-EHS here. Please contact Lynne directly for a healing session at


Meet Olivia…

CinemascopeIn her tireless search for energy healing Olivia found the Inner Mastery Tools in 2009 and began using the EHS immediately. Acute asthma was part of her life from 18 months of age, always carried inhalers, one to prevent, another to stop attacks. In 2009 at age 52, she became asthma free and continues to enjoy that freedom to this day. Imagine being able to jog and do the things she couldn’t as a child because the threat of going to the hospital and being admitted was only too real. Olivia shares that the first time she used the EHS she felt expansion in her lungs like never before. After some days of “no asthma” she realized she didn’t need the inhalers anymore and hasn’t used them since.

Olivia became an IMT Practitioner in 2010. She used the EHS to help family members and friends successfully… in-person and remotely. She has attended mutiple RHS programs given by Anita trough 2010-2012. With her recent training in Belvaspata that she is doing through total immersion, Olivia is experiencing continual and profound quickening of her healing gifts and is so enjoying a life of new miracles with the angels. She is ready to work with clients and is deeply committed to living the new reality of self-sovereignty. Olivia is also an author and screen writer who has great passion for life.To book a session with Olivia, email her at


Meet Elissa…

ElissaHeadshot Through pristine living and total surrender, it is possible to open the gates of the body and allow life to permeate and flow through it. This is Elissa’s earnest belief and area of focus which has lead her to share Belvaspata Healing of the Heart with others. This allows her to express the culmination of 15 years of training and self-study in the expansion of consciousness, principles of pristine living, nutrition, deep tissue cellular cleansing, yoga, breathwork, and meditation. The ascension attitudes of love, praise and gratitude are the grounding principles that Elissa focuses on through all of these areas. As such, Elissa has studied the great modern mystic Almine, with internationally renowned yogini and founder of TriYoga, Kaliji, with Isha Judd, of the Isha System, with yoga teacher trainer and breathwork facilitator Amulya, and now also with Belvaspata Grand Master and spiritual counselor Anita Briggs.

In addition to her yoga and consciousness studies, Elissa embraces a detox diet lifestyle and deep cellular cleansing practices. Having studied in advanced training with top nutritionist and author Natalia Rose, Elissa is excited to bridge her knowledge of deep cellular cleansing with Belvaspata healing, forming a great synergy, as both address many chronic illnesses. Elissa Bella (RYT 500) is a Belvaspata Initiate and certified yoga instructor.

Elissa also works full time in a fast paced corporate environment in the telecommunications industry. In her most beloved role, Elissa is a mother to two young angel children, who bring song and inspiration to her heart, and with whom she resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. You can contact her through or at


Meet Jodie…

photo_2013915 (38)On a path of striving for deeper understanding and conscious capacity to engage multi-sensory perceptions, present since childhood, Jodie has long held as desire of the heart to express and uplift others to fulfilled, self-empowered living.  She has explored several avenues of energetic healing, sense perception development, and optimal physical grounding, vitality and evolution. Her experience is varied, including a life-long practice of intuitive movement, as well as martial arts and yoga practices. Through deep resonance with Anita’s writing in 2006, Jodie kept in touch and became the second IMT Practitioner trainee as the program was being developed through 2009.

Through radical self-transformation through years of practice and esoteric study, Jodie is passionate about supporting others to cultivating their own practices of self-healing, consciousness expansion, and deepening capacities for transformation, through embracing awareness of the oneness of inner and outer. Dynamically incorporating the powerful and graceful vibrational healing modalities of Fragrance Alchemy, Belvaspata, ancient breathing techniques, with foundational IMT support, is her sincere honour and joy.

Jodie is an avid gardener, raw-foodist, and nature enthusiast. She is most excitedly pursuing new practices of rejuvenation and regeneration. To schedule a session, please write:


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