Affirmations to Heal and Honor Relationships

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Affirmations for Healing and Honoring Relationships

Everyone can benefit from improvement in their relationships to loved ones. Most of us believe that improved relationships will come from others changing, or from us making compromises and turning a blind eye to things that bother us. But if you really understand that your life emerges from you and for you, the manner in which your relationships appear to you in life is determined by the lessons and blessings you are attracting.

When you judge another as needing to change, you place your limited perceptions on the situation, which influence the outcomes you can connect with. Moreover, you deny your own power to impact on your reality, which will emerge as you embrace oneness of being by deepening within. Nothing external to you has power over you, and so long as you believe it does are you refusing to take responsibility and step into your true power to shape reality.

At any point in time, there are infinite potential realities to experience, and you choose the one to be experienced by your thoughts and intentions. This may not be instantaneous (though it can be); but with consistency born of faith in the power granted you in life, you will witness others changing around you. So when you judge, you choose the outcome in which the person will remain as they are—in other words, you choose the reality in which the ‘unwanted’ object of your judgment is locked in.

Have you ever felt judged? Typically, the reaction to judgment is defensiveness and resentment. And what a person defends will naturally persist. In your judgment, you encourage others to persist in what you don’t like. Moreover, what you react to in judgment is what you have not made peace with and resolved in yourself. Furthermore, judgment separates you from life as it seeks to control, and control chokes off life from the flows of wisdom that underlie it. Whenever you judge, you are in disharmony with the wisdom-will or the intelligent substance into which are built-in the divine universal laws, and in disharmony you attract struggle. In the Course in Miracles, judgment is presented as the only sin.

When you need another person to change, you place your empowerment on something outside of you, where it is not. The fact is that nothing on the outside is cause, but rather the effect of your emerging consciousness. Effects cannot harm or diminish you, nor can they interfere with your power to direct and shape your life. What interferes is your perceived powerlessness. Feeling that another must change in order for you to be happy or in order to have the freedom to do certain things in life is choosing disempowerment. And finally, compromise is a lose–lose situation. In compromise, we negotiate our rights and we lose integrity. We become enmeshed in unspoken ‘contracts’ that bind all involved in unconscious ways.

The solution is innocent perception. In Love Without End (by Glenda Green) is stated that innocence belongs to the Holy Father, to the sacred center of each person’s Heart. Through Innocent Perception, all misconceptions may be exposed and released from one’s life. How you perceive another determines which version of the other you are entering in relationship with. There are no objective observers in life—your perception is co-creating the experience with the other person. If the other person exercises Innocent Perception, they will influence you to change your mind. But if you recognize your judgment, be the first the act.

Love is a power far greater than judgment. And when you act from Innocent Perception, the situation changes in favor of a higher order reality. Innocent perception does not mean you ignore what you see. It means that you perceive it without placing guilt on another. In innocence, you can see the wounds, fear or ignorance out of which the other is acting and nothing is taken personally. Your reality is not threatened in any way. In innocence are revealed insights and understandings that are not accessible outside of the heart. Moreover, in innocence, you bring the heart of God to bear on the situation, and thus open yourself to miracles. And as you see this clearly in another, so will you clearly see the wounds of your own parts that have been reactive until now.

In Innocent Perception, rather than allowing yourself to be triggered, you see the wounds or misconceptions out of which others are reacting and you flow compassion and understanding to them. When you bear witness to deeper reality from the power of love, everything is reordered and wounds begin to dissolve for all involved.

You might be asking, “What if someone is verbally attacking me, do I just take it?!!” Well you don’t have to take the attack in (i.e. you don’t have to let the violence tear you apart), but how has engaging in defense and counter-attack ever served you? Surrender the defensiveness, know that the other person’s reaction is not personal, still your mind and open your heart, feel your love of God, and be still. When you no longer engage in reactions with the lower ego of others, you weaken your own lower ego…you surrender its patterns. When you surrender the lower patterns, higher ones become established, and these emerge from a deeper part of you.

What you will notice in time is that you move outside of being in the thoughts and emotions. You become the observer consciousness that has thoughts and feelings going on but is not identified in them. That is how you become inwardly free.

When you engage with the lower ego, you weave avibrational fabric‘ with others made up of dysfunctional dynamics. This creates a dense, tangled, enmeshment wherein all players are stuck in their unresolved past and not present to the moment where the light of spirit dwells. You bind yourself and others to this lower level that is outside of reality. Think of becoming still in mind and opening your heart to seeing with innocence as loosening the tight weave and eventually allowing the threads to unravel. You will work your way out of the enmeshment and rise to a higher level of being wherein you engage, inwardly with presence, in whatever the moment stirs up. As you withhold reaction and acknowledge and hold that part in you with compassion, and do likewise for others, you change the vibrational fabric you weave into and release everyone from the bondage of illusion.

In this state of higher love that orders the world, you can ask yourself what you’d like to experience with this other person and what energies you must engage to feel that experience honestly. By moving into the energies of the experience you desire, you are informing the intelligent creative substance out of which all things emerge, which reality you want to weave yourself into. The process leads you to personal growth and a greater sense of empowerment, as well as greater happiness.

Below is a set of trigger affirmations that can help you heal and improve relationships and move you into innocent perception. Use the ones that speak to you the most, and state and feel into them for at least seven days for best effect.

Healing and Honoring Relationships Affirmations

1. My relationships of the past, present and future are now enfolded in love and harmonized for the good of all
2. I allow all those I perceived as my objectors to now become my supporters.
3. Everyone in my life is supportive of me and I of them.
4. I see God’s love in action in all my relationships and only opportunities for me to have a change of heart.
5. As I change my heart in relationships, my life expands through the power of love.
6. I attracted a perfect companion to help me see all my weaknesses; I am committed to making them into strengths.
7. With innocent perception, I bring God to bear in my life. All is possible with the power of love.
8. As I bear witness to the wounds out of which I and others react in life, those wounds heal.
9. As I see the face of God in others, all my encounters are elevated to greater meaning and inspired outcomes.
10. I bless all my relationships that present challenge to me; with forgiveness and acceptance I support healing and forward evolution.
11. I easily and purposefully engage the energies I need to perceive anew and be at peace, and those energies I flow to others without reserve.
12. I release all blame and recognize my power at shaping my life in every situation.
13. Life is orchestrated for me in highest wisdom; it emerges from a depth within me for the sake of my ever expanding self-awareness.
14. No one can harm or diminish the truth of who I am. As I operate from that truth, I become inviolable.
15. I no longer think according to what I see in my relationships, but according to what I desire from a place of love that knows no fear.
16. I AM exclusively love and goodwill. I AM innocent perception with everyone.
17. I love everyone as my Self and treat them as I want to be treated, always.
18. When I look at another, I seek and perceive the face of God.
19. I am no longer attracted to drama with others and seek to be a force of harmony in deepest truth and freedom.
20. I continually strive for emotional equanimity, while acknowledging the lower patterns and emotionality of the unresolved parts of myself. As I observe the chaos within without identifying in it, I am able to send those parts acknowledgment and love.
21. I AM innocent perception and see others’ wounds rather than malice and ill will.
22. I no longer perceive ill will because there is none when operating from Higher Love and the Mind of God.
23. I AM at peace with all my relationships, and I bring peace to others in all my encounters.
24. I AM a safe haven to others; I give what I would have for myself.
25. I uplift and inspire everyone around me through outpouring goodwill.
26. I go by faith in the power granted me in choosing my life. I go by faith and not by sight; as present conditions merely reflect past thoughts.
27. I AM deeply grateful for all my relationships; every encounter is an opportunity for me to know and express myself as love.
28. I respect myself and others in relationship, and release the need to change others.
29. I honor free will and respect others’ choice—everyone may choose their path and timing of awakening.
30. I approach encounters with others with openness and great expectations.
31. I easily release preconceptions based on negative past experience with everyone close to me.
32. As I envision the highest in others, the highest becomes expressed.
33. I harmonize with the mind of the Creator by seeing everyone’s innocence.
34. I bless all those relationships I’ve outgrown or that no longer serve highest good; I am grateful for what I learned from them.
35. I am surrounded by people whom I support wholeheartedly on their journey to freedom.
36. I seek nothing for my personal self in relationship, yet am grateful and appreciate all that relationships impart to me.
37. In love, there is never need of compromise.
38. I create harmony and cooperation in all relationships.
39. I am more interested in what others have to say, than I am in speaking about myself.
40. I listen and hear others deeply and I thereby experience being heard.
41. I am more interested in what I don’t know about others, than I am in what I know.
42. I greet all who I meet with gladness of heart.
43. I now accomplish my goals with the benefits to others in mind.
44. I now inspire and empower others to greatness.
45. I express my honest and sincere appreciation and praise for others easily and often.
46. When speaking with others, I look at things through their point of view just as easily as through my own. This way I learn doubly from interactions.
47. I am consistently co-creating relationships that support and inspire greater life.

1. Glenda Green. Love Without End, Jesus Speaks. Spiritis Publishing. 2002


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