Manifesting into Eternity- 6-week Interactive Program starting in May!

I am pleased to share information on a new program starting in May, given by Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich! 

Olivia has been studying with me for years, and is now offering her own very powerful program. Her area of passion is on manifesting from the true self, in cooperation with Infinite Intent.

Manifesting into Eternity…Journey to a New Reality

From Olivia…

How on earth could I really want something and be blocking it at the same time?  What are these blocks anyway?   Where are they?  How do I get rid of them?

On May 17th, in the course “Manifesting into Eternity…Journey to a New Reality”, I will share and teach you all I know about manifesting.  This isn’t about reading books, going to seminars, saying affirmations that make your gut contract because what you’re saying isn’t true.  It’s about releasing the blocks that literally stop the benevolent flows from Source.  You will be amazed!  We are co-creators with the Infinite and it’s time to live the life of one.   After clearing that which no longer serves you, you will find that the power of your intent is so miraculous, that when you release and direct it, you will be stunned!

Go here to find out more – Manifesting into Eternity, Journey to a New Reality

To claim your free ebook from Olivia, on Clearing your Inner Technology to Manifest with Source, click here!

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