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Daily Meridian CircuitClearing the 12 Ordinary Meridians of Emotional Debris that locks you into Endless Drama and Karma

Clearing the 12 Ordinary Meridians is the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, ( 

The 12 Ordinary Meridians are the rivers of our life, that define the landscape of our experience through life.  When polluted by emotional patterns of reactivity, memory of limitation, pain and trauma, we keep recycling through the old landscape and re-encountering our ghosts of the past. Yet, when these clear of emotional debris and memory, they become fresh flowing rivers of life ever new, that respond to the directives of the 8 extraordinary meridians–the miraculous flows of Source.

We cannot truly change life until we stop recycling ‘dirty fountain water’ as our life’s experience. Clearing the 12 ordinary meridians, and activating fresh new impulses within them is a foundational first step in owing life as your artistic, inspired expression.

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Clearing the Eight Extraordinary Meridians – The Reservoirs of Source

Dispelling the Illusions of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians is the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, (

Life changes when the eight extraordinary meridians can flow freely and direct the 12 ordinary meridians to pathways of manifestation of Infinite Intent.

The 8 extraordinary meridians are the ‘creators’ or our experience, and they have been stagnant pools of illusion.  The first step is to clear the 12 ordinary meridians of emotional debris and traumatic memory, and the next is to clear and activate the 8 Extraordinary meridians, as precursor to manifest a self-sovereign, extraodinary life!

Look under the program audio shop to purchase this product. Includes a set of video meditations to clear the 8 primary illusions at cause of separation, and one to activate the 8 Tones of Fertility that support a life of flourishment.


Releasing Density and Purification Audios for a Life Beyond Opposition

This package has simple, effective tools to support liberation from density,  into lightness of being. Life changes when we live in joy and passion–yet to get there, we must clear out the accumulated density from living in separation…

dtrh4_arcttransmissions-2 mastering densityTrauma, unresolved emotions, everything that has not been turned to higher awareness gets stored in the body. Yet we have an incredible mystical tools within the body, with which to purify. One such tool is the power of the gut to churn negativity. (From the teachings of Almine, You don’t have to have psychic powers and see it happening for it to work. We are told that simply doing this by intention, over and over, we will eventually purify the body so that the soul and body can merge as one. This ends linear time, and we live by our own paced timing…in exponential time, where life happens by what we broadcast to it from our heart–so we become the master of timing as a standing waveform that sends out ripples of intent through our environment.

When you have so purified the body, you can do the gut churning for loved ones, and envision their lives moving to a higher order of expression. When you do this from love without pain or attachment, even if they are not receptive, there will be some benefit to them, and much to you by way of evolved awareness. Awareness = Power for life  And if they are receptive (they don’t even have to know you are doing it), it will have even more impact.
This process can be done to purify the layer of density that most people hold under the skin as well. It will cause rejuvenation and increased vitality over time, and greater fluidity in life so that ruts and stagnation can be released.
The package has many support meditations, also to clear heavy metals and heal the adrenals.  Several audio meditations of internal alchemy of TCM. To purchase, click on the button below ($87 USD)

DNA Clearing Audios & Activation~ Restoring Fluidity to the 1st DNA Rose

DNA clearing is the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, (

full DNA Rose colorThe DNA audios in this package  support clearing of matrices in the DNA, that associate with what is known as the ‘pain body’– a magnetic field holding memory of past unresolved trauma. The three DNA-specific audios were extracted from the 6-session DNA activation program, which is a program of six remote DNA clearing and activation sessions done over a period of 2 or 3 months (paced individually).

Up to now, through manipulation of memory and karma, humanity has been kept in fear and pain, and this has created a magnetic field of distortions around the DNA, causing the pain body, which keeps us in reactive patterns, endlessly recreating past trauma with new players. It is time to clean this up and move to the higher potentials that are now open to us.  The difference between the present time and last year, is that the new is here and now–awaiting our recognition and unwavering faith in, in order to be revealed.  What this means is that our healing efforts now have more power to be sustained and translated into greater freedom and clarity.  With magnetic distortions cleared, we can then see past appearances, and find within, the expression of the reality we choose to engage with.  It will feel life true power arising, which changes your environment as your expression.

(Image is the DNA Rose of outer reality, received by the mystic Almine,

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