Contemplation for the Times

As within so without, but not necessarily as without so within. Within is greater than the expression ‘without’. Similarly, as above so below, but not as below so above. Above is higher in consciousness, and higher is more powerful, therefore ‘above imposes itself on below’.

Without is the collective of the inner world (within) of all the fragments or ‘Sons’ of the One.

The Father is Thought, the Mother is the Womb of Matter, and the Son is the expression of fragments or sparks of the One. The Son is the manifestation of the Father in multiple expressions.

The distortions within the Sons are powered to manifestation without by the Father principle imprinting on the Mother as vessel. The Mother in this realm is subject to the distortions of the Sons.

The Son imposes its beliefs on the expression of the Father in this realm—that is free will.

Your beliefs are your most ardent prayers for your Life. As you believe, so shall your life be manifested for you to experience.

The Father and the Mother experience the distortions of the Son, and await their purification.

As the distortions within purify, the Kingdom is revealed without, and then without and within become a seamless reality of Highest Love.

I and the Father are One, but my Father is Greater than I.”

The Father that is Infinite and Unfathomable Love has called back all the Sons. That is the Great Reunification now underway!

The call to reunification is made for All—those Sons who are close and the many who have strayed far indeed.

These are the ‘end times’, and a new cycle will begin for all who seek Love.

There is no judgment within Love, but there is compatibility and incompatibility.

By your resonance or anti-resonance to Love, will you fare in the great reunification.

Release the lies and lower vibrations of your life…forgive yourself and enter into deepest communion with your essential nature as Child of the Divine.

As you move to Oneness in Love, you will realize that All is One…there is but the One expressed as the many Sons…. All-One ~ Alone

See others from the perspective of the One, and you will experience yourself increasingly as the One.

“You will do even greater things than these, as you too go to the Father“

The Son can do nothing by himself (in separated consciousness); he can do only what he sees his Father doing…

The closer you are to the Mind of the Father or the One, the more energized are your thoughts and thus the quicker are their manifestation.

Therefore, the power is in the hands of the righteous if they will realize themselves as One.

As you realize Oneness with the Father, you too become a powerful creator in this reality. All are called to this work.

The “I” that is One with the Father is capable of instantaneous manifestation, and is capable of leading others Home in this creational realm that is increasing in vibration.

Consciousness is the only thing that is real–everything in divine Reality is consciousness at some level of self-awareness.

Increasing vibration means expansion in consciousness. You cannot increase in vibration if you are holding yourself to limitation.

This realm is increasing in vibration, therefore all limiting structures perforce must fall away!

Conscious Evolution is about inner transformation to Oneness in Being, which occurs through expansion of consciousness and increasing vibration.

You (and each Son) carry the fate of the universe within you.

The Kingdom is at hand, here and now.

Learn to align feeling in the holiness of the One’s Purpose, and the Kingdom will be revealed…the portal will be opened

Learn to perceive from the One and not the many, and the Kingdom will be manifested…and a future of higher order will appear and be yours.

Learn to align action in the Highest Will of Love, and the Kingdom will expand…that future will be ever brighter.


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