audios for Ann K on surrendering to deeper harmony

Accessing Higher Truth & Insight to Open to Fluidity and all Potential

sanctuary of stillnessThese short meditations  help to access highest truth available to us in the moment, and open fluidly to all possibilities. When we are fluid and seeking highest truth, we bring in the miraculous. A miracle is simply a higher order reality brought into a lower and causing us to transcend.  As we transcend what we resisted, we release density and toxicity–moving to a higher vibrational level of greater clarity still. These audios help you to understand how to live in surrendered trust, and access understanding and resolutions from the stillness within…in mindlessness.

In the first meditation, we approach the level of detail of understanding another in a situation, through becoming all things and thus accessing the vastness of being, wherein all things are known.

In the second, we find resolutions born of stillness, by emptying ourselves in our sanctuary of stillness…releasing the many voices of the tribe…


Purging Impurities From Fluidic State

This 13-min short audio is perfect for deep purging of impurities. After a challenging emotional day, or combine with your other purification exercises. This is one of the exercises in the Light Exercises MP pdf. The elixirs are specific to purity, as the archangels sing the tones of purity into the DNA.


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