Audios for IMT Training ~ Level 1 Part I-a

Below are some audios from the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Program developed by Gerald O’Donnell and used in IMT training. Also an audio by me, developed for the Remote Healing Program ~ Awaken 2012.

Audios for the first lesson on Levels of the Mind:

Note: the analogy as the mind as a skyscraper is used in the meditation. I use the analogy of the iceberg in my writings on the Levels of Mind, below.

This audio brings mindfulness to the breathing process as holding you within a great cosmic rhythm of life. You will get a sense of your consciousness as center of your life, and then behold your Higher Self as the consciousness all around you from which your life emerges. Led to your Higher Self within the zero-point of the Heart, you then discover that the depth within is directly associated with the periphery of the sphere of your life, which is the ‘racing edge’ of your being and your life. This is ever expanding as you deepen within. From this realization comes a palpable sense of how to deepen within to gain mastery of your life and become a lucid dreamer within it. This meditation works with the three centers of intelligence that you will learn about in lesson 3.

Lesson 1


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