Becoming the Paradox~ Gateway for the Regenerative Power of Life Ever New (BVP June 25th)

Becoming the Paradox~ Gateway for the Regenerative Power of Life Ever New

bridge over mistJune 25th 5pm ET / 6pm ADT / 10pm GMT / 2pm PT – 90 minutes

The river of life–ever new and regenerating–flows through you when you become comfortable with the paradoxes of life.   This can be challenging if you have lived by reason and lead life in your head. Most people who consider themselves heart-centered still feel a need to justify their heart-oriented actions, which creates distortion due to the need to be understood. But you cannot be understood when you recognize that your being is vast as All That Is…Life is a gift for experiencing yourself anew as you  (re)-discover yourself on an never-ending journey.

“Pandering to reason strengthens areas of your being that are less evolved. Trusting your inner knowing raises all parts of you being to the highest evolution possible.

(Principle of High Magic, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys)

Just as you can never know yourself, so too, you can never know absolute truth…there is only the truth of the moment that is unique to you insofar as each being accesses what they can in any moment, depending on their  level of awakening. Truth is fluid, and self-discovery is endless.

In this week’s session, we are prompted to work deeply in the 3 centers of Head, Heart, and Gut, to establish ourselves in the paradoxes of each center. It is in the paradoxes where the Creator and Created meet, where dream and dreamer are one, and where death and life express simultaneously. Regeneration is life and death expressing together–it is the last moment dying away as the new moment is birthed, and this can only happen when we are fluidly ‘dancing with the paradoxes’. As paradox, we become the living bridge between both worlds of life and death, body and soul, outer and inner worlds. This is how we are most ‘real’. As bridge, we are regenerated in each moment and can access the power from inner space and have it expression in outer.

Consider that you are a being that is unfathomably vast and cannot be contained, and you are having an experience in a life that represents contraction of your vastness. How can the contracted life be meaningful?  How can it begin to hold your vastness? It is through having it become very fluid…continually reforming itself…through fluidly changing roles….allowing the coming and going of all the things in your life…

You can embrace your vastness as well as highest truth of the moment through embodying the great paradoxes of life held within the 3 centers of inner alchemy.  Be patient with yourself with these, as they cannot be grasped by mind.  As you take them in more and more deeply, you will find that you increasingly hold lightly to life…allowing things to play out without the obsessive need to know or give things too much meaning.  Increasingly, you will be comfortable being in the world but not being of it, not needing to be understood by others, but content to discover yourself anew as you journey with lightheartedness through life.

3 dantian centers swirlsSo let’s very briefly look at the paradoxes…

Head: We choose reality through perspective and attitude…through seeing perfection in every moment, yet there is no individual choice…only Divine Intent is there, and every ‘choice’ we make is already factored into the web of life. We can know nothing, yet have effortless knowing of anything we focus on, when we let go of yesterday’s knowledge.

Heart: We direct life through impeccable self-scrutiny and self-government–embracing the eternal perspective that can see the far-reaching consequences of our actions; yet we are eternal in timelessness, surrendered to the present moment where we are completely spontaneous and in surrendered abandon to the moment….

To love without pain, we love impersonally without attachment, and yet are increasingly intimate in relationship through intimacy with the Self (or Source)….

Gut: we are fluid form, or formless form. Life reshapes around us as we release static patterns of density. If we are formless, we leave the body…yet form decays. Only as formless form or fluidly reshaping form can we express eternally in embodiment.

For this session and the coming week, ponder on these profound paradoxes, and let their power cause a ‘loosening’ of the grip that illusion may still have on you.  We hold onto illusion because we are afraid that we won’t be able to relate to life or to others anymore, but what happens is  that as you become freer, others will show up more authentic with you.  We also fear losing control, but control is not possible when there is only Divine Will.  When it’s time for your illusions to be exposed, forced change will occur. A more graceful way is to let them go through awareness.  In terms of the body, release all beliefs in aging and illness, and allow life ever new to renew you profoundly.

This is not a one-week practice. revisit these paradoxes often.


General Process for the Remote Session

For this session,  plan on a full hour of meditation.   You have access to the 96 rune integrations for 5th field of metaphysics, that bridges the reality of form with the reality of formlessness, opening you to your eternal self in ever renewed expression.

1) if you have Fragrance Alchemy

FA logo 2

  • Do the 3 centers FA Protocol:
  • Blend of the Gods and Flower of Saffron on the Crown point (top of head)
  • Rose and Henna Flower on the Heart center
  • Lion of Judah 2 inches below the navel

Add Goddess Blend above the pubic bone, at the tailbone, and under the feet.

1) Choose a music elixir and align the 3 centers (use the 3-centers alignment audio meditation on the main resources page if you wish). Have the EHS power sigil printed so you can look at it, and intend it to activate in Head, Heart, and Gut centers. (If you have our personal EHS activated, then use that). Next, imagine the EHS expanding out as a cocoon of healing light/frequencies around you. The EHS acts as an ‘enfolding embrace’ for all the transmission accumulated over the course of our work.

2) Take some time to contemplate on the paradoxes….becoming the paradox to open to the regenertive power of life ever new….:

  • Open yourself to effortless knowing from stirrings within, beyond the rational mind.
  • Feel into living your life in surrendered trust–comfortable not having answers, and relying on sensing truth as the moment unfolds.
  • Feel into loving without pain,  impersonally without attachment, and yet are increasingly intimate in relationship through intimacy with the Self (or Source)
  • Feel into having life fluidly respond to your aligned intent, where you allow all to fluidly reshape and you hold only lightly…
  • Feel into being in this world but not of it…etc.

3) Do the Rune Integration:

  • Click on the link for the Rune Mastery App, choose an elixir from those provided, or use the BVP angel healing elixir or the Poetry of Dreaming Meditation from the main page of resources.
  • Set the interval time, and then do the integration.  I suggest 12- 15 seconds apart on the runes, which will take from 19 to 24 minutes.
  • As the runes appear, look at the rune, read its meaning, read the name of the angel god, and ask that its principle be activated in you.
  • After the integration(s), stay in a meditative state and ponder on the runes’ powers.

4) Go into a deep meditative state (with an elixir playing)

Spend as much time in deep inner silence and mindlessness as you can.Almine’s Poetry of Dreaming (listed in the first week’s materials) is a good one, as it clears subconscious distorted frequencies, and is a wonderful music elixir for deep meditation. Be still in a deeply receptive state for as long as you wish.

5) At the end, acknowledge and be grateful for all support, and flow your appreciation to head, heart, and gut.

During the week

For this week, we will work with the Four Ancient Proclamations that lead to the realization of the Self as the Creator. Again, it is something that can be done repeatedly over time…and the paradox of self and Creator as one will sink in more and more.

The Four Ancient Proclamations1

In this audio, we expand on the four ancient proclamations that correspond to the four aspects of the Inner Family as they express in form.

  1.  Consciousness is the Creator – existing as consciousnessImagination(Inner Child)
  2.  Thou Art That – Everything is ConsciousnessIntention (Inner Nurturer)
  3. My consciousness creates – Perception-fueled Vision (Inner Sage)
  4. I am That…I am the Creator – Inevitable, automatic action (Inner Warrior)

1From the Four Ancient Proclamations by Tulshi Sen


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