Powerful Rune Readings with Anita

I am offering private sessions where we explore deeply a life issue or theme you are working through, using the runes to cut through the illusion and create new paths across the fields, to interpret and express anew, or activate the powers of the subpersonalities, dissolve the mirrors of the meridians, and more. Sessions are deep and cut through to the core of being. Count on at least 2 hours.

How Does a Private Rune Reading Work?

First we explore the issue you are seeking clarity and shifting around. Then I determine which spread will best support–from dissolving mirrors of illusion, to activating the many powers of the 12 meridians, awakening and refining the 8 sub-personalities, or singing a new song across the 7 fields of perception, etc. We then do the spread on the amazing new rune software developed for this purpose, and you are led to deeply integrate their messages and powers.

The qualities of the runes not only work to shift the issue within you, but also speak to the environment. So a rune that represents a principle that is desirable to express in order to clear old issues, can also send a reverse communication from the outer reality to the inner, eliciting support from the universe, for new manifestation. The runes are an incredible power that work in ways beyond what the mind can grasp. Using the runes in specific spreads directs their power into a focused intention.

You are then led meditatively through the fields, sub-personalities, or meridians, as the case may be, to deeply integrate the shifts and open to receiving support for a new reality to manifest around you. You then receive access to the rune spread and support materials (pdf, audio or video), in order to work with the tools on your own.

To book a session and receive the discount, follow this link to the AcademyofFragranceAlchemy site.


About Anita…

anita photo 01I have been working as a healer since 2000 and teacher since 2005. Deeply steeped in the esoteric, I have been called a mystic and metaphysician. When I met Almine in 2013, I recognized the tools that I had been searching for, in my quest for the higher hormones of a dignified existence. This quest has been unrelenting, and I am very happy to say that I have found the ‘holy grail’ in secrets of the runes, which are the powers to be made anew, and secrete the pheromones of Infinite Intent.

I was initiated by Almine as placeholder of the Runes for Canada, in September 2014, and later initiated as Grand Master in July 2015. Steeped in the esoteric mysteries of the runes, I teach rune intensive programs online that includes mastery initiation.


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