Amazing New Rune Mastery App ~ Spreads at your Fingertips on any Device!

The Runes of the Infinite Mother are the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, (
anu-rune-mastery-subscriptions. The Rune Mastery App is designed to provide the capability of doing spreads with the Runes of the Infinite Mother, with great ease. These runes of power from the Infinite were received by Almine over several years. They hold the power of leveraged body evolution, and impact on your environment simultaneously. They are tools of manifestation and guidance, that work to clear the layers of programming that have accumulated in the old reality of separation.  You can read about their power on this link.

Take a brief tour of some of the capabilities that you will find in the RM App by clicking on this link.  There is also a practitioner subscription that includes live sessions monthly, so that you gain competency in doing spreads with clients online.  If you are a Rune Master or Grand Master and wish to use the Runes in your practice with clients, this tool will be an invaluable resource!

Click this link to go to the subscription page.

Some of the powerful spreads that you can do with the app, on any device!

7 rune spread Manifest 12


Guidance 4


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