Free Rune Mastery App ~ Limited Time Offer

The Runes of  the Infinite Mother were received by Almine over several years.  There are seven sets of 96 runes–one set per field of perception or chakra–that together, hold the full evolutionary potential of our being.

These Runes hold the power of leveraged body evolution, and impact on your environment simultaneously.  As you use them, they ignite capacities within the DNA and in tandem, they program the environment to sync up with your evolving awareness.

They are tools of manifestation and guidance, that work to clear the layers of programming that have accumulated in the old reality of separation.  You can read about their power on this link.

For a limited time, we are offering a free version of the Rune Mastery App that enables you to get a little taste of the Runes.

To sign up to the Free Rune Mastery App, click on this link: Free RMA

Each day, you receive a Rune of the day that has guidance and activating power, and you get free access to a Rune spread or a Rune integration process.  You do not get access to pdfs and audios that support the spreads and integrations, but the free App gives you a sense of things.

When you sign up for the free Rune Mastery App and send me an email at with subject “Bonus Integration”, you will receive access to a special integration process to play with for 14 days.

To sign up to the Free Rune Mastery App, click on this link: Free RMA



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