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energy_work_from htBody Evolution Through the Heart (BETH) is an important program containing five audios along with a manual and affirmations that lead you to deeper understanding of the power of the Heart at the present time in evolution. The laws of creation have changed in the last few years, and understanding the power of the Heart and freeing it to drive your evolution is critical at this time.

The first audio begins as a meditative talk that soon guides you into a process of purifying the Heart and increasing its power. You are then led through the blood etherization process that occurs upon your moral power, which weaves in with the Christ’s to activate the pineal gland, master of the DNA. The meditation further leads you through the cascade of body changes in support of accelerated evolution, which are ignited through the moral power of the Heart. The Heart is holds the power to evolve the body. The meditation concludes with a set of I AM statements to support integration of the teachings.

The second audio contains a meditation that leads you to activation in the three centers of Intelligence of Head, Heart, and Gut, followed by a set of statements to be contemplated upon, while moving into deep relaxation through entrainment to the pulsation of the planet, known as the Schumann frequency. The audio track is specifically designed to entrain you to a deep alpha state that matches this planetary pulsation that sustains all life. It is a powerful frequency to establish harmony at all levels and to move into resonance with the planet. Used repeatedly, you will enter into deeper understanding of the profound statements that can cause powerful unification within.

The third audio meditation is a process of healing Heart wounds and moving beyond the effects of the separation,. From a lightened Heart center, you are led to understand the power of being outpouring love from surrendered being. You can only truly surrender to life in trust, and healing the woundedness is a necessary step. This is a fundamental understanding to being able to move into the vibratory level of the new creation. Love and surrendered being make up the kernel of the Heart’s power, and as you expand this power, so will you expand all powers of the Heart and become increasingly magnetic to the glories of creation and enter into what I refer to as ‘noble being’. This is glimpse into much more in depth teachings about this, and a seed of new being.

From establishing surrendered being in the previous audio process, the fourth audio then leads you to understand and anchor in the core frequency pattern in the Heart. (You may read about this important pattern below.  This is a meditative talk that contains encoded activations.

The fifth audio delivers specific activations to deepen in the core frequency heart pattern. Cultivating this pattern as a way of being and engaging life will move you in the flow of the higher order reality that has opened as potential at this time. This higher order allows your deeper dimensions beyond separation and the effects of the “Fall of man” to emerge and become more fully embodied. The more powerfully that you evolve in these frequencies, the more established in freedom and sovereignty you will be.

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Core Frequency Heart Pattern


This core frequency Heart pattern is central to our evolution in the new spiritual creation that has been emerging over the last few years. It is the core pattern in the Heart of the new creation.

When we establish this frequency in our own Hearts and amplify it through the practice of surrender, cultivating inner peace that knows the perfection of the moment (even if you don’t understand it), and flowing the smiling energy that comes from a depth beyond time-space, we unify with the Heart of the New Creation and bring it to birth through our own rebirth.

The power of this core pattern is from the following:

1- in surrender you amplify embodiment of god essence of love (Heart power)

2- in the Heart’s peace that has faith in perfection, the mind stills…you enter into increasing mindlessness, allowing deeper awareness to arise (light in the Head) that will reveal that perfection to you, and

3- in the smiling energy of the Heart, ‘new cause’ flows through the extraordinary meridians to birth you anew–beyond the levels of density that mankind has been held under–and to birth the new possibilities of the new creation.  The extraordinary meridians are the first energy pathways in the womb out of which our being arises and our life is inscribed in the amniotic fluid. On the smiling energy beyond the story, we may be birthed anew into a new life that is written into our etheric bodies.

The significance of this pattern is enormous. When fully anchored in Heart, you operate within the Heart of the new creation, and all that you do benefits the whole. The more you anchor into this core frequency pattern in the Heart, the more powerful a healing force you are, simply through your personal healing work and even your presence. There is no better way to accelerate and deepen healing than to be impacting on the whole of creation. Spiritual power moves in support of greatest yield. The more your Heart holds this powerful pattern through which the new creation arises, the more spiritual energy will flow through you. As it flows through you into the world, you are also healed, awakened and expanded.

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