Anita Lucia, DCEd, MSc, DAc, MIMT is a spiritual counselor, mystic, and healer, and creator of the Inner Mastery Tools. Anita is passionate about bringing liberation and freedom to people, leading them to emancipate from the dream of the painful illusion and into a life of boundlessness….beyond limiting conditions and belief structures.

Now more than ever, there is tremendous spiritual support for accelerated healing and profound awakening. Anita’s sessions tap into this and are very potent–covering a lot of ground in little time.

Anita has been working to uncover the mysteries of the body, and is dedicated to transcendence to a life of no opposites. The activations work on all levels to clear distortion and reveal the inherent perfection–which is what true healing is. Sessions are most transformative, and we delve ever deeper with more than one.



One-on-one healing sessions facilitate deep emotional clearing using the Enhanced Healing Symbol, Parts Therapy, angelic activation, alchemical tools, fragrance alchemy, and other methods, including Rapid Eye Therapy and Parts Therapy. Sessions can be done in-person (Hampton, NB), by phone (anywhere in the world), on Skype, or by distance (remote healing).

Following the session, you will receive audio meditation(s) or other processes to work with to deepen the clearing and integration.

For phone clients, I recommend a three session commitment, and encourage doing daily integration between sessions. With the 3-session package, you get access to the Enhanced Healing Symbol Tool at no extra charge.  This option offers a great discount.


Client Testimonials…One of my most difficult relationships and the life events in my life has transformed into a healthy supportive relationship.  I couldn’t even dream of healing myself from this event and never ever dreamed this relationship can be healed in this life time. I thought even if I could get back into life again, I will feel the distortion around this relationship and will keep having to feel the lingering emotions.  But the miracle happened after I worked with Anita privately around this issue.  Not only I am feeling good about life again, but this relationship has become a healthy one, the one that was meant to be originally.

The private sessions really helped me to implement what learned in the group programs into specific issues in my life and that’s when I had a huge leap and I continue to have one after another!  It’s been one of the best investment in my life. Thank you so much Anita for your work!! Megumi S, USA

You are such a gift in my life, I don’t know where I’d be without you!  Jane P, Canada


Three Session Package with the EHS and DNA clearing ~

This great package deal at $695, which is close to a 50% discount and includes:

* IMT-EHS (value $275)
* Three phone sessions (first is longer)   (value $525)
* First level of DNA clearing (value $133)
* Several audio meditations to enhance healing and quiet the mind. (approx value $100)
* Three months in a healing maintenance program (done once per week, with daily maintenance) ($79/month = $237)
TOTAL VALUE: $1277 – so receive a 50% discount!

I may be contacted by email at


Book a Phone or Skype Session

Single sessions are 1 1/2 hours, and cost $175. Use the purchase button below:

With each session, you will also receive one week in the maintenance program.

Book a Remote Healing Session

With the remote healing, you tell me the issues via email, and we schedule a time that you can be in a meditative or quiet, receptive state. You will receive a link to music to play during the session, and audio(s) to work with after. A brief email will follow the session, with any impressions from the work. Session is about an hour, and comes with a week of amplification via the maintenance program. Cost is $133

Book a Month of Maintenance Healing

With the completion of any session with me, you have the option to be join a monthly healing program with me and healer Jodie Carter. This includes 4 2-hr sessions per week, and daily maintenance. With private sessions, you can join in at 30% off, from $79 per month to $55 for 4 sessions. I will give you a discount coupon for this option. You may read about the program by going to BVP Monthly Healing Program.


My knee and foot joints are flowing so much energy, seem like my body is more…. “Assembled” whole, easier to be in with more presence in my body. My legs is very sore and tired, which seem to affect all of me. I fell asleep early, yesterday and almost instantly. And slept very well. I gained so much awareness in the session yesterday. I wish i had the session recorded! The insights you gave, on the joints… Omg! I needed that! It takes me out of punity and wrongness in so many areas. Your processes is amazing! N. Shepheard. Sweden. IMT Practitioner


Hi Anita, I just wanted to thank you for your spacious time and energy today. I can’t remember many times when I felt hopeful about all of this resolving itself or my rising above it yet I’ve been feeling peace and hope through our communications and this is such a blessing and a gift to me. Thank you, Anita. This message is very simple but heartfelt and comes from deep within with tremendous gratitude. Much love, Col, USA


“Anita, I just wanted to thank you for helping me to begin to understand what inner strength and wholeness is about, I have sought so many different forms of therapy and healing methods and never have i been given such a clear account of what it really means to have inner strength and what it really means to truly begin to heal oneself i am truly great-full to you for your wonderful wisdom and guidance.” Warm Regards Susan S, Australia


“Working with Anita has been a real eye opener for me. Through her, I have been exposed to a completely new and enlightened world that I had not even known existed. As a counsellor myself, I feel that Anita’s methods of healing facilitate growth at a much more rapid speed than many other forms of therapy I have studied. Anita shows a great deal of personal interest in those she works with. She is always careful to remain within the comfort zone of the client. It is evident with Anita that she is passionate about her work and that she has a genuine concern for others.”
~ Hollie M. Last, RHN, CHC, Salisbury, NB


Dear Anita, It’s been hours since our session and I continue to experience shifts and lifting vibrations! To think, I had put up barriers to experiencing the whole of myself. I will keep you posted on my experiences and growth. I have a deep “knowing” that my intentions have executed and the manifestation already exists. This knowing is a quiet power than transcends the hurry-scurry of “getting it done” on the physical plane. Thank you for the wonderful direction in new territory. This is a much higher level of understanding, vibration and everything for me! Thanks you so much! OS, Washington


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