BC wt BirdApril 25 – May 30th 2016 – Training in the Bird Clock for Miraculous Manifestation

Sign up without delay, as space is limited! Read about the program by clicking here. this link.




The Traveling Assemblage Point by Phoebe SuranaVertical AwaringTM ~ Starts May 1st 2016

Mastering expression in the reality of form to manifest a miraculous life. Life-altering revelations and processes that give you the keys to heaven on earth through purposeful refined expression of the sub-personalities. For more detail, email me at


alchemical vessel

Foundation to the Miraculous Life Program Mentoring (Jan 2015 to mid May 2015)

Read about them from the home page.  These programs were given live in 2015. For now, I am extracting parts as part of mentoring those interested in doing the Rune Mastery Intensive program, offered throughout 2016. These programs are so packed and transformational, through potent alchemical leveraging for body evolution.

The Runes are a most powerful system of leveraged body evolution and refinement of life–they are used for guidance and manifestation, with the focus on inner alchemy to master the tool of transcendence and become self-sovereign.  I have been personally attuned into rune mastery, by the great mystic, Almine, as a placeholder for the Runes. The Runes become a live power in you, once the meridians are cleared and the acupuncture points are activated to their higher functioning. You may explore this in more depth through the many blog posts on the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy website.

DNA Repair, Activation and Evolution Remote Healing Program

dna heart planetThis 6-session program is a great support for anyone on an accelerated path of evolution. There is tremendous support for humanity at present, for DNA repair, healing, and reprogramming and evolution to higher strand capacity.  We are in the most momentous transformation in the history of human and cosmic evolution, and all are called and invited to participate in the new creation unfolding in and around us. As you embody the new principles in your body (through DNA activation), you will ride the biggest wave of transformation and move beyond all sense of duality, stories, karma, negative emotions, and unwanted life events. This program is delivered as a series of remote healing sessions, is self-paced, and can be started anytime. With each session, you receive audios and pdfs to support deeper integration. You can read a bit about the program by clicking on this link. For client testimonials, click on the relevant link on the information page given above.

Training Programs

IMT-Enhanced Healing Symbol Training

Join a group of bold and powerful healing practitioners who are undergoing deep inner change in preparation to spread healing to their clients. Learn very powerful methods unlike any others around!

SoP-EHS smallNext training to be announced.

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Angelic Healing of the Heart (Belvaspata) Training

belvaspata with sigilThis modality was gifted to humanity by the Infinite, to support the transition into the new reality of Heart-centered creation.  All that you do with Belvaspata brings Infinite Intent to bear in this reality. This program is packed with teachings and support, so that you can begin using the modality right away. There are live weekly BVP session calls for all in the growing group of practitioners. You can sign up at any time and will join in the stream. Read about it at this link.


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