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Welcome to Awakening Inner Mastery!

My work is dedicated to mapping out the cutting edge of what is possible in evolution, and the times are the most monumental ever!  We stand at the cusp of an incredible leap in consciousness and body evolution that is beyond what we may imagine. 

The  Awakening Inner Mastery website offers many audio (and video) products, live programs and tools to completely dissolve the old stories from the dream of separation, and awaken higher organs of perception and manifestation power in the body.  Through these as well training for healing practitioners, the pathways to accelerated evolution to a new reality are mapped out.

In thanks for joining the newsletter, below is coupon code for a 15% discount on any product on the website—no dollar limit or product/session restriction! 

Coupon code: AIMtoSoar

(The discount will automatically be calculated on all audio products. For programs, training, and private sessions, send me an email to apply the discount.)

As further gesture of appreciation, you will also receive a video/audio meditation to erase the stories of the past, after you activate the coupon.

Alternatively you can download a free audio meditation now, called Correcting ‘Paradoxical Breathing’ to Release Stress & Increase Cell Oxygenation.  Just as my appreciation that you are staying with me on this amazing journey to the Miraculous Life!

In Devotion to Embodying Highest Potentials!


Anita Lucia




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