Changing the World Through the Power of Vision

We are at a time where we must engage the will in efforts to unite with spirit. This period of will-yoga requires that we engage actively in the world from a place of deeper alignment and higher vision that can manifest from a consciousness of interconnectedness and brotherhood/sisterhood.

I live in Hampton NB, which is ‘twin town’ to Piggs Peak in Swaziland. There is a beautiful active group in Hampton that supports projects in Piggs Peak to help the many children orphaned through the AIDS epidemic. Recently, a small group of women (that I am part of) have started a Grandmothers to Grandmothers initiative (Steven Lewis foundation) with the particular purpose of working to heal the money system on the planet. Big goal, but through deepened consciousness all things are possible.

We are in a new creational phase whereby the ray of power can only operate through the Heart. While this may not yet be perceptible in the external world, the discrepancy is due to our collective thinking that is still in the old reality. It is only a matter of time before all the old structures based on power abuse crumble or dissolve, as spiritual energy or ‘reality’ has withdrawn from it completely.

And so it is that spiritual support cannot but come to those in deeper alignment. And so we are working to emancipate completely from judgment of what is morally right or wrong, and to utilize the inequity of the world as a Tool to reach deeper consciousness that is beyond duality.Creating visions that support the good of all from a deeper reality beyond duality mobilizes the Universe in support of manifesting those visions. And so it is our desire to become the means through which Spirit flows resources to those in Swaziland that they may experience a higher humanity. Money is the thread that weaves together the tapestry of human societies. As we support the flows of abundance to move on value, appreciation, and love, we help make that tapestry a beautiful foundation for higher interaction with the Higher Self of others. This is not a charity effort on our part–it is part of our personal evolution and awakening.

2 kids sm(1)As a first initiative, we will be supporting the education of children in Piggs Peak who are eager to go to school but cannot afford it. This brings hope to the whole community.

Your entire donation will go directly to the children’s education, as everything is already in place for this. In future, our group will be working on many more projects as envisioned by the grandmothers abroad who are the caregivers for the many orphans.

To make a donation in Canadian funds, use the button below.

For USD, use this button:

As THANK YOU for your donation, you will receive two audios that were created for the purpose of supporting greatest integration of Living Light at this time of tremendous transformation. In these audios you are supported to clearing the past and readying to unburden yourself before the great cosmic Being of Living Love.

You may expect a link to the transformative audio meditations within a few hours of making your donation. Thank you for being the means of spiritual flow of abundance!

Listen to excerpts of an interview with Paolo Gianturco, photojournalist/activist and author of Grandmother Power, who was an inspiration for us starting the Grandmother to Grandmother group in Hampton, NB.

Interview with Paola Gianturco


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