Chat Training Sessions and Email feedback – Level 1 – 2012

Below are the chat training session files done in 2012, along with some email correspondence answering questions and giving feedback on IMT use with clients.

Please note that the way IMTs are used in psychotherapy, for example, is not the same as they would be used by a Reiki healer, massage therapist, or an ND. So some of the information will not be relevant to you. However, you can always learn from how others are using the Tools, and reading the material may give you some ideas that you would not have thought about.

Please feel free to email me with questions. And if you do not want the correspondence shared with others, just let me know and it will remain confidential!

Email Correspondence

Discussion on how to maximize power of IMTs and clear all patterns underlying an issue or pattern at once. IMTs as ‘super computer’.

Lynne’s Smoking Client

Lynne’s smoking client Part 2

Lynne’s client from foster care

Details on how to add eye blinking to EFT, enhanced with automatic IMT and EHS activation. Two attachments were sent with the email (below) with details on eye blinking, how it works, how to interpret sensations in the eyes, etc.. Eye blinking is good to get layers of emotionality out of the way..client can think more objectively, and then you can get to deeper clearing….

IMT Enhanced EFT

File of tapping routines and tables

Extract from Dare to Succeed Module describing eye blinking and IMT-Enhanced EFT

Training Chat Sessions

Training1 – Clearing Inner Child wt Mona

Training1 – Clearing Migraines with Ann

Training1 – Inner Child wt Sheo


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