Creating Flow for Newness, Valuing Resources, Living Responsibly with Hopeful Expectancy (July)

July 2nd  5pm ET / 6pm ADT / 10pm GMT / 2pm PT – 90 minutes

In the next few sessions, we will focus on becoming a conduit of new riches in the world in response to survival-based programs that are gripping many people across the globe.  With collective fear, Almine has shared that it is hard for the Earth to provide resources.  We will focus on bringing movement to all static places in body and life, and this will have many benefits. Also, we will hold the space for new levels of self-ignition in participants.  Below is an overall ‘game-plan’, and for the next few weeks we will emphasize certain areas and bring in new support material.

  • Stagnancy traps significant resources, and like a dam breaking, bringing movement to those areas will unleash new vitality in your life, and by proxy in life in general.
  • Static areas are holding yesterday’s stories in place, which is a sub-creation or false reality. Again, this traps resources, so letting them go will revitalize life.
  • In order for the limitless renewing forces of life to flow through you, all stories and paradigms of life need to be dissolved. Memory keeps us stuck in the old reality; in order to attune to the new reality that is ever renewing in each moment, we must let memory lose the importance we’ve given it. Wake up new each day…don’t remember what day it is and think you know what to expect.  Say, “Today I expect miracles….Anything is possible”…then feel into your big or little dreams that bring delight, feel them/see them/taste them, and be in that delight in that moment.
  • Show up actively, so you become generative of new resources. The bolder you are in your ‘newness’, the more you can expect life’s support.
    • Be willing to sense yourself in terms of what you are becoming, rather than what you think you have been so far.If you think you know yourself, you will live the future as the past.
    • Be willing to see the people in your life as though for the first time.  Rather than look at what unfolds in interactions and respond, be proactive: hold a feeling sense in essence, of what would delight, and immerse in that as you interact.
    • Rather than see your accomplishments as something you are or have, see them as springboards for unsurpassed excellence. Then strive for excellence in some concrete way each day. Excellence pushes boundaries, and opens up space for far more than you can imagine to ‘land’ in your life.
  • Replace all negative expectations with unwavering optimism and hope, which has the power to rewrite possibilities for life.
  • Expect miracles and know that anything is possible. Be in childlike wonderment and entertain the ‘impossible’.


Creating Flow, Valuing Resources, Living Responsibly and Being Generative (Hope-filled expectancy)

You can go over this section over the next few weeks. Take your time…

At the Physical Level

  • Consider eating healthy, whole foods that are grown with conscientiousness. Cut out what is toxic and depleting. Include self-care so that you do not get depleted,
  • Engage in fair and willing exchange of resources/energy that give benefit to all involved.
  • Practice gratitude that enhances our ability to receive resources that are there for us on the etheric levels.
  • In terms of active, bold and generative living, believe in your body’s ability to self-heal and self-regenerate.  Use the mirror sparingly, while at the same time, affirm your exquisite beauty and luminous presence throughout the day.
  • For this week, pay attention to balanced living where you are not excessive nor are you in fear and deprivation. Where you can, reach out and give to others. Declutter, give away all that you do not use. Neither hoard nor be wasteful. Do not spend what you don’t have. For everything you spend or barter for, do so with deep appreciation and blessings.

At the Emotional Level

  • Refrain from interacting where you feel your energy drained. Your emotional energy is precious power that is not to be squandered.
  • Be very generous with your encouragement, kindness, and compassionate understanding, and as you do this, feel how wealthy and unlimited you are in that regard.
  • Live by resonance, as resonant interaction are alchemical and so by nature, are generative. To do that, feel what is alive in you at all times, and if an interaction feels right, then tune into the aliveness or essence of another, letting all else fade to the background.
  • Where there is upset, process it, ask for help, do whatever you can to release it and come to peace. Letting negativity linger is very draining of resources. (Use the 3-centers Reframe process just added on the General Resources page). Recognize your emotions as pure power to boost intention. Put strong emotions only behind positive intent.

At the Mental Level

  • “Everywhere you go, forget everything you know.” Become much more focused on what you don’t know about situations than about what you know. You know your point of view, but you don’t know another’s. Let that capture your focus., for example.
  • When you take action that is by rote, stop yourself and imagine doing things differently. Challenge yourself to get different results by doing the same action but from fresh attitude and perspective.
  • When you are in expectation or assumption from beliefs, conscientiously let that go. Plunge the situation with all involved, include you, in the Ocean of Oneness. (A process has been added in material for this week, below)

General Process for the Remote Session

For this session,  plan on a full hour of meditation.

1) If you have Fragrance Alchemy

FA logo 2

  • Do the 3 centers FA Protocol:
  • Blend of the Gods and Flower of Saffron on the Crown point (top of head)
  • Rose and Henna Flower on the Heart center
  • Lion of Judah 2 inches below the navel

Add Goddess Blend above the pubic bone, at the tailbone, and under the feet

Do the 3 Resurrection points:

  • Song of the High Heart on the thymus area
  • Lotus oil 2 inches above the navel
  • Rose oil on the 3rd eye (between eyebrows)

1) Choose a music elixir and align the 3 centers (use the 3-centers alignment audio meditation on the main resources page if you wish). Have the EHS power sigil printed so you can look at it, and intend it to activate in Head, Heart, and Gut centers. (If you have our personal EHS activated, then use that). Next, imagine the EHS expanding out as a cocoon of healing light/frequencies around you. The EHS acts as an ‘enfolding embrace’ for all the transmission accumulated over the course of our work.

2) Take some time to contemplate on living beyond memory, new in each moment, becoming generative and a conduit of new resources through allowing life to renew itself through you.

  • Being willing to sense yourself in terms of what you are becoming, rather than what you think you have been so far.
  • Being willing to see the people in your life as though for the first time.
  • Rather than seeing your accomplishments as something you are or have, seeing them as springboards for unsurpassed excellence.
  • Living free of  negative expectations, with only unwavering optimism and hope, which has the power to rewrite possibilities for life.
  • Expecting miracles and knowing that anything is possible. Being in childlike wonderment and entertaining the ‘impossible’.

3) Pick a random Spread from the 19 Principles of Hope given in the weekly material, below.

  • Click on the link for the Rune Mastery Environment (RME).
  • Read the principle and contemplate it for your life.
  • Click on each rune to enlarge it,  look at it, read its meaning, read the name of the angel god, and ask that its principle be activated in you.
  • Feel the alchemy of all 7 runes, and imagine the wheel with all runes moving through you from head to Crown chakra and beyond. Beyond the Crown, see it expand all around you, then all around the planet or cosmos.  Intend that as you live the principle and runes, that the resources unleashed ripple out to all life.

4) Go into a deep meditative state (with an elixir playing)

Spend as much time in deep inner silence and mindlessness as you can. Almine’s Poetry of Dreaming (on general resource page) is a good one, as it clears subconscious distorted frequencies, and is a wonderful music elixir for deep meditation. Be still in a deeply receptive state for as long as you wish.

5) At the end, acknowledge and be grateful for all support, and flow your appreciation through head, heart, and gut and feel it raying out to your environment.

During the week

Simple Statements for Daily Use ~ Anything is Possible

Anything is possible when you are willing to be the gateway of miracles ~ This is a 5-minute audio of statements that you can do each morning or anytime…several times a day as you feel to. Feel deeply that anything truly is possible when you allow yourself to be the gateway for life’s newness of flow through.  Become generative in life by allowing miracles!

Plunging into the Ocean of Oneness ~ Exercise to  Dissolve Tension and Intolerance with Others

In allowing obsolete programs to be shed, we enter into the fluidity of the ever newness of the moment in which Infinite Intent will arise.  A moment well lived dissolves past stories so that only the inspiration remains; this changes future potential.  In continual release of old emotions, patterns, memories etc that keep life appearing static to us, we become less and less dense and so are less resistant to life.

Releasing All Into the Ocean of Oneness

Rune Support

phoebe owl GMFor the next few weeks, you will have access to the Rune Process to support 16 Principles of Hope. Hope does not wait for a future time of fulfilment. Hope is a very richly nuanced state of being that fulfils itself in the moment. It opens up the moment as a window into eternity, wherein anything becomes possible.

The 16 Principles of Hope come to us from Almine ( They are incredible powers that can change a moment of dullness or despair, into a highly charged and pivotal one. Daily use is recommended.



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