Cultivating Perspectives for Higher Order Being

Through insights given by the Lemurian Angels (brought forth by the work of Almine (Messages from the Lemurian Angels, LLC Spiritual Journeys, who have been invoked at the end of 2012, we are learning how to emit the god hormones, in order that we may unfold the nobility of being and take up our full power as co-creators, as was divine intent. These mighty angelic beings have kept this information within their being for eons of time until we were ready to receive it. The primary parts of accessing the God hormone is to turn the negative emotions of pain, anger, fear, guilt and hopelessness into useful tools. We do this through the perspective of appreciation:

1. The Perspective of Inspiration (replaces anger)
2. The Poetic Perspective (replaces fear)
3. The Eternal Perspective (replaces pain)
4. The Adventurous Perspective (replaces guilt)
5. The Perspective of the God-kingdom (replaces hopelessness)

How this is done will be the subject of future teachings and processes. I have been actively in search of how to heal the endocrine system and emit higher hormones that express the nobility and divinity of our true nature since 2009. For years I have wept over the distortions in expression that I have felt within me from not being able to activate the endocrine glands as glands of higher cognition. I used to lament that my body felt like a block of concrete that could not penetrate into feeling the way I knew I was created to do. For those who have followed my work, you will understand the time ahead as one wherein we reap the rewards of our striving!



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