Description of the Affirmation Enhancer Tool

The Affirmation Enhancer Tool reconnects a person to their true Self and life purpose, and clears all that stands in the way of a person feeling their power and sovereignty at directing the contents of their life. It is an alignment, empowerment, healing and enlightenment Tool that will accelerate you toward becoming a conscious co-creator in life.

The Tool clears all that is impeding the integration of an affirmation energetically, and quickly puts a person in vibrational harmony with their desires, which is the necessary step for manifestation. The Affirmation Enhancement tool enables you to embody the energy of the affirmation instantaneously, at deep levels of being. It does this by reconnecting internally, all energy hooks into external sources for fulfillment, so that you are meeting your needs internally, and giving yourself what you desire in your external life—literally magnetizing you to your desired creations. Further, it reprograms your subconscious mind to work for you to fuel your success towards that affirmation, dissolving the back-wash of opposing thoughts, hidden agendas and unmet needs that often underlie affirmations, cleansing the subconscious mind of all memories, programs and patterns that do not support the affirmation, releasing emotional and mental body patterns and programs that support the denial of the affirmation, and infusing your body, heart, mind and soul with divine ideal traits that will support deep integration of the truth of the affirmation. For more details on the AET, click here).

A practitioner version of the AET is available, which enables you to use the AET on your clients. Read about it in Products For Practitioners.

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