Details of the Healer/Lightworker Remote Healing Program

Align with Your Soul Mission on the Path of Ascension

The Healer/Lightworker Remote Healing Session (RHS) program will be both informative and deeply transformative at the level of psyche, body, and higher dimensional bodies. With each full-day session, we do exploration on the group and activation/IMT work to clear and reprogram to deepest levels that will ensure transformation. All the work is done with the support of our spiritual Councils of Light, the Archangelic and Angelic realms, and many Ascended Masters who have come forth for us over the years of working as healers.


First half: (7 weeks)

The first part of the program (first 7 weeks) focuses on clearing limitation and enmeshment in fear/control structures and achieving sovereignty in body and mind through all time in order to promote a strong return to the Self at all levels (including DNA). Clearing and healing personal current, deeper past, and the collective consciousness patterns of which you partake will then be undertaken. The body will be cleared and patterns seeded toward embodying Truth (Masculine pole of consciousness) and Love (Feminine pole of consciousness) in such a manner as to activate the organ centers and clear the body systems so that the cells are prepared for greater illumination. You will receive coding to embody the Christ impulse and awaken to the deeper Consciousness of the Higher Self.

We will present and transmit activations to deeply embody principles of success that harmonize with the New Creation structure toward which humanity is moving and support you to becoming an active force in support of ascension. You will be activated toward the energetic body of the ascended self with the endocrine system activating as a spiritual gateway to etheric/soul consciousness. And you will learn true prosperity consciousness and be supported to realize your God-given Prosperity/Abundance Blueprint. And then there is still much more!

To read details of the 7 sessions we just completed on the first group, click here. NOTE: The first part of the program is open to everyone.


Materials (free with first half of program)

· Weekly email reports with suggested exercises and trigger affirmations
· Prosperity Codes II (audio of activations, manual, and vibrationally encoded images)
· Anchor in a Joyful Reality (audio of activations, manual, and vibrationally encoded images)
· IMT-Enhanced Healing Symbol Tool (IMT-EHS)
· Endocrine system clearing and activation program
· Meditative exercises through organ centers
· Divine Rights Module



Second half: (6 weeks)

The second part of the program (next 6 weeks) expands on what was done with the first, and establishes deeper ascension codes, the Sun DNA Codes and the Ascension Initiations. It also focuses on some themes that pertain more to healers/lightworkers, but are still of relevance to all. Many healers have come into lifetimes to support with the major transition of consciousness that mankind is undergoing and they have intended to clear the karmic and shadow energies of our collective past. In these sessions, we will work to reorient each participant with their mission and support clearing of interference patterns so that the process of giving the substance of reality to one’s soul plans is made easier. In addition, we will cover cleanup of healing modalities and their negative effects, negative effects of healing treatments received from others, attunement to the true Rei energy (we refer to as Adamantine Cosmic Love), clearing all allowances for interference from forces of chaos, methods to ensure sovereignty and protection from psychic attack, awakening greater discernment and impeccability, working with clients to support accelerated awakening, and much more.


Materials (free with second half of program)

· Weekly email reports with suggested exercises and trigger affirmations
· Activations for Creating Heaven on Earth (never released audio and manual)
· Sovereignty activations
· Trigger Affirmations to Seed Divine Presence in Will/Thought Feeling


To read details of the 6 sessions we are completing on the first group, click here. NOTE: The second part of the program is recommended to all those interested in ascension, and in particular to all healers and lightworkers! Part I is a prerequisite.


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