DNA Activation Testimonials

I’ve been listening to the DNA -4 activation several times a week.  After my BV initiation, I listened to them again and you weren’t kidding about them deepening.  I felt this deep, deep warm energy (only way to describe it) spreading through every fiber of my body during the activation! Olivia


Listened to Level 4 – DNA and Haaraknit activations.  I had my eyes closed and saw this formless white haze moving, then with my eyes still closed saw it above me on the ceiling…I opened my eyes and the white mass was still there moving just like with my eyes closed…so there was no division between open and closed eyes…that’s happened before.  Then this light appeared, took some type of geometrical shape and flew in and out of the white haze.  Then I saw a white light in the form of a funnel…droplets of white light came out the end of the funnel and moved into my navel area!  It continued for sometime.  I could also feel angelic presence.  I just love them. O.S.





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