DNA Repair, Clearing, and Activation Sessions 5 & 6

For those who have done sessions 1-4 with Natalia’s previous Extreme Detox Program, I am pleased to offer you a wonderful opportunity to continue as well as to deepen the entire activation program.

Firstly, sessions 5 and 6 seed new powers within the DNA Rose that support you to express qualities and pristine man and of godhood. In session 5, you will also be assisted in opening up the 24 chakras to some degree, and this will support feeling the new reality more palpably and allow deeper integration of the powerful self-awakening principles as activations. In session 6, you will be assisted to take in the DNA patterns that will lead you to a state of perpetual self-regeneration. Redoing the audio and contemplating on the insights repeatedly will lead you deeper and deeper into this state, wherein illness disappears and vitality becomes boundless. With boundless vitality and continual surrender, body evolution is greatly accelerated and consciousness illuminated.

As a special bonus to those working with Natalia’s Avatar courses, you are invited to join, at no cost to you, a 12-week DNA support program that will provide you with daily support through the entire program from sessions 1 through to 6! This program, conducted by Elyse Hope Killoran, will bridge my work so that it is more easily digested. It can be challenging to take in all that is changing in the new reality in our bodies and in the world, and Elyse will be there to guide you along through short daily audio and a very engaging and active FB page. Live Q&A may also be done. Details on dates will be announced.

Elyse is making this special offer as gift to my clients, in gratefulness for all that is being shared through the work. You may read about what her clients are saying about a previous program on the IMT-EHS that she led them through, by clicking here.

To purchase this program, use the paypal button below. Cost is $200 Canadian (over 20% off the regular price).


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