Elixirs for Throat and release of tension

16- Elimination of root of illusion of disease ~ stimulates the release of nostalgia, which causes us to live in the past and so in linear time and in self-sabotage in the present. Removes overall self-sabotage behavior and has a positive effect on the throat chakra. When throat chakra is overstimulated, there is mindless action, joyless ambition, and overemphasis on doing. The elixir has a gentling effect on the driving force of this center and assists in thyroid conditions.

16 Flight of the Mystic

2- Cultivation of clarity and release of tension ~ specifically designed to cultivate a connection to Source and for clarity and inner guidance by promoting silence within. Good for daily meditation, calmness if the face of daily stressors, and situations where greater clarity is needed. Promotes expanded vision. Good for stress-related disease in the body (such as high blood pressure, hypertension, spastic colon conditions).  This elixir transmits yellow tones that promote stability and release anxiety.

02 Mountain Pond


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